Zac Efron Wants to Move to Australia

Zac Efron Wants to Move to Australia

8/2/2020 11:16:00 AM

Zac Efron Wants to Move to Australia

Zac Efron is looking to move Down Under.

is formulating a plan to escape from Los Angeles ... and he's got his eyes set on a big move down under!!!Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Zac plans on listing his L.A.-area home in the very near future, and he wants to move full-time to the Byron Bay area of Australia.

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Our sources say Zac is burnt out living in and around Hollywood -- he's never been one for the limelight, or for being the center of attention, and we're told he doesn't like the paparazzi following him around town.While Zac wants to get far away from Tinseltown, we're told he isn't leaving the entertainment business at all -- he's just ready for a change of scenery.

Fact is ... Zac doesn't need to be in Los Angeles to take work meetings. We're told he fully understands this, and knows he can just FaceTime or Zoom instead.Plus, most of Zac's latest film projects weren't even shot in Hollywood. He went to Miami for"The Beach Bum," trekked to New York City for"The Greatest Showman," and bounced around Miami and Georgia for"Baywatch."

In his new Netflix show,"Down To Earth With Zac Efron," he mentions his desire to get out of L.A. and now it appears he's pulling the trigger.SplashNews.comOur sources say the pandemic is another concern for Zac -- he considers Byron Bay safer from the virus, and doesn't expect the danger surrounding COVID-19 to go away anytime soon.

We can already hear Zac ... Read more: TMZ »


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Australia is shaking it's head, drawing a finger across it's neck and doing the 'safe' baseball gesture behind Zac's back.. ZacEfron I do not t care ! !! Is he on epsteins list as well? See ya Zach. Can you take AntiFa with you? Absolute travesty 🙄 Bye boy bye👋👋👋👋👋 I don’t blame him...and if it makes him happy, then why not.

If I lived in America I would wanna move too. Bye faclia He should do what makes him feel whole. I’m happy to join him if he’d like. There are people that are dying Bye 👋🏾🙄 Are these any good? Who cares lol Zac Who ? Oh right, to the place with no racism or crime or ... wait, just what Australia wants, anther rich White Man ZacEfron

Australia is beautiful Sir take me with you Bye bye bitch See ya Trust me Australia doesn't want him Everyone who said they would move if Trump won should follow up right about now lol seems to be the trend to move Zac Really The door's open for him to leave. Sianora Zac 🖕 Ok, and? I have been to Sydney Australia last December of 2019, and I tell you that it felt like being in movies like Blade Runner and The Fifth Element in Sydney.

Was he on Epstein’s private plane and island too! Crazy So? 😳 I wanna move to Canada Australia is cool. On one hand, they have tons of deadly animals and stuff. On the other hand, they don’t have Trump. Pedo Hasn’t Australia suffered enough? We know. Tik Tok Bye Does he need permission? Go! Bye Felicia 👋🏼 Zac If you want I can make you some 🌯 , but please stay there.

ItsleaFam shiiiit lemme go w/him🤣 Can you blame with how looney Hollywood has become. GO TAKE HOLLYWOOD WITH YOU Bye, Zac. Don't let the door hit you in the ass. So did I until I spent a few summers there and was constantly trying to evade flies 🤢 I can help him pack up Me too if dRumpf cheats and wins again.

Who doesn't want to move to Australia idgaf ! Me too tho have you ever seen pictures ? Yeah... nah. We don’t want him. I’m pretty sure he is still in Australian. Who’s stopping him? I guess it’s uncle realDonaldTrump and his Covid infected brain! That why no one wants any Americans in their country, not even Putin.

Bye! Can you blame him? If Hollywood was smart, they'd move all the Studios out of America. This Covid thing is gonna be here at least another year. Zero people care. And how thats one take concern us?🤦🏽‍♂️ Move to Dubai, paparazzi can’t bother you there. Me too Someone bored at work As he should Same Zac same 😩


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Zac Brown Band Return to Tropical Vibe With Breezy New Song 'You and Islands'“We were in quarantine, and all the oceans turned to dust,” sings Brown, setting the song squarely in the present moment Huh YES! zacbrownband more of this!! 🙌 Looks like he needs to shit

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