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ActionSA has excluded the EFF from its multiparty platform to tackle the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic in South Africa, saying that the red berets are a threat to the country’s constitutional democracy.

2021-01-27 08:00:00 AM

ActionSA has excluded the EFF from its multiparty platform to tackle the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic in South Africa, saying that the red berets are a threat to the country’s constitutional democracy.

ActionSA has excluded the EFF from its multiparty platform to tackle the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic in South Africa, saying that the red berets are a threat to the country’s constitutional democracy.

Read: EFF defends its call to open up SA’s borders“Up until now, opposition political parties have expressed themselves individually in response to government’s mismanagement of the pandemic that has clearly emerged this year,” Mashaba said. “I have spoken directly to a number of these political leaders, who have affirmed their belief that establishing this platform will be critical. We have discussed that our immediate focus is to respond to our most immediate crisis.”

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Mashaba has criticised how government has dealt with the Covid-19 crisis, claiming it had exposed citizens a possible third or even fourth wave of the deadly virus.In particular, he has been vocal about the Gauteng provincial government’s lack of readiness to deal with the second wave.

Read: Herman Mashaba | Do not postpone local government electionsTwo weeks ago he said that Gauteng Premier David Makhura had not presented a clear plan to increase the capacity of healthcare professionals and facilities.“Establishing a platform with these political parties is long overdue. I have apologised to these leaders about this idea emerging from a relatively new political party, expressing my view that this should be a jointly-owned initiative and not belonging to ActionSA,” said Mashaba.

He blamed governance failure on the ANC-led government which he said should be removed the upcoming elections.“One belief we have in common is that South Africa will never emerge from the severe repercussions of Covid-19, including the crisis of unemployment as long as the ANC is in power.” 

“The year 2024 must see the removal of the ANC in a number of provinces, from national government and a number of municipalities this year.” “South Africans want us to work together to unseat the ANC. South Africans want opposition parties working together and aspire to more than their share of the declining opposition benches,” Mashaba said.

Mashaba did not elaborate on the exact function of the platform nor what kind of help the platform will provide in the fight against the virus. Read more: City Press »

CSA - Momentum Multiply Titans vs Imperial Lions

CSA - Momentum Multiply Titans vs Imperial Lions 2021-02-22 12:30:00

What about IFP? Couple of months ago I came across a recommendation about DennisWilliam77 wealth how he helped investors to earn lots of money with their investments. and I decided to give a trial with the little I have. Now my little has turned into something great which was not my expectation The EFF was never going to agree anyway... But the City press should have highlighted that the EFF that was excluded contributed more than all those parties combined. Generally the EFF does not need alliances to be relevant😇 EFFmustRise

M eagerly waiting for the day Julius_S_Malema respond to HermanMashaba I'm still surprised on how I made a lot of profits after seeing many people complaining of scammed, this is amazing I'm really excited for contacting you markdonaldAmeli But politics! Didn't they(EFF) claim him to be their own mayor. Now he is sidelining them just like that.

If you want votes stay away from Frikkie Malema EFF is ANC. Die apple vaal nie ver van die boom nie. Eff is not bothered by a nonentity. He was instructed to exclude them. He is just a piper, the Funder calls the tune. Arbor Party🌴 All HermanMashaba's people need masks at their Covid rally... That is true you will never achieve anything sensible with EFF's partnership,

Blubug77 where are those peoples' masks? Exclusinist proclivities have never been successful That's the border party anyway. Zama30162777 Bathong, le do stokvel have joined in the views of thieves about the movement of emancipation of Black people. Go on lousy fools 🤣🤣 Very soon the directionless eff ground forces will be attacking him.. That EFF cult is a big mess.

JoeSA53634449 I am happy to hear that HermanMashaba learnt his lesson after burning his fingers with the EFF. You can't trust the EFF. Finish and Klaar This is true, EFF is lost like anc. Don't forget EFF leaders are from anc they are same stew cooked in the same pot. Wooow Mashaba, constitutional democracy epitomized by this liberal constitution that guarantees the perpetual domination by the rich at the expense of the majority. It is not the expression of the will and aspirations of the people. Anyway this divorce is very loud.

🤣🤣🤣 It will end in tears 🤣 He is crazy Good , eff is not intrested in south Africa mos The same EFFSouthAfrica who helped their leader HermanMashaba become mayor, and who dumped the Our_DA when they asked him to terminate his dalliance with them. 🙄👀🤔😅 They want to steal members and votes of those small parties

This is stupid, anyway, the EFF doesn't need this party which doesn't even have representation on local Government He will hv to contest elections to be taken serious Mxm when you want some relevance you just mention Eff. We can see that Mashaba is there only to try destroy EFF...but he wont succed... Instructions from Stellenbosch 👀👀👀👀 we see you!

There are more on this issue. I suspect the real owners of Actions and Mashaba handlers are are the only ones who see EFF as a threat to them. It's about time South Africans who thought Mashaba is a solution to this country wake up and smell the coffee. EFF is unshaken,they have a vision for Africa. We cannot share a political platform with clueless people.

After Mashaba excluded them emcimbini Herman Mashaba is a dictator who believes black people don't deserve their land back. His party is funded by WMC.DA is FF+ lite, ActionSA is DA lite. EFF is a revolutionary organization that represents the most oppressed by the system and that is black Africans. 😂😂😂

The EFF contributed R12 million to help tickle the pandemic while you ddnt contribute a single cent. But you come and make noise like you are helping with anything. For all your wendy solutions. We deliver and install nationwide. We do all sizes. Call or whatsapp 0713726338. Micky mouse party I don't take it serious.

Lol , no permanent friends in politics. Straight from making hair products, we hand picked him, parachutes him into the Mayoral position in Johannesburg But EFF leaders, including Malema and Mpofu were Mashaba's 'best friends' in Mashaba's 60th birthday party tweets. The inconsistent politics of convenience.

What is ActionSA? 🤔 Mashaba who worked with EFF when he was a major of JHB. ActionSA is indeed a threat. I will never vote for ActionSA. 🤔 We couldn’t careless really ,after all why would the EFF want to be given direction by a man we have been leading ? He must use the knowledge he gained from us to lead those who might need help.

Well done guys When he needed their support to run the metro, they were not a threat to constitutional democracy. He was singing their praises. 🤣🤣😂😂😂 Interesting piece - particularly for a party that has never been through elections.