You have no idea how much you need these bacteria

You have no idea how much you need these bacteria

1/18/2022 6:30:00 AM

You have no idea how much you need these bacteria

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria are a crucial, if largely unknown, part of our ecosystem. They're how plants and animals get nitrogen from the air.

Nitrogen gas molecules consist of two nitrogen atoms connected by a triple bond, the strongest type of chemical bond. It requires lots of energy to break, and most living organisms don’t have the tools to sever it themselves.3To fuel nitrogenase, some diazotrophs consume organic matter in the soil. Others form mutually beneficial relationships with particular plant species. The plant provides a spot for bacteria to dock on its roots, sacrificing some of its carbon to feed the microbes, and in return receive a steady supply of nitrogen.

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Bacterial gasdermins reveal an ancient mechanism of cell deathResearchers report in Science that diverse bacteria encode structural and functional homologs of mammalian gasdermins, revealing an ancient mechanism of cell death. Read more: ScienceResearch allison7786 Never fails to amaze me

Humans and bacteria rely on the same aeons-old immune defenceBacteria fending off viruses rely on a form of cell death also used by mammals to fight infection.

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Gut Bacteria's Role in Anxiety and Depression: It’s Not Just In Your HeadMounting evidence shows bugs in your digestive system influence the brain. Experts are now testing psychobiotics as mental health remedies.

Edible straws made by bacteria are better than paper or plastic onesStraws made with bacteria could be an eco-friendly alternative to paper or plastic, and you can even eat them - though they taste like extremely dry coconut This is aewsome Con bacterias? Ver para creer ManMadeMoon CHANGE THE MINDS OF THE MAJOR POLLUTERS, NOT US RELATIVELY FEW WHO ARE JUST OVER HERE SIPPING DRINKS

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