Bonang Matheba issues letter of demand to vlogger over 'defamatory' drug claims

Bonang Matheba wants R500K in 10 days and a public apology from Rea Gopane.

2021-05-18 01:28:00 AM

Bonang Matheba wants R500K in 10 days and a public apology from Rea Gopane.

Bonang Matheba wants R500K in 10 days and a public apology from Rea Gopane.

Image:Instagram/Bonang MathebaMedia personality Bonang Matheba has served a letter of demand through her lawyers against vlogger Rea Gopane over “defamatory statements” he made about her last week. Rea Gopane, who is a co-founder of an entertainment vlog called

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Everything SA Music,published a video in which he alleged that another well-known media personality told him that Bonang - who previously dated rapper AKA - allegedly introduced the musician to drugs. The allegations came in the wake ofviral video footage, which led to speculation around violence in rapper AKA and his late fiancée Anele Tembe's relationship. 

Taking to Twitter, Bonang said that after being made aware of Rea's vlog, her legal team tried several avenues to serve him with a letter of demand but were unsuccessful. Bonang’s attorney issued a cease and desist to Rea on Twitter, instructing him to remove the clip and issue a public apology to the House of BNG owner. This approach, according to B's attorney Thomson Wilks, was not met with any action. Instead, Rea “went into public hiding and refused to either respond to messages or calls”.

This resulted in Bonang taking to Twitter on Sunday to ask for Rea's e-mail address on the TL.After tagging Rea in her tweets, the vlogger responded with a cheeky tweet. Read more: Times LIVE »

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Dude must ask to pay in instalments. A quick buck or two? Maybe she needs a cash injection 😂😂 😂😂😂 Does he has that money I don't think so he just have to go to court and make arrangements of R50 a month 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Bonang_m to Rea Gopane RN🙆🏽‍♀️ She should have increased it to R1m. We need to see inflation linked payments here.

I’d have ignored such, akazondibetha esiqwini including her lawyers mos... and I wouldn’t even appear in any court if they sent summons, it’s a litigation not a criminal case. 🤐 Still think he should take it on trial.. He who allege must prove.. I mean what's the worse that can happen? If she didn't open a criminal case.. He won't go to jail.. He's looking at damages quantum claim.. That might even be 3k..😂😂

will not get 5 bucks The R500k is still required?! I thought she just wanted an apology and retraction. Why is she so mean by bringing up a fine too?😭 Wena news what what please tell our sister Bonang to give uswazi oluncane to this boy 10k atleast coz he made a stupid mistake

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