Bheki Cele: ‘I wish alcohol ban could be extended beyond lockdown’

Police Minister Bheki Cele has placed alcohol at the centre of South Africa’s high crime rate, and says he wishes the alcohol ban could be in place even after the lockdown

2020-04-06 07:30:00 AM

Police Minister Bheki Cele has placed alcohol at the centre of South Africa’s high crime rate, and says he wishes the alcohol ban could be in place even after the lockdown

Police Minister Bheki Cele has given the clearest indication yet that regulations prohibiting the sale and drinking of alcohol during the lockdown will not be relaxed, even remarking that he wished they were extended beyond this period.

“It is a known thing that alcohol is part of the crime generators … [When it comes to] most people who are murdered or sexually abused, it usually starts on Thursday until the end of the weekend [and] those people will be found at alcohol outlets,” he said.

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‘I WOULD TAKE BAN BEYOND LOCKDOWN’The minister said he believed that minimising the use of alcohol was a step in the right direction for the country.He said it was one of the regulations he wished he could continue implementing even beyond the lockdown period.

“My first prize would be that we shut down alcohol, but I know we cannot do that. Nothing tells me that taking alcohol will make life easier,” he said.This week, lobby group the SA Drug Policy Initiative said the ban on the sale of alcohol and tobacco during the lockdown should be reversed as soon as possible.

The impact of the reduction of alcohol has had an impact on ordinary crime, especially violent crime.Bheki CeleThe organisation said the lockdown plan was discriminating against the poor, was putting the health of the mentally ill and the marginalised at risk, and was gifting crime syndicates and gangs with another source of income.

According to statistics bandied about in news reports this week, 87 000 cases of gender-based violence were reported over the past week.However, Cele said these numbers were, in fact, from 2019.About 15 000 cases had been reported this year, he said, of which 2 320 were reported during the lockdown.

Charges had been laid regarding 184 cases.“For South Africa, alcohol has not been the only issue when it comes to regulations relating to the Covid-19 coronavirus. Murder has gone down in South Africa. Even in the butcher of the republic, the Western Cape, murder numbers have really gone down. The impact of the reduction of alcohol has had an impact on ordinary crime, especially violent crime,” added Cele.

The lockdown had even reduced the number of cash-in-transit heists, he said, thanks to the countrywide roadblocks and increased police visibility.‘WESTERN CAPE IS NOT A SUPERPROVINCE’Cele took a hard line regarding Western Cape premier Alan Winde’s announcement early in the week that cigarettes would be sold in the province for the remainder of the 21-day lockdown.

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He said Winde had no power to divert from the regulations announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa and his national command council.The premier needed to realise that the Western Cape was not a “superprovince”, Cele said.“The Western Cape is part of South Africa and this is a national law. Everybody should respect a national law.”

Winde raised eyebrows this week after announcing that the Western Cape was contemplating resuming the sale of cigarettes for the rest of the lockdown.He said cigarettes were an essential item and that he had discussed the matter with the relevant stakeholders.

Cele told City Press that none of the lawyers representing the SA Police Service (SAPS) lawyers had been in consultation with Winde, nor had they approved the sale of cigarettes in the Western Cape.He disclosed that he had called the premier after hearing of the announcement, hoping to engage him on the decision.

People need to understand that we are the law enforcers.Bheki CeleHowever, Winde had quickly contacted Ramaphosa and complained about remarks Cele had made publicly about the decision.The minister called Winde a “cry-baby” for involving the president, saying he should have rather engaged him on the matter.

“A day after [the lockdown announcement], we relooked at the regulations. I said to the premier: ‘If you want the agreement, throw the cigarette issue into a bigger discussion. Do not go to your province and change the law.’”The Western Cape had been allowed to submit a list of items which it deemed essential.

The decision now lies in the hands of the national command council.Cele charged that Winde was trying to compare cigarettes with dry wood, which many families use for cooking.He argued that people can live without cigarettes, insisting that studies showing otherwise should be disregarded.

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“The thing that has been proved to be essential is dry wood. It is part of the food production line. If you do not have wood, you do not have food; but if you do not have cigarettes, what will happen?”‘JUST STAY HOME AND AVOID TROUBLE’Reacting to concerns about police brutality during the lockdown, Cele said the police had largely abided by Ramaphosa’s directive that law enforcement agencies behave in an empathetic manner towards communities.

However, he said, the Criminal Procedure Act allowed the police to use force if attacked or threatened by members of the public.“People need to understand that we are the law enforcers,” he said, adding that there would be fewer complaints if people simply stayed at home, as per lockdown regulations.

Cele warned the public against taking at face value the numerous social media posts showing members of the SAPS and the SA National Defence Force using excessive force over the past week.He said he was aware of only one case in which a police officer had overstepped the mark. “I have not seen any brutality; just one officer I saw using a sjambok.”

Covid-19 statisticsQuestioning the authenticity of videos circulating on social media, he said some were old footage and should be checked before being assumed to be evidence of lockdown-related police actions.He encouraged South Africans to continue taking videos of irregular police activity, stating that officials had no right to confiscate people’s devices.

“Take the videos; you are allowed to. Police must allow them. Those videos should be genuine, not videos that are there to humiliate the police,” he said.In the same breath, Cele added the media was quick to report on these alleged injustices against citizens but had overlooked the insults that had been hurled at ministers.

Cele said there were numerous memes and videos circulating on social media which showed people not only insulting him, but also deliberately breaking lockdown rules.“Communities were asked to stay at home. There was one person who spoke to the security forces – the president. He was emphatic in saying [to them]: ‘The people of this country are not your enemies. We have one enemy, which is the coronavirus.’

“The president told them to make sure they use the softest ever approach to the public … So, whoever told people [that police were going to] to skop, skiet en donder, I don’t know,” he said. Read more: City Press »

Agree Alcohol is one of SA biggest income for the country. If he bans alcohol he must ban the export and import of alcohol and then let's see what happens. Some of us never got the chance to vote I wonder if Hatman can back up his claim with scientific evidence. In the UK the crime rate also dropped and they don't ban booze.

After this Bheki Cele won’t be people’s favorite anymore. He’s punishing people who fought for him to be brought back especially liquor store owners and consumers. You can do it ... you have the power in your hands Minister Cele .... you go ..... lay it down .... it’s been noted that crime has dropped exponentially......thank you

since the lockdown started we never seen any drug bust but we see young people smoking every day or mybe their lockdown haven't started yet. and other media houses should help us with this one. We see road blocks happening but nyaope does make way to our township's The people who are abusing alcahol and then blaming the alcahol for their wrongdoing, they're the ones to blame.

I wonder how many robberies, house robberies, cash in transit heists, murder, rapes and drug trafficking is done by drunk people? Stop looking for easy solutions for a complex problem that has persisted for so long. You sound stupid, and so does anyone who thinks he's right. Even Bheki himself is against his own wishes,fela comrade uzoyithanda iAlcohol kakhulu futhi😅

I think he is on to something. Ever notice how drug are illegal so no one takes drugs so there are no crimes relating to drug addicts who are out of their minds or in need of a fix. I think the Minister should deal with the root cause not the symptom, uNdosi must strengthen the regulations around the purchase of alcohol or it's use but mustn't be banned that can cause a lot of distraction.

I AGREE Hi must also think of the people who are working SAB ( ANGAZO HLANYA ) Some people drink as if all their problems will booze away. That's the problem, overdrinking This guy must stick to shopping for hats. How many employees does brewary have? How many families survive by selling alchol? How many employees do club owners have?... Naganang pila

Ok I’m tired of this guy now No logic there That will be DICTATORSHIP!!! The ANC Government must not take advantage of people respecting the rules of lockdown as a Testing rod for DICTATORSHIP. This is what happens when minister read drum and Bona magazines Ladies and gentlemen, South Africa is about to smoke a whooooooooooooooooooole lot more weed. Invest appropriately.

Crime rate is low because police presence is felt now. The police are all over patrolling. Its difficult for thugs to move around right now because of this lockdown. That's all It must stay a wish Ban cigarettes please Uhlulwa ukubopha abo Bhushiri!!!! Asiyboleki kuye lemali for alcohol it’s our own money

This one is just power-hungry. Mugabe 2.0 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Mxim Why Alcohol is the big contributor of crime and dysfunctionality of south African society total banning it can be an excellent idea in lawlessness country like ours. I wish parliament can pass a law that burns alcohol in black communities... it doesn't do shit for black people. Doesnt help us with anything. Its the 1 enermy of our people I wish it can be sold and served to white people ONLY. I wanna see something

MCMoeketsi I think the visibility of the Police made a difference Mary_JaneSA He’s pushing it now Ek stem 100%saam Phakama Ndosi usihole. Since lockdown started akukho gunshot, stab ntoninton, gunshot or MVA's.. GenBheki_Cele We’d love to see the facts upon which you base this. Independently audited of course.

This personal issue BhekiCele has with alcohol needs to stop. Some of us have a healthy relationship with alcohol! This is not a complete assumption. TheThin41314045 So people loot only when they are drunk? That is why all the looters still walk free. They were drunk and did not know that they were looting.

Wait 'til he sees how angry smokers can get when they aren't allowed to smoke cigarettes in their own homes... perhaps we should all just smoke dagga instead? That's legal... BhekiCele Unfortunately he can't make that decision and it will neved be passed alcohol will remain, even Jesus himself turned water into alcohol

Wa re lwalela This man needs to read up on the American prohibition era and Portugal’s legalization of all illicit substances before even thinking of banning alcohol. How about trying to improve people’s lives first and seeing if that will lower their dependence on addictive substances. Imagine December with no alcohol

Home brewing is at its peak now, alcohol poisoning iyeza. He thinks he owns the country now Please minister don't even dream to do that Yes, alcohol is at the centre,but a total ban will not be the only solution to our problems. The police must just be visible like they are now. We must see more police officers in the streets than in police stations.

Just hope this lock down will be extended so many people getting the virus just wish everyone will becarefill and those who get sick will recover He has a point ban this so called alcohol is a sin o god. GenBheki_Cele the guy got no degree. And was fired by PresJGZuma think alcohol create jobs. Village idiot

GTP_Traffstats We dnt always get what we wish for O thoma go dronkega nou. Ya mo dronka power ne. Alcohol remains a good thing if used in moderate. Mind u Jesus used to make it for his ppl to be merry. It was also the last thing he drank on this earth. John 19:30 Ae I give up What research document guides this articulation? Tik Tok?

BanAlcohol I support this man on this one. Marijuana is legal will still get high on that n do crimes, how dumb of him to think that alcohol is a source of crime rates he must stop crime, his job is hard, just because his job is hard doesn't mean we must stop consuming alocohol, he must do his job first. If he wants he can retire

He must let us make our mqombothi traditional beer. We don't mind Imagine someone hijacking cars, robbing malls, heists, rape, while drunk. Haaayi Ndosi shaye eceleni ke kulokhu 😂 Ban alcohol before the next election and that will be the ANC out of power ! Actually, take away food is the cause of crime. Because people are not driving hungry, the crime rate is down. logic

I think this minister has overstayed his contract Agreed that alcohol cause many crime but it contributes so much in the economy of Our country and employment BhekiCeleMustFall matlhoko_thabo Yeah handsome blame alcohol for your under performing law enforcement I'd do the same if I was you handsome Cele

He must seek employment for tjose who were making a meal out of that alcohol n ppl working at breweries Uphambene lomdala yaazi, he does not know the real factor of crimes, his boys must just do their job, because now they are bored they even tell ppl to go into the houses even when they not on the streets, but in their yards, that's madness

The problem is not alcohol. Police are not visible. They were not doing their job. Now they are on the streets and crime goes down. Could he give GBV the same energy, since the system has been freed of alcohol related incidents, more attention can go towards tackling the cowards hiding behind closed doors to abuse women and children.

🦇🦇🦇👾👾👾 But did we really need Coronavirus to diagnose crime in SA? He must check his head Would be a fair assessment if you didn't factor in that everyone is staying home. Can't rob me if I'm not there. Can't kill me if I'm not there. Can't abuse me if I'm not there. Can't drink and drive if I'm not driving. So yes. Lockdown reduces crime apparently. Not alchohol.

The reason for the drop in crime is because The police and soldiers are everywhere patrolling. For a chance they ate doing what they are paid for instead of looking for coldrinks So all these Press Briefings but No Briefing from Jamnandas about Free Electricity Let him instead catch some criminals This dude wants to get unemployed

uBheki Cele uthini ngalamjita aplita only xa enxilile ?🤣🤣🤣 Yes General🤣🤣🤣🤣 After that connect GBV with alcohol minister Most crimes occurs when people are at work or traveling. We are in the houses now guarding. Where does alcohol get in there If what you report is indeed correct, this is a very trivial assessment by the Minister. There is so much more at play here than merely the prohibition of alcohol.

Poverty. Poor policing are at the center of high crime rate. Our police don’t even have an electronic database of criminals. They is not properly surveillance of crime. Our police force is stuck in the 80s, everything is written with a pen and paper. Intelligence services dololo Udakiwe lo baba nobumnyama

What about the driver who's working for SAB, people who put food on their table from selling alcohol from their Tarven...? Uyahlanya noma..? Who did these under influence of alcohol hijacking, robbery..? To change the attitude of South Africa nation specially the youse members and generations to create the productive community, avoiding the habit of alcohol can play enough role in the country. Even to minimize the risk of of crime. I wish this can happen forever👌👌👌

O thoma go sangana jaanong Now I know he's mad This needs to be considered as a hero of this country There are a lot of things that you need to focus on of which you keep on avoiding. Leave alcohol alone he has done nothing wrong to you. Please Alcohol is not the problem,you are as leaders!!you need to fix the root first not the leaves it won't help papa🤷‍♀️

Well by that logic the absence of alcohol has lead to a 27% increase in domestic violence; but what about the biggest crimes of all - does it reduce looting, corruption and state capture? Now *that* will get my full attention! Cheers! Might have had a binging problem. Why is he obsessed with banning alcohol. For his information,it is an ingredient in some medications. It is there in some judge ,in some president’s cabinet. It is there there in the legislators canteen. It calms nerves. Please!!!

I support you minister.... Learn from history fool Prohibition didn't work in America why will it work here, not with your KFC police force. Imagine how many lives will be spared on the road, how many women will be safe from domestic violence as a result of alcohol. The alcohol industry will suffer but lives will be saved. Also, there'll be a need for counselling so here's to employment creation.

I wouldn't say ban it completely but he must but more stringent measures like they do in the UAE. Does that mean is Alcohol that Killed SenzoMeyiwa ?🤔 His brain is diabetic!!! What plan does he have for those that work in the alchohol industries? He definitely got a problem with alcohol he needs to heal

Cele must go stand in the pension line he must retire it is not alcohol but it is drugs that's the cause of crime and violence. The ban on alcohol sales will be lifted post lockdown, but we certainly should do more to reduce the ~172 deaths/day from alcohol-related causes in South Africa & should not return to business-as-usual for bigalcoholexposed vis-a-vs alcohol post covid19 lockdownSouthAfrica

i used to think it’s drugs Yes for the safety of our people I support minister!!!! Are there not more important issues to deal with? Since when are we prisoners in our own country. This is Freedom thieving! No, embezzlement of government funds by officials is the top of why we been downgraded to junk state

Ok whatever Ban alcohol please.. He didn't invent, it existed belong he was born. Let him keep wishing, he isn't going to do anything about it. It's not for him to decide. Wee don't live 8n a polide state wat abt those who sell drugs Mr.cele?nd those who hijack buildings in jozi uthini ngabo ?asuka Any facts to back it up?

He looks like he drinks just as much as anyone else does. If people drunk of their arse they can't really commit crimes now can they. I feel like the government is focusing on everything else but the virus really. Alcohol is d epicentre of crime, unplanned pregnancies, STIs, car accidents d list us endless ..... Minister some of us concur

He's right Bheki Cele must be removed from that position.with all the chaos in SA ryt now,he is going to make it worse What about the more deadly CIGARETTES? Uthini lobaba ngotshwala Alcohol just removes inhibitions No he is wrong, thecreason crime decreased is because the country is under lockdown n both the police n soldiers are deployed on the streets so no crime can take place while our country is under such protection.

🤣😂😂😂 Wa pshinya stoneman_o If wishes were horses If looting was tackled they way he's tackling this 'alcohol' issue then we would be going somewhere.. Banning alcohol won't solve corruption, incompetency from state officials including SAPS, organised crimes etc. But will create a problem on top of another in the name of unemployment. It is the leading cause for GBV and measures has to be taken against the people in question

I think Bheki is the answer to many SA problems, i drink, i smoke bt what the man is saying is what the situation on the ground If only he knew that alcohol tax pays his salary. stoneman_o Ngani ngiyabona abantu besiya toyitoya for utshwala 😂😂😂 You are micromanaging us like kids. When the minister himself uses the word 'wish' just know that our ministers don't lead the country but they are led by whoever is leading them. South Africa

Great Maybe he should focus on doing his job in fighting crime. Alcohol cannot help fight crime. People must do their jobs Rhaaa!!! Ingathi sinxanwe ngoku Beachdays3 He is a poes and can tsek that's not his call to make And they hungry , unemployed , and broke watch the increase in crime once the ban has been lifted then My General here will have us believing that alcohol is to blame

Ius Is lockdown criminals know every escape route,they is a road block, security, police and defense force are there.coast is not clear n they stand a high risk being caught.let alcohol trade remain closed den open roads no police visibility. We will be shocked! Totally disagree , that's just lazy from him, countries like Germany and Russia have a much higher drinking culture the south Africa and the crime rate is still lower , people are indoors that's the reason for a low crime rate

Good Ndosi😊 Uyahlanya lobaba ne😠 just because isibindi sakhe siqedwe i vodka ucabanga ukuthi siyahlanya thina 😠 Oh wow, the guy is gone bonkers.... SetswanaSaBorre A naare ene ga nwe? A ko a tlogele go itira betere tlhe! I don't like alcohol, but it isn't for me to control 1's choices. How many companies will close down coz of that?

Indeed we do not want alcohol anymore I think after the lock down a reshuffle is required Kunga'Nyiwa Haotlore jwetsa wena elegore o Papa Rona wena Please do Police Minister. Alcoholics will thank you later. The world wud be quite. Zero road accidents. Longer lifespan Haibo Ndosi !! This is beyond getting personal you now challenging our patience.

The highest crime in South Africa currently is CORRUPTION by ANC, of which the same Cele is an executive member. If alcohol ban will help eradicate corruption, then hallelujah, the ANC will fall, finally. Will he (Cele) be safe? Asuzuva ngaye Does this man know that people are alcoholics? And some woman/ man are stuck with them in their houses? I guess will be having more deaths in this country

Mnr Cele must know there is a difference between banning something and stopping its consumption. Shoprite liquor will stop selling booze to comply but down the road will fill the gap with untested home made brew. He must keep on wishing The only Minister who deserve credit during this difficult time SAB will tell him what's what.

Bheki Cele's wish is really gonna take down thee economy of South Africa...... Selling tobacco nd alcohol balances our economy in a good way nje He must fight crime and stop trying to find scapegoat to hide behind, in his failure to curb crime. Alcohol doesn’t commit CRIME! alcoholmustfall You have a point minister, your lord might grant you paradise, just by being against a sin, alcohol is sin, keep up we must always speak our mind even if the whole world is against us

Bheki Cele, save the nation. Uzoyitholaph iNip yena Let's hope for lesser business break-in, more especially where beer outlets are located.. Alcohol and taxi drivers that all his good in dealing with,... Organized crime akaboniswa uNondis Did I miss it or are we all still waiting to hear who killed Senzo Meyiwa. This guy is just a spectacle an ostentation.

Wa gafa wena power wago dronka ka bona Its Unemployment not alchohol....we are lead by fools!!! refilweafrica Lol but its because are patrolling and actually doing what they are hired to do for the first time ever Then he must have a stash of confiscated alcohol at home, to want to ban alcohol beyond lockdown.

His blaming the knife for the murder!! Cadre deployment. So alcohol is the reason MYANC has been dipping into the cookie jar? Just because there’s a direct relationship doesn’t mean there’s a causal relationship. He’s not going to be Minister of Police for long 🤷🏽‍♂️ I concur and drugs They can’t even solve Senzo Meyiwa’s murder and other murder cases. 🖕🏾

Fully supported! Alcohol is not a problem. You cant get drunk and go commit crime. He should say police must continue patrolling the way they are patrolling in this lockdown, then he will see there will be no high crime rate I'm broke any decision you take I will accept. I start to think that Bheki Cele when he is drunk he beat his wife. He must start to focus on drugs also

🤔Le mo dirileng Ntate Cele Jwale i think it’s odd that the decreased crime rate is being attributed to the unavailability of alcohol and not the global pandemic and trigger happy law enforcement outside of people’s homes. criminals have no targets: everything is closed and everyone is inside. Mary_JaneSA Did he say he wish. The first people to disagree will be the police personnel for a particular reason. Good luck Minister

The sale of methylated spirit and dettol will go up baba don't worry Why not go to sunnyside and hillbrow and arrest the drug lords and I dare him to go to the cape flats. Unless ofcoz drugs is not a problem to him and his cabinet This doos and his ego🙄 This guy has been a problem since even Brenda wasn't happy.

Good one Mr Cele just burn it forever habashwe😂😂😂 Its jobs jobs jobs at the end of the day! It outweighs his sober wishes SetswanaSaBorre In fact he must not completely ban it but regulate the sale of alcohol. No alcohol to be sold after 14h00 during weekend 85 thousand domestic cases have been reported since this lock down you see the problem is not alcohol.🚶🚶🚶

The high crime rates is not coursed by drinking of alcohol but our law enforcement are weak n corrupt to. If we can hv visibility of Police and soldiers forever, i mean south africa would be a safest place Have they started with the 'vaccine trial' yet? If so, why did they start with the Minister? Look at what it has done to his brain now 🙆🏽‍♂️

Uyisahluleki uNdosi, ukhuluma imbudane. Unfortunately That's not what ppl want Honourable Minister Magaye is missing the point here. He must prioritise eradicating illegal substances like nyaope and whoonga lockDownSouthAfrica Ian Khama failed on that one in Botswana sir try something else He's Losing it now

Alcohol does contribute in many way to the destruction of society, crime being 1. Cele took lessons from Verwoerd about Blacks What about drugs? Diverting the energy to the wrong thing Mr Cele we have corrupt officers that are in support of the criminals that sell drugs so really alcohol is not the problem or the issue to be getting all your attention

Andrian Vlok talking Cele took learned from the best He’s Hopping Mad this one Cele must just relax and focus on eradicating crime and leave alcohol out of it. Nice one Chief! Ban it and it will be the center of crime. Stop thinking, your hat is causing your brain to overheat. CeleMustFall Because he has drank all his fair during his life, now an elderly thinking is taking over

Ndosi! What shit is this man smoking? Yeah it has nothing to do qith the fact that police are everywhere and people are bot allowed put of the house. This dummy runs the police and can't determine what caused the drop in crime. africaupdates It is just a point the ministèr is mooting after making the observation about the decline in the crime rate since the confinement. Then people waxed indignant.

ATshephy this thing is personal 🤣🤣 Maybe diman alcohol e mo dirile something Ndosi pls minister wami othandekayo ngingaba yini emhlabeni kaphandle kwesbarara Ngome ngifa kumanje People who use drugs dont like alcohol i suspect him 😂😂😂 Yaaaaassss! Some people are in trouble! 😂, according to this brainbox, all the cash in transit robbers, farm murderers, etc, are all drunk out of their minds when they perform these crimes....and still manage to give his Cops the middle finger? idiots IdiotInChief

Says the minister of government that has no clue on how to create jobs. Fact is crime is their baby as they assist the syndicates. Supapa Ndosi Mahlako1213 Now I understand why Zuma fired you Y is he nt talking abt drugs..PE central yesssssess...and all thos places l dnt knw off.. This is stupid... Our Ministers though... This is so embarrassing...

Khawuphendule ngale clip ethi “hayi inoba unxilile” Vuyo_Unchained Leave this guy alone,he said he wishes and we all know wishes never come true,l wished to marry Beyonce once in my life time This guy is heartless perhaps someone might have beaten him up at the tavern Alcohol always been at the centre according to crime Stats

Lets get the stats etc Bheki Cele se moer... Honourable member wat ur saying is UnParliamentary, we need more police officers on the ground this 🔒down doesn't bring something to u tat if you deploy more cops crime can stop, you need to recruit more police officers If only he had the same energy towards gender based violence

Sizoba i Saudi Arabia inkinga intela ekhokwa utshwala iningi kuymanje kubuyekezwa engakhokhwa insangu True I wish he was this passionate about drugs Uyanya lo! Out of order 🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️ He's am idiot of note to think like that. Kodwa yena umlomo wakhe ushiswe I Gordon That not true last night we had house robbery and theft at home because of this lockdown and quite streets

This man must just have strategies to fight crime and not try and usurp the response to COVID-19 for purposes of driving down crime stats Wait until the LockDown is Over and Check Crime Rate😂😂... Alcohol is not the main Cause 😂😂😂😂 Perfect plan BHEKI CELE..BBAN IT 🍻 ALCOHOL 🍷 Police incompetence is the centre of high crime rate but ke somebody is on a power trip

why Bheki cele works with his emotions then rules and regulations I support you minister I don't think people who are drunk do crime, this is premeditated before its done. The big time criminals don't even drink alcohol or use drugs for that Metter. Crime rate is low cz the soldiers and police ar alwys in the streets 247 so very few will dare to break the law..its not about absence of alcohol

Don't abuse power but yet again you never see or plan ahead so do ban alcohol and please dnt blame africans for what will happen after. U taking this alc thing too personal and it's clouding your judgment and ability to plan for the better. Bear should be ban life time Right, not poverty. Not inequality, alcohol MUST be the culprit 🙄

Waaaaaahahahha what would he use as an excuse then for his behaviour. And what would butterbelly dhlamini use. Can't deal with drugs being sold to kids on the streets in broad daylight, but beers are a problem, right.. Lockdown will come to an end, but the virus will still be there, so abo uyahlanya ntate minister must look after themselves. Ok'salayo uCory usimele outside

This is pure lazy thinking , why should you blame alcohol instead of blaming people's behaviours it's not alcohol its people's behaviours after drinking alcohol bhekicele_com 1. Corruption is the first thing you should be dealing with.. 2. Train your police officers and pay them enough for them to not take bribes 3. Stop taking cheap drugs they are not good for you

If his department was competent in dealing with crime our country would be a better place.He must stop blaming alcohol because his troops are not doing their job Give that man a Bells. A bottle HOW ABOUT DRUGS MR CELE? mabeqa_noluvo Akahambe ayonya, it will only happen in his father's house Let him push he's stupid agenda,he'll see what will happen ,the people will not stand for his lunacy

Atleast he is just wishing 🤷‍♂️ Uphambene lotata uyatsho kulaphuface yakhe... atshongobuso bempala mpala apha Foreigners are the course of high crime rate in South Africa. Do cash in transit robberies happen after drinking? Do drug dealers drink before peddling drugs? Car hijackings? We need more police on the ground everyday. Stop and search, investigate, arrest, prosecute and sentence with speed.

So all those money heists were done by drunk people? 🤔 And we will ban the ANC after the elections. Let's go Minister is becoming lazier by the day. We need to remind him he was fired once bcz of mistakes. i knew this would come... bloody dictator thinks he will extend any laws passed during an 'emergency' beyond!! Not happening dim wit!

We understand the alcohol ban and fully support and we will comply. what about cigarettes what has cigarettes done to crime haibo Udakiwe lo mnqundu Umuntu akasho uma umsebenzi umhlula Why do you guys always entertain this person? I honestly think he enjoys the attention around him being the cause of a national uproar... I dont understand his position around combating Covid-19, like what's his plan around 'catching'the virus and making sure its 'locked away' so we get our freedom back? Day11

What are about the people employed in that industry? Their livelihoods don’t matter ne? No put the blame on Coca cola that your police take from criminals and leave alcohol out.... As i watch the economy ⤵ What an excuse for SAPS failure to fight crime. What about SAPoliceService members who collaborate with criminals by accepting bribes?

Then he is an idiot. Crime is mostly done by the criminals who most of the time will not be drunk. You cant be drunk on duty But people are still drinking. Alcohol is everywhere Now,,,,he is getting out of hand,, because that alcohol,is bringing the food on the table for others and now he just take that all away Na Na Na Na

Ban it thank you Bheki Cele. Though its contribute to a certain extent,it cant be true that alcohol doesn't that CyrilRamaphosa you hired the wrong guy Ndosi when you discussing police salaries and their development? A large % of the population is at home, unable to commit crimes, the police and SANDF are patrolling and setting up roadblocks. But it's alcohol?

surayajones The root cause of all problems hence, prohibited in Islam. gary_kai then he will see crime shem🤣🤣 He sounds like someone who has a supply chain of alcohol that deals with him and his friends personally that they're sorted for the whole year You should see how quiet the townships are, and it's definitely not because of the lock down, people couldn't careless about that, it's because of the unavailability of alcohol. 20h00 the streets look how they're supposed to look at the time.

So because others have a propensity to commit crimes, it’s because of alcohol? That doesn’t make everyone who does imbibe alcohol a violent criminal !This Covoid-19 virus seems to have had a effect on someone’s brain and ability for lateral thinking ! He’s a certifiable idiot. Alcohol is a toxic drug to consume. Legalised of course. Bheki Cele is making sense this time. Ban the production import advertising distribution n sale of this toxin. Make it illegal like other drugs. Bheki... A cadre with brain bigger than the stomach.

So much of energy he puts on this catastrophic situation, how I wish he had the same energy about drugs, human trafficking, cars and buildings hijackings him and his soldiers together wth that lazy SAPS group. With such an army but does our cars end in Mozambique 🇲🇿 Which crimes exactly because I have never seen a CIT heist by drunk people, no robberies by drunks, lost dockets are stolen by drunk cops etc. ? I think this guy wants to be the 'Beyonce' of ministers 🤔

Also the Level of Corruption in Politics will go down bantshotsha be Dakiwe I guess😣 Withdrawal can be ugly. Prohibition creates a black market & the death that comes with it. But this is a fact alcohol is a huge influencer to many crimes. DUI, Domestic violence, drug abuse, violent crimes, sexual crimes almost all go hand in hand with alcohol.

Time for Our_DA and alanwinde to take this to court as the prohibition is not lawful and shops can still sell cigarets and alcohol. BhekiCele I'm not trying to promote sales, I'm trying to protect our freedom of choice! I will not cede control to the ANC! Uyasabisa if he’s c.rious about his madness akaqale ngamaphoyisa akhe akaphuzi alala kubo and ayabudlonya bese eza in parliament abanye bozakwabo banephuza face like Steinhuizen of DA I wish him good luck 😂😂😂😅

Eish Ntate enwa hle!😡🥺 Agreed!!! He is correct, also nurses at hospitals are relieved the casualty is empty. Sick people will get proper care without the burden of drunkards at casualty ward. Car accidents are also extremely down Va lava ku vona yini holobye? What I want to know, Khayelitsha is business as usual every day and akukho majoni are moving around at all here. Kids playing in the streets, people are sitting in the corners nale Khayelitsha.. Our life is at stake here.. people are visiting each other.

He must just keep wishing Time to keep your opinion to yourself now Bheki !! Unxilile lo Cele wenu, they are good to protect white businesses Let him also close the drug lords in our country that his police are aware of and they do nothing People are roaming around here with alcohol there no such thing as ban alcohol during lockdown yesterday i saw people ba tshwere di Savannah were did dey get them?

🙄🙄🙄 He's dreaming shem, highly doubt that will happen shem I think it’s take away pizza. That’s what’s causing crime. Obviously getting fast food makes people murder each other. Wa tsenwa If this fella suggests that the nation be sober forever, it’s simple. Stop production. Watch how unemployment rate goes up, watch how the crime rate sky rockets. Some times you don’t have to always talk. Let us drink tuu

Was there any research? I'm sure some1 is smoking weed So, putting cops on the streets, assisted by the army, is having an effect on crime. Now Field Machisimo Thug-in-A-Hat should explain why the ANC-as-government refused to put more boots on the ground when begged to by the DA in Western Cape. We will stockpile

If you wish the banning of liquor should stay longer how is some of your police going to survive, but of course they raid these small taverns and then they are sorted. We still waiting foe Senzo Meyiwa killers he promised us last year March His government is failing to create employment for the youth, some are forced to be waiters at clubs and etc bt i hope his strategy doesn't backfire.

Born again Christian will agree on this one South Africa will loss billions in you ban selling of alcohol. thekelo_Teekay Udakiwe akukhona kwakhe la. Screw Cele Then what will happen to the organizations, brands, concerts and sport events that were sponsored by liquor companies? Lesufi preached this Wa gafa

Unthinking ngama drugs Walmart Nigerians. Agree with him He is looking for trouble i would like to see the next ANC Conference without Alcohol ! He wants to see the soweto uprising for alcohol this one.😂😂 Does he know he'll have to sober up 🤔 Kahlee Bo Cele Jacob Zuma fired Bheki Cele Close bottlestores Ndozi, in support of it, Breweries don’t hire millions of ppl worse part, SAB or whatever it is now, it’s highly automated, from control room to cleaning, sterilizing, packaging, so brewery is useless only benefit state with tax that is forever stolen

How is it that these ANC door knobs think failed policies from the 1920's will work under their governance? It's an old and tired organisation, making old and tired decisions, led by corrupt politicians who don't have the best interests of the citizens of SA at heart. Hes definitely right on this one. Alcohol is a cause of many ills in our society.

What nonsense. Most murderers and criminals were not drunk when they committed crime If crime rates rise after reintroduction on lockdown. Then regulate sale of alcohol. Or If crime is reduced by less activity then increased police visibility and road blocks on weekends to discourage unnecessary movements. Or both may be are required

I agree it is a very distructive drug to many. So bad. So sad. My 5 year old niece ,is smarter than this guy Ai khona kunzima manje.... the 6pm was quite ideal and the total shut down will result to more crimes and new ones as well, as you look at the spike in gender based crimes, it's because Man and Woman can't be always together, that's why social gathering with friends is so vital..

Ndosi and Best Decisions✊🏽✊🏽 And how is your comrades going to get the Johnny Walker blue? Bathabile will berserk. That will never happen. Ba bolela o kaore a ba nwe byalala. Mxm. There are two variables that are influencing crime rate at this time. 1) less activity and Alcohol. To prove which has significant impact we need a test. 1) reintroduce alcohol during lockdown check results if stay same or Change 2) remove alcohol when business opens and check

He definitely must be drunk on something I agree with him, he must ban it and cigarette We must do drugs now? Deal with ur poor system and leave alcohol. Train and pay ur cops well, tougher bail laws. Cele the Anthropologist. Who knew? Imagine if he was a history buff as well and understood the Prohibition & how that fuelled crime and emergence of the mafia. The disruption of crime is temporary. The storm to come will make everything we have endured look like a picnic. Ho hum

It’s police corruption and incompetence not alcohol that is at the center of high crime rate. africaupdates Ah ah ah! What nonsense is this? What is he smoking? Let him do as he please, all power is in his hands, sadly its linked to the ballot box which depends to those who drink alcohol. Maybe in the next elections that can be the referundum indirectly, hope he wins since most of his own comrades are drinkers

Liquor stores all over the country are being looted ngenxa ya lento After that he must advocate for the removal of private ownership of cars people are reckless drivers and we have far too many accidents in the roads. The lock down gas been proof of this. If wishes were horses, Bheki would ride. Minister Cele has Shot himself in the Foot! He is happy that Crime has decreased during the Lock-down but fails to admit that alcohol-related Crimes do not manifest themselves in areas where alcohol is used Responsbly. I enjoy a Beer as long as it's Alcohol FREE!!

He need to be tested for COVID-19.. maybe it also affects brain cells. (LOCKDOWN)! Lol I wish Drastic times.. Drastic measures If they want the economy to collapse, they are welcome. Ingoba sekudakwe yena seyabvala that a ndosi thatha 😂🤣🤣 Facist! This shit would really fuck up tourism by the way 🤔 On behalf of the SA people we think 💭 you might as well take this old madala! He’s always outside plz fix him ke problem motho nou

Accurate Ndosi I am with you on this one. I wish bottle stores and tarvens to open until 6pm. It will reduce chaos caused by drinking.

Murder, rape, assault and other serious crimes decrease during lockdown: Bheki CeleMurder, rape, assault, hijackings and robbery cases have dropped significantly during the nationwide lockdown, police minister Bheki Cele said on Sunday. Don't worry Mr Cele Evin gangs are scared of doing anything they lock them selves at home. damn, so people rape errrday? Salute to SA Army, SAPS, traffic Officer all the law enforcement officials for your availability... people are really afraid of you in visibility✊

Decrease in serious crimes due to unavailability of alcohol: CelePolice Minister Bheki Cele has attributed a decrease in serious crimes to the unavailability of alcohol. its not unavailaility of alcohol wena moron, its the presence of cops all over, criminals are scared Wish it could stay like that forever. 😞 honestly think bhekicele_com is not1 of d brightest ministers. Hw cn u conclude dt crime hs been minimised by closing sale of alcahol. primary student wd differ & tll u dt ds pendemic hs nt only affected stock exchange bt also criminals. Imagine money heist in this empty roads

Cele welcomes decrease in serious crimes since COVID-19 lockdown - SABC News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader.Police Minister Bheki Cele on Sunday welcomed the general decrease in serious and violent crimes, attributing this to amongst other factors, the prohibition of the sale and movement of liquor since the COVID-19 nationwide lockdown. Bullsh*t. GBV is sky rocketing 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Is it first of April? It's because we are confined to our houses not because of liquor... Eish Sau hypothetically the state of emergency is lifted in 5-weeks, will crime spike?

Lockdown to intensify after grant payments: Cele - SABC News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader.ICYMI: Police Minister Bheki Cele says the national lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19 will be strengthened next week after the payment of social grants is concluded. As long as no Vaccines are deployed to our Ghettos we don't have a problem with your decision. Just stay away from our homes Ono apa fela man🤨 Hayi yiFilm 😐

Decrease in serious crimes due to unavailability of alcohol: CelePolice Minister Bheki Cele has attributed a decrease in serious crimes to the unavailability of alcohol. its not unavailaility of alcohol wena moron, its the presence of cops all over, criminals are scared Wish it could stay like that forever. 😞 honestly think bhekicele_com is not1 of d brightest ministers. Hw cn u conclude dt crime hs been minimised by closing sale of alcahol. primary student wd differ & tll u dt ds pendemic hs nt only affected stock exchange bt also criminals. Imagine money heist in this empty roads

Murder, rape, assault and other serious crimes decrease during lockdown: Bheki CeleMurder, rape, assault, hijackings and robbery cases have dropped significantly during the nationwide lockdown, police minister Bheki Cele said on Sunday. Don't worry Mr Cele Evin gangs are scared of doing anything they lock them selves at home. damn, so people rape errrday? Salute to SA Army, SAPS, traffic Officer all the law enforcement officials for your availability... people are really afraid of you in visibility✊