Blessed with ‘Covid-19 allowance’

Slay queen ‘Lolo’ says she is grateful to have boyfriends who have been financially supportive in these trying times.

2020-04-10 01:00:00 PM

Slay queen ‘Lolo’ says she is grateful to have boyfriends who have been financially supportive in these trying times.

Slay queen ‘Lolo’ says she is grateful to have boyfriends who have been financially supportive in these trying times.

Popular slay queen Paloma “Lolo” Mlunjwana has been blessed with a “Covid-19 allowance” from her blessers.Lolo, as she is known by her followers, said she was grateful to have boyfriends who support her financially in these trying times.The 35-year-old Zimbabwe-born slay queen is dating more than one man and said they had contributed to her Covid-19 allowance.

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But she would not divulge the amount, saying she did not like discussing her finances publicly.“My allowances have been helpful and, because of the unstable global currencies at the moment, when I exchange my allowance from dollars to rands it is slightly higher.”

Lolo, who moved to South Africa four years ago, described herself as a woman who “attracts only the finer things in life”.My allowances have been helpful and, because of the unstable global currencies at the momentShe said her boyfriends were “not just sexual partners, but lifetime partners”.

“I am at a stage in my life when I am unapologetic for who I am. I have admirers all over the world who know my standards. As they are financially stable, they don’t mind spoiling a woman to get her attention,” Lolo said.not just sexual partners, but lifetime partners

Not seeing her boyfriends during the lockdown had caused nothing but emotional distress in their lives, she said.But the digital space had made life easy for her because she could still interact with and entertain them online.“We live in a digital era, so I can still FaceTime my men, so nothing much has changed. It has actually been good because absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

However, what she missed most about not being allowed outdoors was shopping and visiting top-notch restaurants.“Unfortunately,” she said, “I cannot visit my favourite stores, such as Louis Vuitton,or spend money on fancy cocktails at expensive restaurants.”

But she conceded that not being “out there” had helped her save money.She had lost an income as a club hostess, where she entertained big spenders.The content creator, who has at least 73 000 followers on Instagram, endorses a number of online brands, such as Florencessence Spa, Platinum Luxury Virgin Hair, Knockout Legends Boxing Fitness Gym, as well as some online fashion boutiques.

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She also has a fashion blog called Loloskloset.But lockdown has hit in her pockets in a different way: “I was booked for several appearances and most were cancelled as clubs have been closed. Hosting pays decent money, so I have lost out on payments. But I actually love staying in, some time off hosting will be a good rest.”

She said her dream was to travel and explore the world – including Paris in France, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Mauritius and Morocco.“I started this year with a family trip to the Maldives and had more holidays planned, but the restrictions have disrupted my plans.”

She said it was her billionaire ex-boyfriend who had introduced her to this luxurious lifestyle.She said she was keeping herself busy during the lockdown by focusing on her spiritual journey and studies.“I am studying at Vega for a BA Honours in strategic brand communication.

“I will also be creating more relevant content on my social media platform to keep my fans entertained.”Another 25-year-old slay queen, from the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, who asked not to be named, told City Press that she had received R150 000 from her blessers.

“I’m also waiting for another R40K from my ex-boyfriend, who thought I might need it. I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. They are so generous.” Read more: City Press »

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_Khoelly Its funny how it's written by a female Shame shame,,, as her fellow countryman, Bob used to say.. 😀😀 who cares what slay queens say, this is not news They have to keep at it like the daily suns with stereotypical stories. lolo please send me your details Slay queen Well said Imagine keeping her pic in your phone as a profile pic, only to discover in a national newspaper that you are just one of her financial sponsors.

Mpume_kae What example are your sending to the young girls in our country by reporting this? There’s serious things that you can report about, not prostitute things. Please don’t be lazy to do your work🙏🏾 We need an EFFSouthAfrica statement on lazy journalism in South Africa. These types of useless and unnewsorthy stories and posts should be made unlawful!

We told people that, these media r Amateurs. Thats why they getting RED CARD at EFF conference. So slay queen is job title or what, no name a spade a spade This is newsworthy? Well he is paying for those commodities you putting on display.... and she’s 35 shm Why is everyone catching feelings here. Boyfriend(S)

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