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WSJ News Exclusive | China Seeks to Narrow Trade Talks With U.S. in Bid to Break Deadlock

China seeks to exclude national-security issues from U.S. trade negotiations in bid to break deadlock, people familiar with the plan say

9/12/2019 1:31:00 PM

China seeks to exclude national-security issues from U.S. trade negotiations in bid to break deadlock, people familiar with the plan say

Beijing is looking to narrow the scope of its negotiations with Washington to only trade matters, putting thornier national-security issues on a separate track in hopes it would help both sides resolve some immediate issues.

Sept. 12, 2019 6:29 am ETBEIJING—China is looking to narrow the scope of its negotiations with the U.S. to only trade matters, putting thornier national-security issues on a separate track in a bid to break deadlocked talks with the U.S.Chinese officials are hoping that such an approach would help both sides resolve some immediate issues and offer a path out of the current impasse, according to people familiar with the plan.

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add human rights issues to the discussion At the same scenario before, such as 'suspend divergence and focus core-interest. 'win-win collaboration'. Whatsoever, Chinese fabulous but soporific rhetoric. not a damn chance for change. That would be very convenient wouldn’t it? To just avoid a few uncomfortable parts of the negotiations? South China Sea, US pilots blinded with lasers, micro spy chips in US hardware, Huawei, etc

😊❤️🤘 Trump want his family biz to acquire Huawei, then he will give Huawei an escape! CCP will thus strike a deal b4 his election and his family biz can thus be benefited from the 5G Global Dominance. Don't let his plan work! His Interests outweigh US interests! Stop His Treason! No effing way! China is dangerously aggressive. If America is blinded by the earnest hope of making money with China, the consequence will surely be terrifying. This country is a threat to all countries in the world.

The only thing that western world can do right is never trust them. All of them, I mean the Chinese, not just the government. “The tone has changed.” China’s NEVER experienced a recession. And if one hits it’s going to rock China’s Middle Class world. Think HongKongProstest on the mainland. 👍🏻 ViRiYaBOT 国家安全?恐怕是丢卒保车吧

Why does America even want a deal, hardly sells into china just buys cheap goods which can be made or purchased from elsewhere, china won’t abide by any deal anyway, CCP just wants to stay in power NO Deal ! Lol. Trade w China is a natl security issue NO WAY! China IS a National Security issue. America must win this or the West is going to collapse into something unrecognizable.

What dummy would go for this realDonaldTrump By their own war doctrine, Economic war is their principal tool, to be preferred to Kinetic war. So how exactly would we avoid national security? It would not hurt is WSJ would actually do more in depth pieces on the hard truths china is hiding...unless they've paid you off .

That means-another fake news report by WSJ 😆 At this stage, China desperate to stop decoupling. China should take peace track .....!

WSJ News Exclusive | U.S. Says Russia Orchestrated Chechen Rebel’s Murder in GermanyU.S. officials say Russia was behind the murder last month of a Chechen rebel in Germany, the latest fatality in a flurry of assassinations that has claimed lives the country’s perceived enemies abroad. Let alone the Conspiracy with the Orange Man realDonaldTrump trump's lover IMPALES ANOTHER OF HIS ENEMIES ABROAD. trump worries if he's next Isnt this almost exactly how WW1 started? 🤔🤦‍♂️

WSJ News Exclusive | China’s Anbang to Sell U.S. Hotels for More Than $5.8 BillionChina’s Anbang has agreed to sell a luxury hotel portfolio for more than $5.8 billion even as a California individual had secretly created a series of fake deeds to transfer ownership for up to a half-dozen of the hotels. Didn’t the Japanese buy landmark properties in the US at the top of the cycle in the late 1980s, only to sell them at the bottom of the cycle several years later, the fake deed issue, notwithstanding? Y'all hiring?

WSJ News Exclusive | Charles Schwab to Cut 600 Employees, or About 3% of StaffCharles Schwab's move to trim staff comes as firms across Wall Street and beyond grapple with a shift in Federal Reserve policy So...the FED hints at raising rates and corporate American lays off employees. A stretch to tie company specific layoffs to a shift in Fed policy, particularly when the Fed just eased Lower net interest margins adversely impact on bank profitability

WSJ News Exclusive | Forever 21 Plans to File for Bankruptcy as Early as SundayRetail chain Forever 21 is planning to file for bankruptcy as early as Sunday after facing a cash crunch for months, according to people familiar with the matter. Forever chapter 11? ThaCapitulino vc tinha falado, domingo vão declarar falência This is not kids & nieces love this store.

WSJ News Exclusive | Groupon Said to Be Pursuing Acquisition as Business Faces Pressure From InvestorsDaily-deals company Groupon is pursuing an acquisition amid discontent among shareholders about the firm’s financial performance and stock price, people familiar with the matter say. The target could be Yelp, the San Francisco-based online-review company, according to two other people familiar with the situation. Two drunks holding each other up at the bar. Groupon acquiring yelp! Hilarious, both a failure, that would be the end of Groupon, Yelp’s almost finished, peope turned away from yelp knowing darn well reviews Manipulated for money, thanks to the dummy stoppleman. He killed yelp & now walking out. Feel sorry for Shareholders.

WSJ News Exclusive | Nissan Management Withholds Full Ghosn Report From BoardNissan Motor’s management has yet to give its board the complete 170-page report detailing alleged wrongdoing by former Chairman Carlos Ghosn, drawing complaints from some directors. Imagine not getting the full picture, then asking America to vote for you again... Ha! They got Trump-Barred! No collision.