Actress Vatiswa Ndara: I'm tired of exploitation

[TRENDING] Actress Vatiswa Ndara: I'm tired of exploitation #eNCA

2019-10-10 08:00:00 AM

[TRENDING] Actress Vatiswa Ndara: I'm tired of exploitation eNCA

Vatiswa Ndara wrote a six-page open letter to Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa calling for transparency in the entertainment industry.

South African actors are calling on President Cyril Ramaphosa to sign the Performers Protection Amendment Bill into law. Courtesy #DStv403JOHANNESBURG - Actress Vatiswa Ndara says she is tired of exploitation in her industry.Ndara wrote a six-page open letter to Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa, calling for transparency in the entertainment industry.

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READ:The actress complained about the unfair and exploitative practices, which she says are rife in the acting industry.“I was tired of letting the system drain us, and accept and legitimise exploitation,” Ndara said.“It was time for somebody to say something and that person had to me. I had to take that step. It wasn’t easy; I had a lot of conversations even with my brother.

“By the time I had sent the letter, I had made peace with what could come with me sending the letter to the minister.”Many have applauded Ndara’s bravery in speaking out.READ:Letitia Wright named highest-earning actor of 2018Veteran actress Florence Masebe has expressed support for Ndara.

“We never for a second thought that things have improved but you want to believe in your heart of hearts that somebody at Vatiswa’s level is not finding themselves still being this frustrated,” Masebe said.“It takes a lot in this industry for one to find the strength to speak up. It must have taken a lot for her to write all these details so publicly, putting herself out there. A lot of it makes sense because we are still desperately trying to convince people we are three times more than they think we are worth.

“It is not just the producers, it is broadcasters themselves who when deciding on budgets, have decided that things can be done with very little reserved for the talent.” Read more: eNCA »

sazolamba lomama!! Truth has its way of coming out,,hopefully one day we will get to know it We know you are tired, and that's fine! But stop tarnishing the 'Ferguson' name! R110 for 5 weeks is what managers earn. What am I missing with this amount? Less tax, you’re looking at R60k a month Bt u knew ur 5cent worth wen u accepted de offer on that contract,now u hv seen other actresses better offers u claim to be exploited? U made too much debt now u want more salary? vatiswaNdara

Well she will probably never work again in the industry mpilo_cele101 Vatiswa Ndara Actors Academy accredited actors training provider is accepting aspiring students who need indepth training from experienced industry expects. If this dream can just be actioned, with millions of rands sitting at CATHSSETA she can turn the tide.

Hundred thousand plus a week .. Exploitation ? Maybe you need reminding that there are over 9 million unemployed in this country , 17 million reliant on a social grant and hundreds of thousands going to bed hungry at night .Count your blessings dear and be grateful . So now you want half of the Ferguson empire...? You were not married,you were hired and agreed to set t&c's....

Yes shame. Having to work hard for 110k over five weeks is like slave labour for such important people. Terrible abuse. It must be 🛑🛑🛑 Start your own company. Been in the industry for some time now. I dnt hv probs wth U being tired, I hv problem wth U dragging a name of furgusonfilms...thru the mud.....while U disguise as fighting the injustices in the industry.

Actress Vatiswa Ndara: I'm tired of exploitationVatiswa Ndara wrote a six-page open letter to Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa calling for transparency in the entertainment industry. Don't give up the fight. Expose this industry Ms Ndara Guess who will never get a job again? Start your own production then ! You will never earn like the producers, bosses etc

We tried to negotiate with Vatiswa Ndara, say FergusonsThe couple says they will be taking legal action against Ndara and Mphuthi.

The Fergusons, Vatiswa Ndara and the money - what you need to knowVeteran actor Vatiswa Ndara on Monday shared an open letter which she wrote to sport, arts and culture minister Nathi Mthethwa about what she alleged was the exploitation of actors. If Vatiswa is unhappy working for the Fergusons, she can leave. It's a free country isn't it?

LISTEN | Vatiswa Ndara speaks out over explosive letterActress Vatiswa Ndara spoke to DispatchLIVE about possibly losing acting gigs because of her explosive letter to arts and culture minister Nathi Mthethwa, in which she complained about the exploitation of actors by production companies.

Vatiswa Ndara responds to Ferguson Films' legal threat | IOL NewsVatiswa Ndara has been speaking to TV and radio stations all day, and in one of the interviews, she alleged she had been ... Winnie Mandela didn't die but she multiplied theVati_Can please open a trust account we would like to help you fight the system. I will pledge R2000 so you have a fair chance to fight. we need to crowd fund! EROSIVE, Exploitation is exploitation and is brutal, who ever practices it be it black or white it's wrong

Fergusons 'considering legal action' against Vatiswa Ndara over open letterThe Fergusons' lawyer refused to comment on any details around any possible legal action and said it was now a legal matter. Legal action will cripple an already broke woman but she has to stand for she said against someone else business You are not the only sector that has been exploited, at least your cry was the loudest and the media took it upon. Ask a black worker in mining, no one gives damn about mine workers in SA including your media. If she is lying, tell she mist tell us her side of the story