X-Men: Marvel Announces X-23 Series and More

10/9/2022 7:27:00 PM

On Sunday at New York Comic Con, Marvel announced several new series featuring X-Men characters, [...]

Marvel revealed new titles for X-23, Rogue & Gambit, and Captain Britain set to debut in early 2023. Marvel XMen Wolverine

On Sunday at New York Comic Con, Marvel announced several new series featuring X-Men characters, [...]

On Sunday at New York Comic Con, Marvel announced several new series featuring X-Men characters, including Wolverine's clone, X-23.There is a ton of exciting news for fans of Prime Video's Good Omens coming out from this year's New York Comic-Con! On top of the beautiful poster artwork that was first exclusively revealed to con attendees, Good Omens Season 2 was given an official release window for 2023, and thanks to Collider's own Lead News Editor Maggie Lovitt, we also got some inside info on brand-new characters for the upcoming season.Straight from New York Comic Con, Marvel Comics has revealed new details about their upcoming crossover event Dark Web which will bring together the Spider-Man family of titles along with some X-Men for good measure and even Ms..

X-23: Deadly Regenesis is a 5-issue limited series written by Erica Schultz, with art by Edgar Salazar, and on sale in March 2023.Marvel revealed no further details about the title.With Season 1 covering the whole of the novel's storyline, Season 2 will be a completely new deep-dive into Gaiman and Pratchett's world, where angels and demons defy gods.It's immediately interesting to note that it is"X-23" when Laura Kinney has claimed the Wolverine name (with Logan's blessing) for some time." According to Marvel, Dark Web will"fan the embers of the iconic INFERNO crossover and pack an emotional punch that pays off decades of Marvel Comics storytelling.The title is a play on which plays on"Deadly Genesis" from 1975's Giant-Size X-Men #1, the story that introduced the"All-New, All-Different X-Men" to the world.While not much was disclosed as far as the season's storyline, we did get a sneak peek at a few new faces fans can expect to see a lot more of with the 2023 Season 2 premiere.That's perhaps a hint that Deadly Regenesis is a flashback story.New York Road Runners released the following statement in response to the petition: "NYRR … continues to strongly condemn Russia's devastating and unjust invasion of Ukraine.

One possibility is that it will dig into Laura's origin, following up on (and perhaps altering) the stories told in previous miniseries X-23: Innocence Lost and X-23: Target X.One of those characters is Maggie, played by Maggie Service, who owns a record shop located just next to Aziraphale's bookshop in Soho.Who will be caught in the Dark Web? 🕸️ #MarvelNYCC pic.After spending time as a member of the first democratically elected X-Men, Laura currently appears (as Wolverine) in X-Terminators.There's a renewed interest in X-23's future in the Marvel Universe, both in comics and live-action, given the news that Hugh Jackman will reprise the role of Wolverine in Deadpool 3, despite the character's death in the film Logan.Service previously played the role of Elsie in Doctor Who, as well as played Sister Theresa Garrulous in Good Omens Season 1.In that film, Dafne Keen played X-23.On Sale 1/11 prevnext AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #18 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #18 Written by ZEB WELLS Art by ED McGUINNESS Cover by JOHN ROMITA JR.The actress (who has kept in touch with Jackman) revealed previously that 20th Century Fox had plans for an X-23 spinoff before Disney purchased the studio and shelved its X-Men projects." Nina is portrayed by Nina Sosanya, and she's said to be quite good at dealing with the Soho crowd.

Whether it has plans for Laura Kinney remains unknown.Additional announcements focusing on other X-Men characters included Rogue & Gambit, a limited series written by Stephanie Phillips, with art by Carlos Gomez.She, too, had a part in Good Omens Season 1 as Mary Hodges/Sister Mary Loquacious.Peter not only has to find his way back home, but he has to do it in a truly hellish fashion.The first issue goes on sale in March 2023.A previous Rogue and Gambit miniseries, written by Kelly Thompson, preceded the fan-favorite couple's surprise wedding in X-Men Gold in 2018.In the promo images, Richardson is giving some severe vibes, indicating she takes her job very seriously.That wedding led into the Mr..

and Mrs.Season 2 will also introduce Quelin Sepulveda as Muriel, who Sepulveda described as a "gullible and curious" angel.X series (also by Thompson), following them on their honeymoon and further adventures.With Gambit's recent death, there questions lingering around this title.(And you thought your job was bad.SCOTT CAMPBELL On Sale 1/11 Mary Jane Watson and Felicia Hardy are trapped in Limbo and at the mercy of BELASCO THE SWORDSMAN in Jed MacKay and Vincenzo Carratu's MARY JANE & BLACK CAT #2.Finally, Betsy Braddock: Captain Britain is written by Tini Howard, with pencils by Vasco Georgiev, and covers by Erica D'Urso.Launching in February 2023, the story sees Howard continuing Betsy Braddock's adventures as Captain Britain after the events of Knights of X.Finally, Season 2 will introduce us to the new "Beelzebub," who hasn't revealed their name just yet, but they'll be played by Bridgerton's Shelley Conn.

The announcements came during the Women of Marvel panel on the final day of New York Comic Con.In VENOM #15, Dylan Brock finds himself renewed and reinvigorated by his descent into the symbiote hive, but Bedlam has come calling again – looking to finish what it started by killing Dylan and Venom once and for all.It featured writer, editor, and podcast host Angélique Roché, Marvel's Digital Media Executive Director and co-host of Women of Marvel Podcast Ellie Pyle, Senior Editor Lauren Bisom, Women of Marvel podcast co-host Judy Stephens, and writers Eve L.Stayed tuned to Collider for more exciting news from NYCC! You can check out the trailer for Season 1 and the first-look images below: For more NYCC news check out these stories:.Ewing, Stephanie Phillips, and Erica Schultz.0commentsAlso at New York Comic Con, Marvel revealed a new X-Men team debuting in a series led by Lucas Bishop..All of these new X-Men titles are debuting in February or March 2023.


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