Looting, Civil Unrest

Alleged Brookside Mall unrest instigator applies for legal aid after attorney steps down

Alleged Brookside Mall unrest instigator applies for legal aid after attorney steps down

2021-09-23 09:52:00 AM

Alleged Brookside Mall unrest instigator applies for legal aid after attorney steps down

A man, accused of instigating the burning of Pietermaritzburg’s Brookside Mall, remains in custody after his bail application was postponed on Wednesday.

ShareDURBAN: Ndumiseni Kheto Zuma, the 35-year-old man accused of instigating violence during the unrest in KwaZulu-Natal, in July, will have to find a new legal representative.Zuma's attorney has withdrawn his services, forcing the accused to apply for legal aid.

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National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson Natasha Kara said Zuma appeared in the Pietermaritzburg Magistrate's Court, on charges relating to looting and public violence, in particular, the burning of Brookside Mall.“The matter was remanded to October 4 for the continuation of his bail application,” she said.

Meanwhile, The Mercury reported that plans are under way to rebuild the mall. Read more: IOL News »

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UN pledges R20m to KZN’s unrest recoveryThe UN has pledged more than R20m in financial support to KZN in efforts to rebuild and redevelop sectors of its economy and society that were affected by the civil unrest . What are they saying about the Indians that killed blacks in Phoenix? We NhlakesR0s3 please get me a Stand by the hood 😭😭😭😭😭 Kanti where is the RET & FreeJacobZuma movement money to fix the damage?

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Tourism fund: SCA rules department acted unlawfully based on raceThe department has been also ordered to pay the legal fees for the case.

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