You Can Wear Zara’s New Collection Inside and Outside of the Metaverse

4/7/2022 1:12:00 AM

Here’s a closer look at the physical and digital clothes.

Take a closer look at Zara's physical and digital clothing.

Here’s a closer look at the physical and digital clothes.

.CoinMarketCap: Read what our contributors have to attention to the term 'metaverse' when he decided to shift his focus from social media apps to a whole new world where people could not only communicate but also work and play.0:00 News Global banking giant HSBC Holdings has rolled out its metaverse investment product for wealthy clients in Singapore and Hong Kong, according to multiple media reports.

The roster also includes pared-back casual essentials—like a distressed denim jacket, cutoff shorts, and woven tote bags.We don’t know which we like better: the actual citrusy green scrunched slip dress or the digital version.DYOR! Welcome to MetaContinental.Thankfully, you don’t have to choose.Surprisingly, the interest in metaverse came from outside the U.And the digital-meets-physical creations don’t just stop at clothes.Zara also created beauty products to be enjoyed in both realms—because no human or avatar should have to go without nail polish.Nicholas Dowell, portfolio manager at HSBC Asset Management in London, reportedly noted that the concept of the metaverse is important for HSBC as a major milestone of the evolution of the internet, stating: “The metaverse is seen by many as the next stage in the evolution of the internet, with the effect it has on our daily lives expected to be as impactful as we saw in the early nineties.

For a more seamless experience in Zepeto, digital walls, a floor, and a photobooth are also part of the digital Lime Glam capsule.The U.Below, take a look at the physical and digital designs and see if you can tell the difference.Zara ruched ruched satin effect dress $46.

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