‘Cigarettes are not banned forever’: Ramaphosa, in full, on the tobacco prohibition

‘Cigarettes are not banned forever’: Ramaphosa, in full, on the tobacco prohibition | @BISouthAfrica

2020-07-01 08:41:00 PM

‘Cigarettes are not banned forever’: Ramaphosa, in full, on the tobacco prohibition | BISouthAfrica

President Cyril Ramaphosa has an 82-word answer on when cigarette sales will be legal again. None of them include a date.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has an 82-word answer to that.None of those words include a date, or even a vague reference to a date.Ramaphosa on Wednesday answered questions from South Africans in a virtual Presidential Imbizo, which he opened with a statement that struck a cautiously optimistic note about economic recovery, and focussed heavily on gender-based violence.

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But the very first question was: when will cigarette sales be legal again?This is what Ramaphosa had to say, in full."As I have said in my addresses to the nation, we will not be under lockdown forever. So the ban on cigarettes will be lifted. It is still in place now in terms of our regulations and I think we should accept it as such and with time, as we go to another level and another level, the ban on cigarettes will also be lifted. And as I’ve said, cigarettes are not banned forever in our country, the ban will be lifted."

Retailers had believed that.Ramaphosa closed the one-hour session with another call for personal responsibility and a changes in behaviour."We as individuals need to know that we need to look after ourselves and those that we love," he said.

He also promised another such imbizo in future, saying the government is accountable, and available to answer questions – even difficult ones.(Compiled by Phillip de Wet) Read more: News24 »

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