Yes, We Long Have Referred To Disease Outbreaks By Geographic Places. Here's Why We Shouldn't Anymore -

Yes, We Long Have Referred To Disease Outbreaks By Geographic Places. Here's Why We Shouldn't Anymore -

Yes, we long have referred to disease outbreaks by geographic places. Here's why we shouldn't anymore

History has shown naming diseases after places can have negative consequences for nations, economies and people. And as times change, language does too

3/29/2020 5:29:00 AM

History has shown naming diseases after places can have negative consequences for nations, economies and people. And as times change, language does too

History has shown naming diseases after places can have negative consequences for nations, economies and people. And as times change, language does too.

Updated 0850 GMT (1650 HKT) March 28, 2020Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. (CNN)What's in a (virus) name? Read more: CNN »

Trump was given an opportunity to make things right when asked by CNN reporter what he would say to the American people and he messed up with a Capitol F. His opportunity to say we would rise above and things would be alright, he said 'That you're a bad reporter.' Lord help US. Your network sucks. Fake news

This is just Chinese virus. Call it that name because all of this happened only because China is ruled by criminal regime, and if it were any developed country this would never happen. China hurts humanity. China is cancer of our planet. We should have obliterate them in 20. Cent I just like kung flu. But yeah, the Democrats and the fake news try and change something that has been common since they started naming viruses. What nerve

I propose in the future we label all goods made in China as “Made in Communist China” just as a reminder to us all that we should buy “Made in America!” What say you ? China sucks in many ways besides the virus. How’s that News... Please CNN - Chinese News Network Literally no one believes you or cares. It's the China Virus and be happy it wasnt named something worse.

You daddies in China are appreciative of you taking the blame off them to try and blame trump . Shall we go see how many times you hypocrite progressive journalist dip shits called this “Wuhan” or “Chinese” virus ? Oh, so when folks were talking about West Nile virus and Ebola, you were mum? Nowwww you have an urgent plea? NoBlackAgendaNoVote

CNN u r a virus disease! I don't like Chinese virus bc that's an enthnic group. Not all Chinese were involved. But Wuhan Virus I'm fine with. It WAS their fault. Maybe the shame will be enough for them to close down those wet markets. Doubtful though. Hmmm wonder why people can’t stand you clowns. China had better receive serious repercussions for releasing this pandemic on the world.

ThisIsCNN ChineseVirus WuhanFlu See, the thing is, I WANT the CCP to face negative consequences. So what do we now call Lou Gehrig’s disease? Hey CNN you guys suck Sooooo . . . are you saying that the “Wuhan Virus” is NOT the “Wuhan Virus” even though it originated in “Wuhan China”? CNN is CHINESE NEWS NETWORK., useless and stupid people working there. Fake news

Chinese Virus! More BS from the propaganda network Liars. Language doesn't change, people change it. That's how subjective it all is. Really no one cares now and never will. Well ok then. China Virus it is. Ohhhhh shuttup History has shown has aided with anything pro-American, and is now in bed with communist China.

This is not China’s fault. This is humanities fault. 😔 FixHumaninty WorldPeace Chinese virus. Piss off CNN. Play for the home team for once and stop licking those communist 🇨🇳 boots. Is this really what you are concerned about right now You just don't understand how fed up the American people are with CNN/MSNBC We've had enough! EnemyOfThePeople

Goodbye communist government Ch*na then I guess 👋👋👋 So NOW its important since your Chinese masters are upset? It's the WuFlu, the Chinese virus' the Wuhan Flu, KungFlu. 🙄 Why don't we just call it 'Crimson Contagion',as planned by US in 2019? BS. It’s the China virus because it came from China. Poor Corona beer! Sales have dropped like a Mexican Chihuahua falling off a chair! picshurz

But just a couple weeks ago almost every anchor on your network was calling it the Chinese wuhun virus. I wonder what changed your minds? How about the German Measles? Get real people! the chinese government really do have yalls balls in a vice... Naming it the Spanish Flu in 1918 set off the Spanish Civil and eventually WW2. No, not really you hysterical hysteria inducing morons - dealers of fakenews. Because it came from ChinA.

Hope Xi sees this bro. Here for the ratio. I can understand that. The Spanish flu of 1918 is an excellent example. Of course Spain 🇪🇸 hated it and it probably didn’t start in Spain. Naming CNN as a factual reporting agency has negative affects on America You did it TrumpVirus What part of it came from China you don't understand it's the CHINESE VIRUS

Why would anyone believe .....? Just more propaganda. Does this current virus mean it’s going to impact Corona Beer🍺 sales?JudicialWatch Asc Hope Xi sees this bro It Dan from WuHan China so its the Chinese virus ChineseNewsNetwork pathetic. So true Get over yourself. Help our country. You ARE the enemy. I usd to not agree with that.

But French fries is allowed? CNN, you really do suck. I don’t give a shit about CCP’s hurt feelings. They NEED to be remembered for causing this. China needs to be identified as the culprits or it will happen again you utter idiots! Stacking animals on top of each other in filthy & cruel wet markets so body fluids drip on to other animals helps mutating Coronaviruses jump species. China must change, or it'll happen again!

CNN = Chinese News Network That’s why no one visits the Rocky Mountains. Because of Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Effing anti-Rockites. Very Interesting Read. China/chinese virus = corona virus = COVID-19 You're welcome 👍 Lol still on this? Honestly who cares Sounds like a stretch. It seems to me that mostly it is liberals who have this trouble. Conservative can separate cause/effect from guilt by asdociation. Take 'guns' for example.

Well don’t spread your crap and you won’t get blamed. If a country does something good for the world should we also not give credit to these countries? Guys!! Hint: that narrative has failed. MOVE ON TO OTHER NONSENSICAL DRIVEL. That’s where it originated from CHINA not Brooklyn not Manhattan CHINA get over it

Chinese comunism is a cancer. ChinaVırus 50 social credits deposited into your account How does your tweet minimize the CV effect on people? Stop Bullshit and suggest something to control CV. Fine. Here's a new name we can go with. 'Communist's disease' CNN the Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece This is why your company id dying. Stop simping for china.

Wuhan the only place in China with a BSL-4 microbiology lab capable of creating a virus. Too much coincidence... Maybe you should send a real journalist to look into it. you creditless hacks need to go sit in your corner Hope China sees this bro R u sill talking abt d Wuhan,China CVD19 ha FAKE NEWS CNN? U stl dnt get it ha. D virus came frm WUHAN CHINA therefore it’s called Chinese Virus. It’s the country of origin it’s not racist at all

History has shown is fake news. CNNsucks CNNisFakeNews DontTrustCNN China deserves negative consequences! They have cost the world lives, jobs, and the financial security of families. Stop defending their despicable actions. CNNhatesrealpeople Don't expect RealDonaldtRUMP to learn anything from history. He doesn't read. As for his maga cult? They're as stupid as he is.

That’s so true 👍 CNN you have no problem POINTING FINGERS and JUDGING PEOPLE for what they say or do! But when people call you on it for being DISHONEST or dishing FAKE NEWS you turn around and CENSOR them on it! You are the ones who started calling the virus “WUHAN VIRUS” CNN! You’re Hypocrites! The world is in the midst of a pandemic, but CNN is obsessed with word games.

Since when Oh wait Trump is President and is part of the dnc. Gotcha 🙄 FakeNewsCNN DemocratsHateAmerica Get bent fakenews LoL nah What idiocy! Try again where was this editorial for Zika, West Nile, MERS, et al? So are you going to re-name Ebola? But Wuhan bat soup flu had lots of adjectives and is an accurate description.

So, what's your point? Because Lyme disease some how stops people from moving to Connecticut? No, it's the taxes & Politics that are doing that. This is ridiculous that you are defending a communist party that not only failed, but purposely withheld life saving information from the World. FakeNews History shows that the best way to deal with propaganda [like your asinine article here] is ignore. History also shows that the best way to deal with the actual propagandists is hot lead thru the 4 head!

Change the name of all viruses that existed before the Chinese virus. If you can't change the name of ebola virus or Spanish flu you can't change the chinese virus. ChinaLiedPeopleDied ChineseVirus CNN you’re so full of it. No one trusts the news and you’re rag is on the bottom of even that list. Either you’re to ignorant or it’s on purpose.

FkOf with that fakery shii you cnn. You are a documented liar, spreading FakeNews. Twitter needs to permanently ban your account. AlexJonesBan InfoWars JournalismIsDead EnemyofThePeople LearnToMow Get serious. Why is this your focus NOW? Aren't there overrun hospitals you need to report on? You hacks make me sick.

It's the Trump Virus. It's named after a President whose administration birthed it. Like Obamacare. Guess the woke have drawn a conclusion we all must follow lock step! Oh you mean the China Virus? History will show CNN Lived by the sword and Died by the sword. If you rely upon a certain means of doing something, especially that which is deceitful or harmful to others, you are likely to have a negative outcome as a result thereof. RIP you are dead to me

Oh FFS Really? People are dying and you're worried about who might get their feelings hurt because of the name. You serious? Omg and CNN wonder why they get called fake news Why don't you do a piece on the unsanitary conditions of wet markets in China? This is the continued source of flu's and pandemics and they must be shut down for the safety of the planet.

Are you phucken joking? Lmfao it’s a China flu, sue me. I phucken dare ya. China flu, Spanish flu, Spanish flu, 🤷‍♂️ Must not be much to write about... . History has shown making Fake News after FACTS can have negative consequences for nations, economies and people. And as times changed, language did too

No one cares. Be part of the solution not the problem!! Worse news outlet ever All stem from CHINA. Stop with this bull shit. Just cover the news and leave the sensationalism to TMZ my point exactly Wuhan flu kinda flows easily. And they will be hold accountable for this world wide mess ☝️ Banana, banana, banana.

scienceDeniers What a load of bull, no wonder your ratings are in the toilet This is a manufactured issue. I get that you have a 24 hour news cycle that demands content. But quit making shit up. This is a non-issue. Try harder to find real news and stop feeding us the ticky tack bullshit. ChiCom Apologist says what?

What a load of CRAP!!!!!!!!!!! Yes we must protect the sterling reputation of China. humanrightsviolations Yes I am sure it wasn't the disease that caused the damage, it was the naming it that caused the damage. No Common sense allowed. CNN=CCP propaganda, CNN you are the virus. Hahahah you are beyond parody now.

West Nile Virus, SARS, Ebola, Rocky Mountain Fever, Spanish Flu... did not effect how the Country was treated but how Country treated the virus. CNN doesn’t report that WHO & China were aware of virus mid-Nov & that they knew it was contagious prior 5 million left China. You couldn’t pin the racist label on Trump so now you want to change the rules.

This is straight up propaganda..I didn't see you calling for a change in name during the Ebola outbreak..I wonder why you are so resistant to making any connection to China for the current pandemic.. 😭😭😭😭😭 Why have people on your station called it The Spanish Flu? Why has the station never taken issue with it being called the Spanish flu?

Kung flu straght from wuhan my man. The next disease should be named CNN 🤪🤪🤪 If it comes from the area, own up Impressive ratings CNN! You guys suck! So let’s callit CNN-19 since they help the Chinese so much Chinese reporter FOR cnn repeatedly called it the china virus dozens of times. They then realized they could spin it to make trump appear racist.

Oh my God. Shut Up!!! CHINA Network News. China gets what it deserves. Never defend communists I will specifically call all viruses going forward after their place of origin. I have been locked in my house for two weeks, why? Because citizens of Wuhan China eat animals with diseases. I’m not racist, I’m all for accountability and this achieves it. ChinaVirus

That is an incredibly stupid take. More of the poison fruit of higher education for the unqualified Someone needs to slap some sense into CNN Cnn china news networks the real killer It should have negative consequences for China. The CCP should own up to the lies it spread. It's scientific. Coming straight from the news outlet that wants the Chinese virus named after POTUS...... Cool stuff

CNN = Chinese News Network! CNN is covering for China. They are bought and paid for by China. What a disgrace. Our MSM is bought and owned by China. Please RT! The Chinese Communist Party will be so proud of you It's a Chinese virus. FAKENEWS Nonsense and fake news from a bunch of fake journalists It’s been done for years, now it’s bad. You are so obvious.

China Virus! You are fake news! You shouldn't do news pieces on where they come from then. Well - by that logic, 5 straight years of you being called FakeNews has not caused you, a 'so-called' (stigma). You just keep trucking' on with your propaganda, anyway. Such as, well, this FakeNews piece🙄☝️ realDonaldTrump T_S_P_O_O_K_Y parscale silentrunning12

And yet, yours was one of the 1st networks to call it the Wuhan Virus. I am definitely puking right now. CNN has become the mouthpiece of the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY. You should be banned and barred from talking to the American people China News Network, Communist News Network, Crazy News Network, Corrupt News Network. Take your pick, all are correct.

Lyme disease is a great example People are dead and cnn still worried about the damn name of it. Please go out of business cnn . Terminology is determined by the people not the people's republic of china. It's still the Wuhan Chinese virus. Oh snowflake , this is so sad CCP virus. Happy now? Are you still whining about the ChiComs Wuhan Virus give it up. ChinaNewsNetwork.

Truth and accuracy in naming disease was the standard of the past. Unfortunately, leftists want to make emotions and feelings today's standard. We should resist the left's move away from truth. CITE....? You said, history shows.... Well....cite to the historical proof KUNG FLU VIRUS Didn't seem to bother Germany much? GermanMeasles

Yeah, well, China deserves everything it gets. ChinaLiedPeopleDie ChinaVirus Don’t tell the truth it might upset some people 🤮WalkAwayFromDemocratsForever We have named a disease after you called the Fake News Disease and less and less people are contracting it because now people aren't even forced to watch CNN in the airports or restaurants because they're all closed!

I’d say Chinese flu is a good name, so people will remember how the corrupt Chinese government contributed spreading this awful disease that killed so many Also CNN: It's the Trump virus. ChineseNewsNetwork = CNN 武漢病毒 wuhanvirus ccpvirus chinaliedpeopledied Like FakeNewsCNN . If the term fits then it is appropriate to use.

Remey the Hong Kong flu 😝 Like...where.? Name one country/city/district that has suffered endlessly because a disease was named after them....even the lepper colonies are a note in history..... “Barack knows we’re gonna have to change the way we talk ...” ChineseVirus ChineseVirusCorona ChineseVirus19 WuhanVirus

China needs to accept and suffer the consequences of their actions. The consequences need to be very severe. Just stop. We get it. You love China and hate America That is why they cal the media fake news It is what it is you keep this up, even the airports are going to turn you off. You peddle chinese propaganda, disgusting. FakeNewsCNN

CNN has shown it covers for the CCP Bull! ChineseVirus ChineseCoronaVirus ChinaCoronaVirus you cannot force your stupid PC shit on me. Wuhan, China is the epicenter of this disaster. It’s a place. It’s THE place. THE birthplace of COVID-19. You are talking about the ChinaVirus correct? Or is it the WuhanVirus ? Either will work.

It came from CHINA History has shown that you're a lying FAKENEWS outlet. History has shown that those who watch CNN lose IQ points. CNN is the National Inquirer of cable news. Not to be believed. Go to hell Chinese Virus has a great ring to it like “Russian collusion” Too bad. Grow up. Nothing personal.

so many disgusting racists Convincing (brainwashing) vs informing (make your own conclusion) ... see the difference? 👎 Can’t figure out any useful reporting you could do. So does lying about our President because you have a socialist driven agenda! 🖕 Then just call it the 'Kung Flu' if that will make you happy. CNN has become the face of 'Fake' media and the only ones who believe them are themselves. America will survive this, major media will not. You have failed America.

I do not understand ppl. CHINA COVERED UP THE OUTBREAK ChinaWuhanVirus I like Kung flu Chinesevirus Times change, language does too... You are not a news organization anymore 🤠 What-the-fuck-ever...another made up story so telling the truth is fake news? the communist Chinese virus was made 100% in china!

What a joke My dad was in the Korean War. CHANGE THAT. ChinaVirus ChinaIsAsshoe What a crock. . Piss off No it doesn't .. Chinese propaganda Wuhan Virus, period! This is the most racist network ever. CNN Brain Shock. CNN Heart Loss Syndrome. CNN Asylum Entry Complex. Borderline CNN Disorder. Yu Dai Nao ChinaLiedPeopleDied ChineseVirus

American virus ,no qoestion Call it Rose - imported from China !! And we name hurricanes as Irene, Katrina or Sandy ? They are real people! But it didn’t matter, did it? So why are Chinese or their puppies so defensively pc! Do you condemn them for boiling live dogs Seen videos? . is a disease 😂 you people make up so much BS!

Shut the F up Only when it fits your narrative. Quit defending China each day. Remind me again, where did this originate? BS!!!! nope. You will not dictate. Go to hell, cultural marxist gestapo Oh the 'Wuhan virus' you reported MANY times! Fake News wuhanflu WuhanCoronaVirus Propaganda 101 When did the virus naming stop. Is because and the Democrats say so. China virus, China virus, China virus, China virus.

It is a ChineseVirus F***k history AND FUK CHINA 🇨🇳 Chinese Virus Of course it does....🙄 You guys now are CCP bastards, shame on you !! It's ChineseVirus WuhanCoronaVirus !! CCP propaganda being peddled by CNN (Chinese News Network)? China Originated Virus ID19 (COVID19) The CCP thanks you for your propaganda.

Rocky Mountain fever? My apologies to the Rocky Mountains. So sorry. You’re going PC us all into grave. cnn is insufferable Everyone replying here has used “swine flu”, “Ebola”, “Spanish flu”, and so on. Spare is your hypocritical outrage at somepeople using “Chinese virus”. German measles... Give up the propaganda already!

WuhanCoronaVirus If you hide a virus that long, you own it DIA OMG did the German Measles cause World War II? LOL Go figure. Leftist news that keeps repeating itself for clicks and likes. 'COVID-19' is named so because it is the 19th 'Chinese-Originated Viral Infectious Disease.' Stop MERS was 2012, kids. But yeah, probably from China too.

History has shown intentionally allowing hundreds of thousands of your citizens to fly abroad and infect the entire world can have negative consequences for a nation. This is the story you choose to cover? People are dying, people are losing their livelihoods and houses. When Trump calls you FakeNews it lands because of this type of shit

Hmm that’s music to my ears didn’t know that one but the truth indeed is the reality for me bc I was in the process of adopting a pet or something and name it Corona it’s the first for me experiencing such disease for sure that one is a historic disaster to remember as life go on Utter rubbish. Germany has one of the highest old person populations and still manages to pay its pensioners £25K per annum state pension.

So we should rename viruses such as Ebola and Lassa Does the CCP pay you per cover-story you run, or is it just a large, one-time payment? Are you talking about the Chinese virus? No matter what you write or say on your network this virus originated in Wuhan CHINA period. It’s important for people to know that desperate ppl there eat many things due to starvation. That’s a big reason for these new diseases.

Utter CNN bollocks! 1. Did the name ”Middle East Respiratory Syndrome” have any adverse effects on the middle east? 2. What about the world’s economy that suffered as a result of the Chinese government handling this virus? 🎤 These comments. Wow. Only in America. My fucking go CNN let it go. China virus. Already named by our great president Go Trump!

Shut up! stunning ignorance of actual history is stunning. Try naming a few examples for your ridiculous claim. We'll wait. WuhanCoronaVirus chinavirus fuckchina LuhanVirus Rocky Mountain Spotted fever... I read this article and it’s nothing but pure crap. But what else can we expect from CNN, the Communist News Network, working hard every day to destroy America from within.

A story based on what facts? CCP virus CCPLiedPeopleDied Doesn’t hurt me that it is what it is you liberal fake news free huggers need to report something that is POSITIVE FOR OUR NATION, group of SLIMBALL REPORTERS This is Chinese propaganda. Shut up... even in this time all you can do is make veiled attacks on realDonaldTrump ! Got news for ya it came from China! WuhanVirus

If a virus that threatens the lives of every human on earth originates from your backyard and you lied about it then maybe - JUST MAYBE - you should suffer a little for your actions. cnnvirus Such Bullshit. It never did French Letters any harm OMG GTFO China Virus! We can name it trump virus. He’s anxious to have things named after him.

How's that ccp dick taste? CNN when you said china virus it was ok then people started complaining then you change the narrative to fit your hatred for TRUMP Chinese propaganda. You only confirm what the President says. FakeNews Maybe your made up version of history. Dont care Apparently ALL the checks from the CCP cleared this Friday.

It’s from China Last I check this virus 🦠 is killing Democrat and Republican so stop been stupid and fight together. Where is the American who care about each either? Now the virus is here. Stop the politic nonsense and fight this together. When done we can start calling each either name again but for now let s fight together Republicans or democrat let’s just win the fight against the virus first and play politic later

China tested the virus first, that's all. nobody knows where the virus originated. and still nobody knows how many people died last year was flu or this virus. Trump just did nothing. China That's just too bad. This is why you are FakeNews ChinaVirus works...just like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Can you please explain what the C in COVID19 stands for? Thanks.

Wow, seems odd that this bothers people only since realDonaldTrump took office. Hypocrites mediahatesamerica reportfacts not hit pieces. This from the Chinese News Network (CNN) CHINESE REPARATIONS-The Chinese government owes the United States REPARATIONS-suppressed information, propaganda delayed meaningful responses, repressed truth speaking doctors and made it much, much worse. It’s the China virus and REPARATIONS ARE DUE. virus marcorubio POTUS

Wuhan Chinese bat flu En el viejo continente se produjeron pandemias y eso no fue obstáculo para que se desarrollaran y progresaran, es un ciclo que se repite y llega a su 'pico máximo', una vez la avaricia tiene cabida en las mentes humanas. How about we just name them after FakeNewsMedia outlets and those who work for them? Let’s start calling COVID the CNN virus.

Propaganda that is really a waste of time!!! Really you can’t be serious CNN people are just plain full of shitt! You are FakeNews. It is THE CHINESE VIRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look what it did to Lou Gehrig! You people just can't help yourselves lying about anything and everything to push your narrative. Shameful. I can't wait until you go out of business. This nation does not need a propaganda arm.

CNN , as usual you’re full of it 💩 I wonder how much cnn is getting paid to spread chinese propaganda History has shown that CNN is the fakest news of all of the Fake News! So its ok for China to have kept the rest of the world in the dark about the virus for weeks, creating a worldwide recession that some countries may never recover from, tens of thousands of people dying, but hey don't call it the China virus you might upset Xi Ping and WHO

What does history show about governments that crimimally hide deadly facts from the world & unleashes a deadly virus on the world? We can deal with a few ignorant asses & get over hurt feelings, but Wuhan virus can kill you. Wuhan virus=China virus Screw off. All of your own people started calling it Chinese flu so stop this propaganda crap already! try to call Trump racist for it, maybe you should be the one's we call racist!! You people are just unreal!! Clown Network News!!

BS who knows or cares where Ebola or Lyme are & WHO cares that the Spanish flu did or did not come from Spain? There are a lot of non-Chinese Asians in the world & no one blames them for wuhan. No one associates panda restaurants with this. CCPNN is garbage. Are you suggesting we rename all the viral diseases Let's start from Ebola and Lassa. Bunch of jokers🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Even in the 21st, we humans are still weighted down by races, ethnicities, countries. Would all Homo sapiens please help each other instead of taking advantages from the underprivileged. Will CNN ever cover the Tara Reade story? ITS THE DEMOCRATIC CHINA VIRUS!!! It originated in china, because or the dems open border policy it cam to America and is endorsed by the democrats. Best name ever! DEMOCRATIC CHINA VIRUS!!

It's the CCPvirus You really suck. Actually there are 2 viruses, the China virus and CNN virus, both are very troubling for America. BS Ya think? Y'know, I don't recall you EVER bitching about disease naming conventions until two things: A worldwide pandemic started in China, and realDonaldTrump was elected POTUS. Your love for communism and your hatred for America and the president are showing through your FakeNews...

So are we renaming ebola west nile mers and zika One of two: CCP propaganda lying for the ChineseVirus propaganda! Typical CNN Exactly why it's called the China virus. China hid the truth, lied to the World Health Organization, detained the original doctor that diagnosed the China virus, destroyed all of his notes on it. China deserves whatever it gets this was a Act of War!


Another communist propaganda piece from a domestic enemy of the people of the United States. This is just stupid no one cares It’s the CHINA VIRUS Nah, I'm good dog. I prefer KUNG FLU!!!! Cannabis News Network! Bwa ha ha! colluding with CCP to try to rig election results for JoeBiden , we’ll be sure to investigate for three years. Bring in a special prosecutor that serves out indictments for the corrupt DNC. It it time!

So does the disease, thanks china How much is China paying you to keep spreading their propaganda. Okay, we should name it after the government that created it. CCP virus. Made in China! As it should be. Exactly what the Media did when Bill got caught lying. CNN did articles that’s ok to lie . Thank god it's only places we cannot name viruses after, this means we can still call it DonaldTrumpCoronavirus . NancyPelosiThanksForMyStimulus NancyPelosiAmericanHero

For example... Is this a real article? The virus came from CHINA......stop pandering. Absolutely pathetic. This has nothing to do with the people of China but has everything to do with China itself......I don’t hate the Chinese for this virus. Holy hell. Only for CHY NA🤣🤣🤣 Yeah? Spanish Flu? Who hates Spaniards? Everybody loves Inigo Montoya! 'You kill' my father. Prepare to die.'

Goes beyond propaganda—this is parody 😆😂 Let's call it CNN disease because they both have the same crappy results Chinese Virus China Virus Wuhan Virus Chinese Wuhan Virus CNN like a pet of china Yes, but this terrible virus comes from Wuhan, China. China Virus Chy-nah virus... We need to call Chinese Virus only

The negative consequences we should be worried about at this point are... hurting people’s feelings? 😳 The Spanish Flu or 1918 Flu Epidemic's first cases were in the US. They were soldiers, sent back to war. Usual high standards CNN. China flu Wuhan flu whatever the fact this is you headline is sad. I think the negative consequence will make nations to be more transparent with any virus outbreak, countries should seek help early to avoid the negative consequences. CTVpolitics tvcnewsng WHO NCDCgov

It surprises me to see you biased like this. Growing up we'd always looked up to as the pinnacle of objective reporting. Shame! FAKENEWSCNN TrumpVirus You guys are really hard up for a story. You do realize that 99.9% of everyone do not care what’s it’s called. The .9% all work at CNN Yeah, like the' spanish flu ' THAT CAME FROM THE US !!

Shutup. Please. I hope Xi sees this bro You can’t be serious. *History Since 2020 That's why He Alone is the TyphoidTrump Virus TyphoidTrump PandemicPence TraitorBigotPathologicalLiarFakePresidentTrump MAGAeqNAZI RepuglikkkanNaziPartyOfPutin If you have to go out of your way to name a virus out of blame, guess what? You're a racist. It's not difficult to call it by its scientific term. Oh that's right, Trump supporters can't comprehend science. IT'S....CALLED..... COVID19. Much easier than the racists agenda

Well it might be bad but it’s their own fault for eating everything that moves . . . They have been warned years ago to stop exploiting animals . . . . It is Chinese virus ChineseVirus India is so poor to develop of test of corona.only media is doing 100of present. It must test all of the doughted person before going to deep in stage 3.

lol. The Spanish flu is still the Spanish flu. Eat shit. This is the Chinese virus. Come on!! CNN....China news network. CNN is a self-parody operation at this point. Why aren’t more people calling it the trump flu? It’s as accurate as anything else. We call CNN 'Lord Haw Haw' in my family. 😎🙂 CNNisAsshole ChinaNewdNetwork FakeNewsNetwork

No no names are fine, they don't do anything on their own. The problem is America gives power to stupid racists repeatedly. Those people who still calls this as chinese/Wuhan virus also has a disease. It's deadlier than any virus. It's called racist-self righteousness disease. It's 10,000 more infectious and goes deep in the brain and loses all the intelligence and sensibility at the same time.

Oh, shut up. 'Florida Herpes'... What? Oh. You mean the China Virus? China News Network Made in china Sounds like a good thing then to go with Wuhan Virus given their duplicity. China thanks you. Bootlickers. How awful. China’s economy should be everyone’s top concern. Then bam this one after Trump Must Listen in full volume at your Homes specially in this situation. Beautiful and Emotional Azan | Qunfayaqun

History has shown CNN is an unreliable news source. Did China write that for you? Your journalistic integrity is shot to hell and back. This piece just proves that even more. Virtue signaling in the middle of a Moo Goo Gai Pandemic is just pathetic Let's name propaganda platforms after countries This is CNN.... Chinese News Network

History will show you are FakeNews For those of you purchasing London used mask 😷 you better stop because you are killing yourselves slowly staysafe 👍 History shows that CNN spreads propaganda and lies... ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!!! ChildSupportReform China News Network 🇨🇳 🦠 'Chinese News Network whines about universally-accepted practice of naming diseases by area of origin'

snowflakeculture China News Network So does reporting fake news! CoViD-19 of Chinese origin. When people all over the world are trying to fight virus, only US gov leads its people to do one thing continuously to attack and frame China, wasting two months to stop spread of virus. This led to the fact that the number of confirmed cases in US is now the first in the world.

Bull**** Alert How much did this ad for China cost them to place? Are you lowering your rates during the virus crisis? Of course, you are acting as a propaganda organ of the CCP, so there’s that... So, that is the new topic that CNN has instead of real reporting? Don’t let them call the virus under us name.

Nonsense! Name after me. I think this virus is cool. 😏😏 Years ago, I read that car companies would research carefully to make up car names that didn’t mean anything in any language, or at least weren’t offensive in any. As a tribute to the US for leading in infection numbers let's call it AmericanVirus from now an.

Boycott cnn, boycott China Let’s start naming viruses after beers and alcoholic beverages, LOL Just stop. CNN is a disease. Spreading Fake news has consequences for nations, economies and people! More politically correct BS making everyone into sensitive libtards. SPANISH FLU, GERMAN MEASLES, WEST NILE VIRUS... IT WAS NEVER AN ISSUE UNTIL THE MEDIA MADE IT ONE!!!


Yes, as the Chinese Virus spreads throughout the world it is time for Bill Gates and CNN to tell us how great China Is and that the Gates foundation is coming to the rescue. Where were these people from Jan 20, 2009- Jan 20, 2017? Something is fishy...Hits Washington and what? 🙄 The 🦠 is from... I think I’ve got the China News Network Crabs!

Fake news Give me a break... literally NO ONE cares right now about the name. Rubbish. Pure, Communist-News-Network rubbish. Marty McFly just called. He wants his space-suit back. 🤣🤣🤣 “Live Long & Prosper” CNN running cover for CHINA and the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY,CHINA VIRUS,CHINA VIRUS,CHINA VIRUS Our world is very unfair to disadvantaged communities. Zika virus is named after some ecosystem in Uganda, Ebola Zaire still continues to be called so, named after country in central Africa only for country to change its name to DRC. WHO

The Chinese People are calling it the CCP Virus. I think we go with that! Chinese Communist Party Virus has a nice ring to it! TheMoreYouKnow thefakenewsmedia sucks! So if we will call ChineseVirus as CoronaChinesVirus will do Not even using the correct geographical location, Spanish Influenza 1919, should correctly be American Influenza.

Look at you being worried about the CCP's feelings right now. Why would they continue to push a pro China narrative? Simple! It's the opposite of Trump. Feckless nincompoops! CNNisFakeNews BrandonStraka IngrahamAngle TuckerCarlson RealJamesWoods irinamoises DonaldJTrumpJr RealEricCarmen BS . ChineseVirus

History has shown that CNN peddles Chicom propaganda. False. Fake news. If history had reported that we wouldn't have continued to do so in our past recent history. The ChiCom virus is named after the region it came from. Following traditional protocols worldwide. Chinese Originated Viral Infectious Disease. COVID

This is absolute crap, stop proclaiming CCP propaganda you’re such a disgrace. No it hasn't You are angels.God bless you💖🌍⛑ CNN was the first to call it the Chinese Wuhan Virus, hypocritical as usual... PCBS You guys are full of Thrash. So now because it's from China, calling diseases their origin names must stop? I can see why Trump calls you fake news. You cant even hide the fact that you are lapdogs.

Luhan Virus Propaganda PropegandaArmoftheDeepState FakeNews PaidByChina This ain't really good at all y'all gonna survive From this shit CNN is in bed with China! keep quiet! Ebola and lassa fever were named not too long ago. Now people calling it chinese virus is making you froth in the mouth. Please rename Ebola and lassa fever free rst before you at something else

Well, it should be screwing the living hell out of China, but nah, they're awesome. Amazing how that government keeps getting a pass. Oh really. Come on. How dumb is that ChineseNewsNetwork Would a rose smell as sweet buy any other name and all that shite but eating wild caught snakes 🐍 and bats 🦇 kept in horrific / cruel conditions is punishable. They were told Kept doing it Cost the world many lives.

Often using the wrong place. *ahem* “Spanish” flu. Block heads the disease wasn't named after a place the name is COVID 19 aka Coronavirus but it was called after were it originated which is China which is very important so that people won't forget. ClownNewsNetwork CNN is more worried about identity politics than the virus.

CHI-NA Still the China Virus though. Wuhan virus very glad to see the idiotic reply. we dont care you call it chinese or wuhan or ccp virUS. your arrogance lead to miss the timing to control the epidemic. virUS dont care you are white black or yellow, it will kill the one who dont show respect. Get another story, just STOP!

You mind as well walk around with a big sign around your neck with capital letters saying lM STUPID. Doing the same thing putting this crap out. Bu bu bu, bu bu bubu, bullshit! Stop the pc it stared in China. There are no borders for virus. So it's wrong naming diseases after places. That is not going to stop the world holding China to account.

Chinese Virus Chinese Virus Chinese Virus Chinese Virus Chinese Virus Chinese Virus Chinese Virus Chinese Virus Chinese Virus Chinese Virus Chinese Virus Chinese Virus Chinese Virus Chinese Virus Chinese Virus Chinese Virus Chinese Virus Chinese Virus F A K E N E W S Chinatown around the world is finished.

I guess your 'president' is the only one in the world calling it China Virus. How can you prove that... We’re in the midst of a pandemic and you write an article about how prejudicial the name of this virus is. Stop it. We name the location of origin of a virus for recording it to memory. It is important that the world remembers where this virus came from, so that the world does not forget which nation tried to cover it up and subsequently caused it to spread across the globe by way of China’s dishonesty and misinformation. China must be held accountable in time.

Yeah. Fuck Lyme! ~ 🙄 History has shown so-called news agencies who actually work for a political party enable communists. EnemyOfThePeople FakeNewsCNN The EnemyOfThePeople is getting Tito’s like a MFer..😂 CNN is your home for FakeNews History also taught us this wouldn't happen again in China after SARS 2003. Too bad we have no clue where this virus came from. Whoever had it first covered it all up.

It’s very racist but I don’t recall this even being a conversation if the disease has a African origin. What consistency huh that's all true in article but we should not forget that china lied and we died, china had lied in 2001 during SARS and this time too. And it's like WW3 hell for us all. None goona forget this pandemic in future nor should they forget the traitor 'the china ' so it's wuhan virus

What in the world is wrong with u ppl. Each and everything becomes offensive and not to be said even if it is a crystal clear fact. Sorry but if your economics, language or whatsoever is deeply affected by some terms, words then I feel bad for you, poor fragile& frail mindset... Quit kissing China's ass. They imprisoned & 'disappeared' anyone who spoke out against this; quit keeping track in order to keep their numbers low; made slaves of the Uighurs & then decided to take their organs to sell on the black market. What the hell is the matter with you?

Bullshit!!! Who refused to go to Murburg, Germany because of Murburg virus. Or Uganda become of zika virus. Pointless article. MAYBE SOME PLACES DESERVE IT FOR UNLEASHING THIS CLEARLY ENGINEERED WEAPON UPON THE WORLD Who cares what it’s called. People are stuck in their homes with zero income, hospitals are jammed and this is just getting started. And - yes - it did begin in China, just like Lyme disease is named for Lyme, CT. Get over it already and let us try to pull out of this.

That’s exactly the reason why Trump called it so. Epidemiologists dont use location for virus names anymore. But for those of you calling it anything but covid-19 or coronavirus, you are showing your racism. ChinaLiedPeopleDied Good. They deserve negative consequences. Correction: Now that China is paying the bills we don’t refer to viruses that come out of China with a geographical name.

So, the ChiCom check cleared? I am almost willing to settle for “CNN virus”... Then, the world should apologize to Africa for naming Lassa Fever and Ebola after its places You guys play it more than what it actually is. Stop spewing the real story assholes! nice try fake news propaganda Fake News. Trump's policies are now 'conventional wisdom.' Uncontrolled migration, globalization, the Chinese supply chain—everything Trump has tried to rectify—are precisely what make flus like coronavirus so dangerous. Trump2020 SideEffectsOfQuarantineLife

Embarrassing Yawn. Trump2020LandslideVictory How about CNN disease then since you're the enemy of the people Instead of saying, “I remember when there were music videos on MTV,” I now say, “I remember when CNN was largely unbiased and reported real news.” The Fourth Estate is a fifth column. So how about Parkinson disease?

🤔 CCP'CNN F O AmericanFakeNews You guys realize you’re making this all worse and making yourselves look more foolish the harder you try to push it? No. You don’t. Of course you don’t. By all means, carry on. Continue to wonder why Trump is more trusted than you. Ok China News Network Is China writing your copy now?

CCPVirus Why dont you go back playing real news like you guys used too But some leaders won't listen! Also naming them after beers Go away It is china virus... OH MY GAWD CNN!! We get it!! You love CCP!! Get a room The 1968 pandemic (H3N2) Hong Kong Flu was first noted in the United States in September 1968. The estimated number of deaths was 1 million worldwide and about 100,000 in the United States. Most excess deaths were in people 65 years and older. Why didn't we freak out then?

WuhanVirus Your Chinese masters must have paid extra for this headline you all should be ashamed of yourself lies and nobody likes you or wants to look at anyone of you today. I hope that your lies come to the end. Americans want real news. I believe it’s time for the lies to stop. you PEOPLE should be MADED to tell the SOURCE,HOPEFULLY SOON

It didn't matter until China came into the picture. It is bad I agree But when it was from Africa it is okay to use geographical name. U just want to be against everything the man does You can count on CNN to be concerned over something so stupid especially when no one refers to the virus as the wuhan virus

Screw the Chinese government. They have screwed the whole world In the end, I think syphilis will be renamed as American STD, and HIV will be American Virus in all the Chinese hospitals. And It will be the same in Iran, Russia, Cuba, and those countries suffered too much from USA. FakeNewsCNN is the EnemyOfThePeople

Lyme disease, does that fit in with your ridiculous argument? Where and how did it start? Stop fighting guys ! When people start called H1N1 as American virus , then I agree to called covid 19 as Chinese virus What ever you would like to name the virus, I wish all those contracted could recover from it soon🙏🏻. For all others, stay safe and keep away from it🙏🏻.

The author of this opinion piece, harmeeeetkaur, has only just joined twitter? CNNSUCKS FakeNewsCNN Bickering about the name is silly. It originated in Wuhan. Diseases get names after their point of origin all the time. Why make it a big deal? How are you still in business Give it a rest! He’s started calling it Covid_19 but it will always be the ChinaVirus or WuhanVirus because it originated in WUHAN, CHINA! ChinaLiedPeopleDied CNNisTrash

RosaDeliadelos1 🤪 Go ahead and call it the Chinese Virus, I’m Chinese True Let’s call it the CNN Virus then The Chinese Sneeze, together with the Kung Flu, straight from the slums of Wuhan! Ye best protect your neck!! CCP-19 China lied people died, cnn defended their communist friends. And? You’re right it should be called the CCCP Virus ! After those who covered it up !

Like the 'CNN Lying Syndrome' all the other MSM networks seem to be contracting? CNN, The China News Network has spoken. Did Acosta come up with this 🙄 Good Like Chinese corona virus...from CHINA....CHINA‼️ OMG - AT&T-CNN is STILL pushing this non-issue to cover for Red China? enemyofthepeople cc: att

CNN were one of the first to call it The Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus. lolz journalolz pathetic It's the word police again 🚨 I throw rocks and hiss at people when I find out they’re from Lyme. More Fake News from CNN! What's wrong with CNN is this really what u are reporting... You called it the same thing... What are you talking about... Can't you report something helpful, give tips on safety or something...

Any rational person wants a Communist Dictatorship to have ‘negative consequences’. chinesevirus China feeding Please be more woke Thanks for the BS, Mr. Harmeet! 🧱🧱🧱 Chinese propaganda by CNN. cnni it has long been established that siding with communist governments is considered promoting propeganda Tokyo Rose? Wuhan CNN?

Please just stop already It came from China, China tried to cover it up, now the world is suffering. TRUTH. Truth sounds like hate to those that hat truth. 🙄🤷‍♂️ It needs to be the Chinese Virus due too the irresponsible way China covered up the severity of it to the world 17 viruses named after the location of origination. truthbetold factcheck

Did your Chicom puppet masters write this or did you come up with it all on your own? You are sewing your seeds of strife and divisiveness. Duly noted. Who thinks CNN should be lecturing us on what to say? depend on how u said it, and its tone. I dont feel anything wrong when heard Wuhan virus initially, but when Trump repeatly associated it with hateful language China threat like Fox news, it makes difference.

Or maybe cnn is just sucking up Lol.... when are you going to OFFICIALLY change your network name to CCP? CNN like Bloomberg stand with a communist government who didn’t let the CDC and threw out journalist TrumpVirus Shove this Chinese propaganda where the sun dont shine. China Cable News=CNN Fake News!

HAHAHA, Yeah, so can covering your narrative. wheresjoe, IBelieveTaraReade For a good time go to youtube and type 'all the times CNN said wuhan virus' IBelieveTaraReade German Measles. How's their economy? Idjits. FakeNewsCNN 谢谢CNN。你们是公正的。 ! Changed your tune CNN, Is that so you could attack Trump with something you are guilty of in the first place.

Then take better measures and don’t allow that virus to be spread all over the world. ChineseVirus Thank you for that thought provoking piece of nothing! Can we call it Trump virus!!? This take is extremely stupid. CNN continues showing the world it is a joke when it comes to the news. Don’t tell me what to do. Chinese virus, Chinese virus, Chinese virus

Whatever they want to call it, I don’t care. I just want people to survive. As long as people don’t act on their racist instincts. 🇨🇳 Yeah, I had a bloke from Beubonia call me racist earlier. Get a grip of yourselves, It's the ChineseVirus You are worse than the ChineseVirus. CNNSUCKS and is truly the EnemyOfThePeople

Rewriting history has negative consequences on nations, economies and people that take CNN seriously. We are in a global pandemic and CNN pontificates on how we should rename viruses so as to not offend the good people of where it originated. Liberals. SMH Sorry, CNN! It came from CHINA! When the country of origin is a dictatorship and has obscured the issue over and over and claims the virus originated in America yes we should call out America for using tradition in naming of virus. Go CNN Go.

Omg this propaganda, why Stop calling your self as a news organization, as times changes so does language. Bullhonky: Guinea Worm, German Measles, Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, Ross River Fever, Omsk Haemorrhagic Fever, Ebola Haemorrhagic Fever, Marburg Virus Disease, Lassa Fever, La Crosse Encephalitis, St. Louis Encephalitis, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

So now you're the Chinese News Network eh? Most un-American news outlet in America... Wtf does that tell us. 🗽🇺🇸 You're just concerned about this now, though. Cut the crap. What a load of malarkey, this article sounds like a list of CCP talking points. We know the Chinese government covered this thing up for months before any of us knew about it, so whatever we name it had nothing to do with that decision making. Just communist drivel, disgraceful.

Shut up already. What does CNN stand for? Chinese News Nonsense or Communist Not News Also known as.....Trump is President, change the rules. CNN IS A FILTHY DISEASE! Let’s name it after the pandemic culprits: CCPVIRUS The only people stigmatized by that are those who should be. *eyeroll* Ok... thanks CNN lol

Its the Chinese virus, and it's perfect. ChinesePropaganda We will always know it as the WuhanCoronavius originating from China Everyone needs to face reality instead of being so sensitive. Does your network need a participation award? Anyone up for calling the Coronavirus the TrumpVirus? Why don't you talk about creepy Joe assaulting woman? Where is metoo and cnn 'righteous pundits'? Of course that would an oxymoron

How about African Swine Flu? Shilling for an authoritarian state, running concentration camps as we speak. Stay classy, CNN. Certainly started in China. Yeah, it’s the chinese virus! Nah. Who heard of Wuhan before the Wuhan Virus put that place on the map? Fake news We call it AmericanVirus The liberal media called it this for days before they started saying that it is racist and hateful to say. There is a video showing the media calling it the Wuhan Virus. Now China gets pissy and they change their language. The media is as worthless as China with it comes 2 facts.

My God! How much money is the Chinese communist party giving you?! 😧 Damn you guys are retarded. 😂 Spanish Flu stopped millions of Brits going to Marbella and Ibiza to piss it up. To this day no one visits 🙄👍 Suckle the Xiu teat more Swallow all that salty love 🍆 💦 So... Communist National Network March 19th 2020. This Chinese news outlet labelling 'African swine' In the same spirit, you are welcome!

This didn't seem to be a problem when your reporters were calling it the Chinese Virus and/or Wuhan virus. CNN has let it hatred of President Trump ruin their credibility and are now hippocrates and a joke Now isn’t this a totally different argument than simply demonizing Trump for doing what you’re finally admitting is common practice? This is food for thought, but demonizing was exactly why you were tagged with FakeNewsCNN . Right? Coronavirus


This again Newspeak. This what we will get if the leftists ever get to be in charge. What mental gymnastics do you do to make this make sense? Is calling Toyota a Japanese car company racist? Or spaghetti an Italian food racist? If I order a burrito am I a racist? Grow up. Here we go the Communist News Network pushing that communist propaganda.

CNN is just an absolute joke. Sincerely,,I don’t wanna make any relation with the last facts that’s threatning whole 🌎, in order to impose new codes on behalf of it. This is dumb. Look at all these people getting uncomfortable. It’s pathetic. America clearly knows naming a virus is critical so we named H1N1 as H1N1 and the 1918 flu as Spanish flu, though both originated from the US.

Chinese News Network FAKE NEWS PROPAGANDA Just stop please. ChinaLiedPeopleDied History will show, how is BULLSHIT! It will be in the book of “What Not To Be” Holy shit. Not even I while Saddam cowered in a Spiderhole would have had the audacity to spread this much propaganda. And for another Country no less. EnemyOfThePeople ThereWillBeAReckoning

Ok. We don’t care. Fuck them. Does this mean we stop should saying 'African American' now? WHY I AM FOLLOWING CNN? CNN YOUR JUST PLAIN STUPID! Shut up Please tell us why the military lab is closed and why do e-cigarette lungs get fibrosis like who get coronavirus frist. how about the 5 soldier now who picked up by a special plane from wuhan?

Stop Always takes a few days to come up with the proper spin strategy Hatred towards 22% of the population on earth doesn’t make you healthier or smarter unfortunately. CNN: Home is the Sissy La La Brigade, that allows words to hurt them...... Sticks & Stones. CNNvirus Breaking News Alert...... has came down with TDS........

Like when you learn actual history and find out the Spanish Flu started in a US MILITARY BASE IN KANSAS CNN you’re just so bad. Blatant propaganda. What about all the victims in us and the world Don’t care ? Garbage.... but history does show CNN sucks CNN shameful Fake News Doesn't work.. keep trying Don't watch your lies on TV, be dammed if your going to pollute Twitter. It's bad enough by itself. You earned this block, Adios

and? STFU HGTV and Soap Operas beat your ratings lol If it originated in Kansas youd call it the Kansas flu. Quit jerking our chains. We all know this is about the China market. History will show CNN was a leader in Fake News Stories. And they are supported by rogue CIA to create false narratives. China virus.

And we shouldn't name hurricanes after women or tropical storms after men.We shouldn't have names for anything or anyone. Someone is sure to be offended. Let's go with a national number instead.Oops! nope. I'm offended by numbers. I don't do as well as others in math! So glad to see you towing the China communist party line

Bull FakeNewsCNN propaganda My condolences to the people of Lyme, Connecticut. Unfortunately, unlike China, you were unable to buy the propagandists at CNN to lobby on your behalf. So a failed agency WHO named MERS on a region in 2016 after saying otherwise now is trying to ensure their master Xi & CCP don’t get a bad name after lying to the world & causing a pandemic!This will be called “Wuhan Virus” by the world so ppl don’t forget forever!WuhanVirus

La propagande de CNN! BS CNN. Please listen. Please. You are protecting the reputation of a COMMUNIST COUNTRY! They are not credible. Oh wait, neither is CNN! Good. Commies suck How about CNN - communist news Network? Maybe we should name them after fake news journalists. Acostavirus? Wolf flu? Who cares about the name it's the practice of eating animals in open blood bath markets where dogs cats bats snakes and a lot of animals you should not be eating are consumed. Stop being a Chinese gov. propaganda tool because Dems lost the election and you hate realDonaldTrump

So naming the Swine Flu after Main Stream Media is wrong? The virus came from the 'WHUHAN CLAN' they are American.. You idiots!!! We still go to Spain! Germany! BloodyNumpties You guys really are buffoons!!!! Fake news CNN goes ass-first into the future with Newspeak. No thanks, FakeNews. Clown news network.

I Hope the negative repercussions against China are insurmountable BS fake History has shown Prove it Show the longitudal studies and statistical modeling. You can’t prove it and more FakeNews Times already changed. The Ebola virus was named after a river because they didnt want to stigmitize the village it originated from.

Kinda like fake news spreading lies Yeah, Spain and Hong Kong are total shit holes—said no one ever. CNNVirus Lol CCPNN. Shut up Chinese news network. US media shame on you. ChinaVirus chineseVirus Yeah, , look at all the damage the name 'Saint Louis encephalitis' did to St. Louis! You 'journalists' are constantly making asses of yourselves.

So why did you all call it th Wuhan virus? When a media company takes a side in matters like this... they are no longer media. They are propaganda! F-off woke idiots We just refer to you as the EnemyOfThePeople Chinese news network. We can only hope! Chinese virus.Chinese virus. Chinese virus. Oh ok...Wuhan vius. Alright Covid-19...all the same thing.

CNN- Comedy News Network or China News Network... which one? This all you have CNN? Big bombshell alright.🙄 I guess your vaccine for the SARS virus didn’t work. Wow you media is crazy. 🖕 It’s called THE CHINA VIRUS. History according to whom? It's the ChineseVirus Deal with it, you communists. CommunistNewsNetwork FakeNewsCNN CNNIsTheEnemy CNNIsFakeNews ChinaLiedPeopleDied

History has shown that lies told by main stream media will one day be brought to the light. And there's about to be a lot of light shed on your fallacies, corruption, and propagandizing. 'Difficult truths will soon see the light of day.' WWG1WGA TheGreatAwakening QAnon Let's call it the Wall Street Virus at Manhattan.

Remember the Alamo, The Battle of Gettysburg, French Fries... CHINESE VIRUS. POS rag

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