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Realising the UN secretary general’s agenda for more inclusive and effective multilateralism requires an orchestrated strategy

2021-10-27 07:01:00 PM

A new vision for global cooperation - Realising the UN secretary general’s agenda for more inclusive and effective multilateralism requires an orchestrated strategy

Realising the UN secretary general’s agenda for more inclusive and effective multilateralism requires an orchestrated strategy

— proposed a senior-level UN civil society envoy reporting directly to Guterres. Such a position would ensure harmonising decisions, high-level reporting and for civil society organisations to have more say in UN decision-making and programming.Realising Guterres’s ambitious agenda for more inclusive, networked, and effective multilateralism requires an orchestrated strategy. The goal must be to rebuild and enhance citizens’ confidence in their common institutions, so that the global system can act more effectively on the major issues confronting the international community. Guterres’s initiative to convene a

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Summit of the Futureat the start of the 78th general assembly in September 2023 is a good start toward upgrading the global-governance architecture.As part of the preparations for the summit, we support the secretary general’s call for a high-level advisory board

led by former heads of state or government. The goal of this body would be to identify the global public goods most in need of governance improvements. The advisory board would also bring a balanced political perspective to the preparations.At the same time, consultations leading up to the summit could help refine Guterres’s proposals on an Agenda for Peace, a Global Digital Compact, a Declaration on Future Generations, and a new Emergency Platform for convening key actors worldwide to respond to complex crises. Each of these, as well as the related, far-reaching headtopics.com

global-governance innovation proposals, merit serious consideration by UN member states and together form the basis for an ambitious, two-year multi-stakeholder undertaking, culminating in the 2023 summit.We urge world leaders to pay attention to the secretary general’s vision for the future and the related

recommendationof 50 former government ministers and senior UN officials for “a dedicated intergovernmental process” to “strengthen and reform the legal and institutional machinery of the UN system”. By mobilising diverse actors worldwide, including policymakers, activists, academics, and businesspeople, the international community can ensure that the mandate to collectively shape “the future we want” adopted at last year’s general assembly becomes a reality. — © Project Syndicate

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