Diana Vickers

Diana Vickers

X Factor's Diana Vickers swaps boho chic for elegant Deirdre Barlow-style look

Diana Vickers looks totally different as she swaps boho chic for Deirdre Barlow style

4/30/2021 2:27:00 PM

Diana Vickers looks totally different as she swaps boho chic for Deirdre Barlow style

Former X Factor star Diana Vickers was known for her hippie-style fashion sense after rising to fame on the show, but she now looks totally different after embracing a more glamorous look seemingly inspired by Corrie icon Deirdre Barlow

She was pictured sporting a toned down style with red high-heeled patent boots, hounds-tooth flares, a brown leather trench coat and a Gucci handbag.Diana, 29, also ditched her trademark messy hair and added a pair of over-sized sunglasses.Her followers have been quick to point out the singer's new look bears a striking resemblance to iconic Corrie character Deirdre Barlow - played by the late Anne Kirkbride - who became synonymous with her huge framed specs.

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The former X Factor star was pictured heading to the recording studio where she's working on a new album, which is said to focus on her experiences in lockdown.After coming fourth X Factor, she bagged the lead role in The Rise And Fall Of Little Voice in the West End.

She also released two albums, Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree in 2010, and Music To Make Boys Cry in 2013.The singer also entered the world of fashion designer producing a debut line in 2011, embracing her love of boho-chic and vintage inspired clothing. headtopics.com

Since then she appeared in 2014 indie movie The Perfect Wave - about surfing - with Clint Eastwood's son, and a Sky sitcom called Give Out Girls.Her theatre credentials include comedy play The Duck House, and the Rocky Horror Show UK tour.She's also won a West End theatre award, and played the lead in brand new musical Son Of A Preacher Man, inspired by the Dusty Springfield song of the same name.

Diana recently hit headlines with her particularly disappointing take of a night she spent with Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio.During an episode of Celebrity Karaoke Club, the singer admitted she'd been invited back to Leo's pad and instead o a wild night of passion or a party - they simply watched TV together.

She told the other contestants: "I have a lot of stories but I'm just going to say one. The best one - I've been on a night out with Leonardo DiCaprio. That's my best one...Video Loading Video Unavailable Click to play Tap to play The video will auto-play soon8Cancel Play now "I was more like hanging out with his friends and then I got a message being like 'Oh come back, Leo, he's having a vibe'.

"I thought it was going to be all Wolf Of Wall Street, like a massive thing. And I got back there and it was [just the two of us]. Read more: Mirror Celeb »

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