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WSJ News Exclusive | A Military Strike in Syria Shows Biden Team at Work

President Biden had ordered airstrikes on two sites in Syria last week but called one off after receiving last-minute intelligence that a woman and children were in the area

3/4/2021 6:26:00 PM

President Biden had ordered airstrikes on two sites in Syria last week but called one off after receiving last-minute intelligence that a woman and children were in the area

The U.S. strike on a small militia encampment in eastern Syria occurred after President Biden, directing his first known military operation, decided at the last minute against hitting a second target when told 25 minutes before the bombs were to land that a woman and children were at the site and would surely be killed.

March 4, 2021 9:06 am ETWASHINGTON—After 10 days of deliberations, President Biden had ordered the Pentagon to conduct airstrikes on two targets inside Syria Feb. 26 when an aide delivered an urgent warning about 30 minutes before the bombs were scheduled to fall.

A woman and a couple of children were in the courtyard at one of the sites, according to battlefield reconnaissance. With the F-15Es in flight to the targets, Mr. Biden scratched the second target but ordered the strike on the first objective to proceed.

The previously undisclosed episode involving Mr. Biden’s first knownuse of forceas commander in chief was an unexpected coda to a methodical decision-making approach in which the Biden administration sought to balance competing interests in the Middle East tinderbox.

President Biden expects to be tested by Shiite militia groups, many sponsored by Iran, in the Middle East.Photo:saul loeb/Agence France-Presse/Getty ImagesThe goal was to signal to Iran that the new White House team would respond to aFeb. 15 rocket attack

in northern Iraq against the U.S.-led coalition but wasn’t seeking to escalate a confrontation with Tehran, senior administration officials said, describing the days leading to the strike in interviews with The Wall Street Journal.To reinforce the point, a confidential message was sent to Tehran after the U.S. airstrike, administration officials disclosed, without providing details.

“We had a pretty coordinated diplomatic and military plan here,” one administration official said. “We made sure the Iranians knew what our intent was.”Another key objective was to avoid undermining the political position of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, whom Washington sees as a partner in the fight against Islamic State and would likely have faced criticism at home if the attacks had occurred on Iraqi territory, the officials added.

From the start, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, a former commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East who is the only senior member of Mr. Biden’s cabinet with military experience, reassured the president that he could take his time to decide how to respond militarily.

“You own the clock,” Mr. Austin advised Mr. Biden in the White House meeting immediately following the attack in Erbil, according to a second administration official, who participated in the session.Related VideoThe Biden administration's first known military action was an airstrike on facilities used by Iran-backed militia groups, in response to earlier attacks against U.S. forces. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said he was confident the U.S. had hit its target. Photo: Alex Brandon/Associated Press

Throughout the deliberations, officials said, they sought to strike a bureaucratic balance. The goal was to ensure that all of the interagency machinery was fully engaged while avoiding both the drawn-out deliberations that sometimes occurred during the Obama administration and the quick decisions by the president and smaller groups of aides that often took place

“We knew that this was the first time we were going to be making a decision like this and that we would be under a lot of scrutiny,” the second official said.Lead-Up to Biden administration’s Strike in SyriaFeb. 15: Iranian backed militia attacks Erbil airport, killing a contractor and wounding at least seven Americans.

Feb. 16: President Biden meets with Vice President Kamala Harris, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines and the NSC team.Feb. 17: Intelligence agencies work to assess which Iran-backed militias might have carried out the attack. The Pentagon works on possible military responses.

Feb. 18: Deputy national security adviser Jonathan Finer leads a deputies committee meeting on possible options.Feb. 19: National security adviser Jake Sullivan leads a principals committee meeting to review options.Feb. 20: At least four rockets target Balad Airbase, wounding at least one U.S. contractor.

Feb. 20-22: U.S. officials refine options.Feb. 23: Mr. Biden convenes an Oval Office meeting with Mr. Austin, Gen. Milley, Ms. Haines and the NSC team to review optionsFeb. 23: Mr. Biden calls Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi. At least one rocket targets the Green Zone in Baghdad where the U.S. Embassy is located. The Pentagon finalizes options.

Feb. 24: Top officials agree in a conference call on recommendations for Mr. Biden. Mr. Finer’s deputies committee has a conference call on the options and the plan to notify allies.Feb. 25: Mr. Biden decides on the options in a meeting in the Situation Room with Ms. Harris and top officials. Allies are notified. Some lawmakers are notified shortly before the attack. A post-strike message is sent to Iran.

Some of the scrutiny has come from Congress. Sens. Tim Kaine (D., Va.) and Todd Young (R., Ind.), who have long argued that the legal basis for U.S. military force in the Middle East is outdated, introduced legislation this week to restrict presidential authorities.

Other lawmakers, including Sen. Mark Warner (D., Va.), who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee, defended Mr. Biden’s decision while saying Congress should have received greater advance notice. Mr. Warner said he learned of the strike 15 minutes beforehand.

Mr. Biden sent a letter to Congress a day afterward explaining the strike was needed to defend American troops, and the White House said this week it is still briefing lawmakers and aides. “We are happy to continue those conversations,” a White House official said.

At the end of the administration deliberations last week, Mr. Biden picked the most conservative option: strikes that avoided Iraqi territory and that were timed, in the middle of the night, to minimize any casualties. Pentagon officials later said one militia fighter was killed and two injured.

At the same time, the Biden administration is taking a more expansive view of when military action may be taken, setting no specific threshold. Former President Donald Trump frequently signaled that his so-called red line for military action was the death of an American overseas. Biden administration officials said they didn’t want the Iranians to think that attacks on the U.S.-led coalition were tolerable as long as no American is killed.

“We preserve a degree of flexibility for ourselves,” said the second administration official.With the military strike Friday, U.S. officials believe they sent a clear message to Tehran and its Iraq-based proxies to stop the attacks. But Wednesday,a militia group lobbed at least 10 rockets at the sprawling al-Asad air base

in western Iraq. A contractor suffered a cardiac episode and died while in a shelter during the attack, officials said.Since taking office in January, White House officials expected the Biden administration to be tested by Shiite militia groups, many sponsored by Iran, in the region.

U.S. forces had returned to Iraq to advise Iraqi forces after Islamic State militants took Mosul in June 2014.After ISIS’s self-styled caliphate was destroyed and the Trump administration imposed its maximum pressure campaign to try to roll back Iran’s nuclear program, an Iran-backed militia in 2019 rocketed a base where U.S. and coalition forces were deployed, killing a U.S. contractor.

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This is manufacturing consent if I’ve ever seen it Let's stop war please! JoeBiden thank you. Who wants to bet their were families at the other sites he actually bombed too Because twitter said so Strategically it makes no sense to leak info about a woman and child being the cause of the called off strike. This would signal to other potential targets a means of avoiding attack. Seems a bit like smoke and mirrors

Oh, what a hero! Why are their troops there at all? Fucking leftists. İnsan olması yetmez mi illa kadın ve çocuk olması mı gerekiyor bombalamamanız için? मेरा नाम दिनेश जायसवाल है और मैं उत्तर प्रदेश के बस्ती जिले के गोटवा गांव में रहता हूं| मैं अपना खुद का रोजगार करना चाहता हूं। लेकिन मेरे पास पर्याप्त रुपए नही है। मैंने बैंको में भी लोन के लिए संपर्क किया पर कुछ नही हुआ । कृपया आप मेरी सहायता करें। आप मुझे लोन दिला दीजिए। 🙏🙏🙏

hmmm, bombing a sovereign country ain’t right at all, okay? Whatever. They bombed in retaliation of someone they are not even certain committed an attack, by bombing an entirely different entity. Fucking atrocious. Equal rights equal strikes. Lol cara de tablismo nivel Tanos con esta propaganda tratando de meterla por es orificio de la nariz cómo reportaje . . .

That's hilarious. People actually believe this garbage? JOURMAMALISM! wtf u doing in syria though 💀 If your holier than thou elected leader is a war monger and u voted for him , then that makes u an a**hole too. for the past four years we have been moving in a peaceful direction besides our own at home extremist. These ppl are sick.

Propaganda This is a record low. No chance anyone with a single logical thought would buy this story. 100% fabricated to try and make the 1st bombing looking “humane”. Fuck that. STOP BOMBING THE MIDDLE EAST!!!! Propaganda spin First their president bombs people and building Then their citizens make fun

This is like a serial killer stalking two potential victims, but deciding to brutally murder only one of them. What a hero! When asked He said: Hubidibidyah Syria man and called it off. He didn't mind the civilians on the other strike though? Don’t cha mean nance called it off hmmm, bombing a sovereign country ain’t right at all, okay?

You mean he became aware of another strike and asked if he could join in on the fun. How about stop killing all people? what a great guy He must of feel asleep why is he even doing this? Oh what a hero!!! Lol.. Wow! He’s such a good guy!! Is that what you wanted us to think with this irrelevant tweet. War criminal trying to be a Feminist.

Bullshit. EnemyOfThePeople propaganda As long as Biden only kills adult men, he wants you to know he’s a good guy. His next military strikes will still murder innocent people so it's pointless to put out a soft propaganda article Killing humans but with gender equality....progress Consent being manufactured by the Wall Street Journal, baby. You hate to see it.

Weak Good to see a warmonger President back in office, feels right!😃😃😃 the hypocrisy is thick. And who was that children? Albert Einstein. we shouldn’t be targeting anyone... isn’t there enough wrong with the world already? Sexist AND ageist ..... right.... I'm sure he did lmfaooo 'I will kill 22 people, but 23 is where I draw the line'

Yes, let’s praise him for not bombing the target he wanted to bomb. Guess he was bummed it wasn’t a wedding Wow what a great guy, he only did ONE drone strike. He could've done 5. But he cared about the people He only bombed kids and women once instead of twice this time, hero If someone know why is this, reply to this tweet. I thought the problem with Syria was bc of the Cold War, USSR vs USA, but that was almost 20years ago

Watch us go to war soon just like Obama, just like Bush. Thanks for picking this dumb fuck. Now are taxes will be higher cause of war. Wow so noble lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Wall street Journal is confirmed as trash propaganda after this story. unfollowed Lmao!!! Goddam yall are so fuckin bias its embarrassing

JerkOffMotion Nice propaganda, I'm proud of you America most doups are buying it! LOL, sick spin. Does the administration actually think people are this dumb to believe it? Damn true Good that Iran knows if they have women or kids there they are immune from US attacks Ya mean Nance said no jo The US should not be bombing anti-ISIS forces in Syria. At all. Important history/context here:

Propaganda IwriteOK Why are we even there to begin with? nobody here has any earthly idea what is going on in Syria or why an airstrike might be needed. some people in this world do need to be killed. IwriteOK Why the hell are we even involved there? He fucking better Can he cancel the production of any more Tyler Perry movies?

how nice of him Thank you propaganda machine. Will stop talking about air strikes and presidential overreach now. Awwww he’s not a total warmonger 🥰 I definitely believe that this happened and I definitely don’t believe that the media is trying to save face for the Biden Administration. I wonder who actually believes this shit 😂

Does anyone really believe this ? Pedo joe thinks dropping bombs makes him look less incompetent. It doesn't. That’s the part people don’t understand. It’s totally ok to kill people in other countries with no consequences on our dime if you’re the POTUS. Wanna be President? You must be ok with killing people. PERIODT. Glad I didn’t vote for this.

🌐☺💗💋😇🌹🤗🌐☺💗💋😇🌹🤗🌐 WORLD!🌐PEACE!💗&LOVE!💗2! All.☺ 🌐☺💗💋😇🌹🤗🌐☺💗💋😇🌹🤗🌐 Ok. Withdraw from syria. Then we can talk about humanity 😊 Because he is a he/she not he/him. I figure I would speak your language to get my point across. Wtf! democRATS LiberalismIsTheRealPandemic DemocratsHateAmerica LIBTARDS R

Biden isn't ordering anything. The man is close to being a drooling vegetable. That begs the question, who really is? What a pussy lol I give it a 97% chance this is completely made up P R O P A G A N D A. Wwe all see through this war propaganda He's suddenly had a change of heart? 😂 The people see through this bullshit.

Scary the USA being led by a nursing home patient Didn’t stop him last time, surely didn’t stop Obama. I’d bet it’s the mounting in party opposition, not some women and children lol. POTUS VP POWER WITH MERCY THEY WON'T WAIT LONG EVAC NOW. Syria 'FOREST LAW' There was a reaction from Damascus to Washington. Pointing out that the US air strike is a violation of international law, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that 'such aggressive actions signal that US President Biden will abide by the forest law'.

Oh so it looks like cyberbullying Biden on Twitter is the way we can end us occupation of the Middle East I'd be more impressed if he had called off air strike while the missiles were already in air! That's something he can brag about. “What a great guy, so caring” Popcorns weren’t ready! Yeah right. 🙄 Pro-Biden fake news media 🐂💩 to mitigate negative press over his actions last week. 🤡LyingLiberals VirtueSignaling

Aren't they/we so lucky that he forgot what he was doing... again... Aw what a great and loving president. Let's write articles about his good deeds!! Kya baat, kya baat That doesn't change the fact that the first attack happened. Syria is already being bombed by Russia, America has no business joining its top rival in violating Syria's sovereignty and international law.

I don't understand? Obama had no problem doing airstrikes on hospitals and weddings. PussyBiden At what point are we gonna leave the Middle East the heck alone and deal with our glaring domestic issues? Baby sniffing Biden opens borders and then bombs muslims so they enter America with another reason to hate

Yea...this happened 🙄🙄 why is the president of the United States bombing Syria, shouldnt the news be that the US is bombing a foreign country? why is this treated as normal? When will the US govt not be blowing up any human beings? Not any time under Biden I suppose Is this a surgical news strike Menos cuentos para niños WSJ......

So is this part of the plan to remove biden and put harris in? Wow, WSJ just said killed 22 people is a great thing to cheer for. Unbelievable Like shit hell he did. That's a PR stunt. There was no last minute anything Whatever happened to the formal congressional declaration of war? This would be the time to hear from elected leaders and top generals Re: lessons learned on all the issues that have doomed the Dept. of Defense track record for winning wars since DOD was established in 1949.

Biden's PR department earning their salaries. Time to start cranking out propaganda stories 😂 trying to save biden's face so hard lmao Lol. If you believe this nonsense you believe anything. Client journalism. On the bright side if it was trump he would order more strikes if he received that information. so good on biden i guess.

'President Biden is great, says annonymous Biden official' Men are expendable 🙄 Ngl, I love Biden but he's messing up. The lives of women and children of color were nearly wiped out... We need Kamala Harris to step in. BidenRemorse BidenBombs WomensHistoryMonth womenempowerment WomensHistoryMonth2021 KamalaHarris

Its almost as interesting as him calling off 17 million stimulus checks for Americans and making them 1400 insteadof 2000 Killing with mercy? I'm going on the hunch that this is Fake News to paint him as a good dude after the first drone strikes. Make up a fake second strike for him to come in at the last minute to save the day! What a Saint.

Give him the Nobel Peace prize. What does this solve? This guys an idiot He is playing Call of Duty live If it was called off in the last minute becuz of new intelligence, how about this pos POTUS not strike Syria at all? How many thousands of strikes have hit civilians and killed innocent children but were not called off by the US

Oh wow. Such a benevolent man this Biden. Decided only to kill Random men, and spared the women and children. These should people should be so grateful. They should have a photo of his on their altars and pray to him everyday. He is a Saint... 🤮 Sureee It's really hard-line for the been. I'm willing to bet that this never happened. Its just a PR stunt so that Biden gets to be the good guy while the military still keeps dropping the bombs indiscriminately

Swell guy, waiting until those little boys are older and a more mature age before obliterating them via unmanned drone. Yayyy the bare necessities! Investing in cryptocurrencies is great,I have been dealing and transacting with Arthurfx08 for quite sometime and it's been wow, having steady profit from it.

no one believes this for a second and the other one? Oh good, I was worried there for a second. When you want a good relationship you must listen to what the other person wants too. Otherwise it isn’t a relationship, it’s a dictatorship Theatre of the absurd, comes alive He was sleeping ... Obama told them to stop it .. Kamala and pelosi were at the salon ...

This is the worst PR campaign I have ever seen. “Yeah we killed all those other people but we stopped a missile last minute to save this poor woman!!!!!” 😐😐😐😐 Biden called off the airstrike because he knew Something his former boss didn’t know how to do. But then again, who knows if this is actually true and he is just being painted as this savor of women and children.

Ok? I'm sure the thousands of orphans and widows totally appreciate this ever so gracious decision. Fuck Off Kind of sexist. What if it has been a man and a child? Oh wow, how magnanimous. Like that makes the first one better? Great, now they know our weakness. Way to go Burden. Awww Biden is such a sweet guy! Sike, I lied 😐

Woman and Children can be killers as well. They’re all jihadists and terrorists. Bomb them all! What a load of BS That didn't stop waco. nah twitter was on that ass This proves how dumb they think everyone is lol that they wrote that and thought ' yeah they'll buy it ' lol they gonna now be mad he didn’t bomb it ... watch .

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAAHHAHAAAA Recognize this for what it is people this is a PR piece. Horrifying BULLFCKINGSH!T This reeks of propaganda. What a guy. POC matter unless they have a different ideology than you. Then you can drone strike them unless their wife and child are around to see them, I mean we don’t want another Wikileaks video of reporters and children dying like before.

I guess it's ok if innocent men die, right? As long as it's not the women and children. idiots Gosh he’s just so nice and caring Are you kidding me. Haha Anyone else smelling a strong scent of BS? I’m sure women and children were in the other area too but this time it just makes him a “hero” to the media because he didn’t use millions of dollars and bomb a Syrian location. Congrats! You didn’t kill people, now work on the US

Lol, awe such a sweetums Why are we still having to continue to bombard the ME when there’s nothing for us to actually contribute? If we were there for peace we wouldn’t have the need for weapons, this shit is still on going and has got to stop. IwriteOK Yeah, the us doesn’t have long history of killing kids, woman, pretty much anything they can.

Google 'Obama 90%' Holy shit media is trying hard to make this guy look good Biden doesn't even no where he is.. I guess I was just dumb to fall for this as top secret. Did anyone fall for it? OMG, isn't that top military secret and how did WSJ got access to this information? And WSJ is broadcasting and propagandizing like a parade? Cannot believe it.

lol he has no idea what’s going on. It’s okay any other time because men are disposable and women are fragile childbearing nurturers. This reeks of patriarchy. How about we just don’t bomb people... What is this information coming out Shouldn’t it be classified? I could be wrong here but I don’t think it’s smart to inform Iran that we r about to or are planning to bomb them

Omg! He is so nice! Omg! Such a wonderful man! Omg! Do you want me to duck his fucking dick too? Wow What a hero All bow to joe A paragon, did not missle the holy fuck out of syria for 1 moment Many more women and children have died but they dont matter cause joe didnt knoe Strange how the WarmongeringUSA continues its legacy.Has the Gall to Spread Speculation About KSA alluding falsely to HumanRights abuse when it Interferes in Sovereign Countries Bombs civilians and Extradition as well as FundsOppression of Palestinians Hypocrites RejectUSA

Should’ve called off the first one as well. We settled for Biden to help the American people via a $15/hr minimum wage, stimulus checks, student debt relief and a green new deal, not to bomb Syria. he’s weak The bare minimum sum of the dumbest shit ive heard. stop tryna make him look all good guy Let’s be honest, Syria is a 7 hour time difference from DC. Biden wasn’t even awake for this “last-minute intelligence”

Stop trying to make it sound like Biden has any idea what’s going on. He was probably sleeping. What a pacifist!! Total compassion 🥺 hero (literally saved lives), unlike TRUMP 😡 😤 💀 Wonder if that dummy Bobo McQnut will comment.. She was awfully concerned. “President Biden bends knee to terrorists” POTUS

真能装逼 Why is this publicized wow Biden is so dreamy~ *SWOON* IwriteOK Bare. Minimum. Isn't. Good. Enough. The system works! Were the - imaginary - women and children - also starving due to years long US economic blockade and piracy of the country's resources? If so, what's the difference? The West is utter trash.

Milyonlarca kadın ve çocuğun ölümünden sorumludur. Şov yapmayı bıraksın, bidon Lol I love seeing these Trump supporters cry, cry for 8 more years 😂💀💀❤️ I'm literally 14 what was the point of bombing in the first place You know cause last time Harris wasn’t involved in the meeting 😎 it’s so great to see Harris saving POC womxn all the way across the world from a situation her and Biden made up. Thanks for not killing people in their own country today, you so big and powerful 🤩

Bullshit news headline to divert attention from the last attack to paint Biden as a humanitarian. 🤢🤮 Because there were no women and children in the area he struck first? And it’s ok to kill their male family members? I would respect this if it were about policy, but it’s so ridiculous it’s insulting.

IwriteOK Biden is a good man Biden is a good man Biden is a good man Biden is a good man Biden is a good man Biden is a good man Biden is a good man Biden is a good man Biden is a Lol it was called off because joe biden didnt want to upset iran This makes the other strike okay I'ma Just say it. Just probably wants his ratings up. I Mean not a good look to go bombing other Nations during a worldwide pandemic and your ppl here are literally checking in everyday for help you promised out the gate

How about the innocent me who were in the area? What about all the other woman and children that the US blow up over the years? President Biden had ordered airstrikes on two sites in Syria last week and nearly killed a woman and children before cancelling the second strike* Another missile attack yesterday killing a us contractor on a base with our soldiers. And no news or questions about it. State tv helping hiden biden

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure he did. RT : President Biden had ordered airstrikes on two sites in Syria last week but called one off after receiving last-minute intelligence that a woman and children were in the area Doubt it. Lmfao he didn’t care last time, or throughout the last administration boycottWSJ Could anyone tell me what is ChinaJoe doing? Helping just one woman and child after casualties made? If POTUS45 is still leading the world, he could make deals without sacrificing anyone though.

Yeah right. War monger Biden couldn't gv a damn about anyone. He must've signed the strike order using Dr.Seuss signature What actually occurred: Joe called Door dash and ordered an Air Strike. You want a fucking cookie? War criminal Imagine if these women and children were armed terrorists! He probably didn't call it off, he fell asleep before the deadline and now they are pretending he's a humanitarian POTUS

so just disregard the first attack is what youre saying yea I'm sure that was why Fake news NEWSFLASH: This does not make Biden a saint. He still ordered the first strike — the same type of warmongering every previous administration has seemingly taken part in. Good. Now don't call more. No he didn't. He didn't call a damn thing.

lefties seething rn Bullshit story 🤣 Propaganda What a humanitarian!! NICE TRY Lmao this is a bogus article to make him sound humane or shit. Gtfoh Well isn't that nice of him Did he forget he ordered another strike? Don't worry, i'm sure this makes up for the previous strikes. This is OBVIOUS propaganda. This has never stopped them before. Obama even declared women and children killed in these exact scenarios as enemy combatants before.

Such a nice man. I hope 'they' think about that when they attack us. Oh, so he finally learned from Obama's mistakes? Don't strike targets when you know for certain civilians live at the target zone. Well, too bad it took his former VP for this to change. Wtf is this article? This gotta,a satire... So if you are a terrorist you just got to find a woman and child to shield u. .

Pffft! 'More hair to sniff' says POTUS Biden half the time: what's the difference damnit! We shouldn’t have ordered either air strike, creating yet another power vacuum in the Middle East would be disastrous for the region This may be true, but sounds like a made up PR press release to soften the optics of Biden ordering bombings

Thanks for telling terrorists how to get an airstrike called off. Brilliant way to put more women and children in danger. This article sounds like America propaganda, trying to paint the US as humane and thoughtful. This is literally the minimum he could do. Your only sources for this reporting are White House officials. Ministry of propaganda shit for real

Yes l'm so happy right now I didn't believe in this program before but I received my profit 1BTC to my wallet address macktyler60 What's interesting about this story on Biden's 'restraint' in Syria is not whether it happened but why it is being publicized now, by whom, and for whom. Wow...what a hero...

lmfao that you morons are finding a way to get angry about this So you mean to tell me there were no men there only women and children to be saved.? Lol good hero! probably because of the backlash he got from doing it in the first place Stop bombing people POTUS we elected you for covid control, 2k checks, and 15 MIN WAGE and you can't do any of it.

Wow, thanks for all the people you didn’t murder as an imperialist warlord. Do you want a parade or some shit? If u believe this, SpeakerPelosi has a tunnel & SenSchumer has a bridge they want to sell u while RepSwalwell wasn't banging a spy named FangFang! Is this supposed to be impressive or something?

What the hell going on! Is this Propaganda? That's true liberalism, to only call off the strike where intelligence has *confirmed* women and children will be killed. In other cases, of course, the principle must be - you only live once! Which would imply, luckily - the other party only dies once, too. Happy, that.

He has no clue what he is doing!! This is damage control for biden, and incredibly transparent how many intelligence reports didn't come in time? how many times nobody even bothered to check? and, lastly, what about all the dead men Way to spin the fact that it’s the same old thing... He's so kind 🥺🥺 vladimir putin also knows how to pilot fighter jets and wrestles bears..

LMFAO. The propaganda continues - Biden the human president Sure he did. Can't help but lie in every article. Lost all credibility years ago. Almost down to Enquirer level. You'll get there. Keep publishing lies and nonsense. FoxNews OANN CNN Trump would have blown those two up. Any magat in these threads acting like striking Syria was optional are the same ones pretending Trump wasn't striking people.

What about the 129-8666917;993 other times they’ve killed innocent civilians?. Lol. He doesn’t give two shits. He would veto Medicare for all in the USA! Love the PR work you guys do for our war criminal president. Anyone see a problem here? He's a president. Name one with no blood and no humanity in his hands. Eventually they've just gotta make a choice.

He spared them to be able to sniff and grope them. So you let one go every once in a while... Lies, his team called it off when they saw the bad press the first strike got. He had no choice thanks to Subrule 90, established under the Obama admin. Look up Obama 90 for details. Noble Prize nomination is looking better.

“Air strikes are ok as long as we don’t hit women and children” WUSSSSSS Prob bc he needs them votes They cancelled because there was a dominion server in the area ImpeachBiden Bomber boy. Way to spin the lies WSJ That hasn't stopped Biden from bombing before. So the way this is framed is supposed to make the us feel better about ourselves?

I'm sure he was eating jello somewhere, prob doesn't even know about it Oh gosh, what a great guy. How about no air strikes? Our society is advanced enough that war tactics are barbaric and dare I say Neanderthal at this point. DisarmDiplomacy 1 Unconstitutional airstrike was enough. What a guy. Nobel peace prize coming his way!!

Do you guys even try? Propaganda used to be actually good. This is garbage What a nice guy Wow Biden is a true leader Wonder what they smell like? Omg...a humanitarian who values the life of the innocent. A man of conscious and compassion. I am so proud to be an American again. LMAOOOOOOOOOOO But yet didn’t care about our own soldiers there ?

A Woman And Children. Guys It's Okay He Wanted Two But Only Did One! It's learning! Obama90percent I remember when Trump committed a literal genocide of women and children. It was the biggest casualty count since the bush days Can confirm. I wanted them. BAD. But Joe said no. Wait...I’m confused: is COVID over in America?

And the smartest thing was when they told everybody including the bad guys🙈sounds like bullshit to me 💯 how many women and children will pay for the big mouth ? 🤫 thanks noble propagandists of the CIA! Rumors that the rockets were reserved in case they are required for a retaliatory strike in Florida have not been confirmed.

Iran checks notes and places a woman and child in every muclear and military facility they are involved with Drop some food, no more murder from the skies, Karma is real I swear to God! Yeah, what about Corn Pop? Awwhhh such a big wittle heart So fuck innocent men right? MR. SOFTEE This is why I LOVE Biden: Human empathy. You can have enemies but care for the people who are to be protected. (Women, children, elderly)

Yaayy Holy shit. What a hero Ooh damn he’s good, that’ll look good in the media Trumptards rn 👨🏼‍🦯👩🏼‍🦯 wow someone get him a nobel peace prize 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Biden showing how weak he really is. Joe’s had a stellar first few weeks in office, bond & stock market down, gas prices up, increasing our already crippling debt and trying to get us back in a middle east war.

Hahaha this is so obviously an attempt by the media to mitigate the criticism of Biden by saying “well even though he bombs he does it with empathy and respect”.. or he’s a bum doing what lobbyists tell him to do wow, that completely changes things. bombing justified! He was afraid he might miss his chance to sniff them if they got blown up 😂🤣

All hail Biden the merciful , btw how many women and children died in yemen in last month? I highly doubt that's the reason. And it's still fine to kill a nation's men and get involved in foreign affairs for Israel I see. Why is our president so flippant with peoples LIVES? I'll file this under 'Things that didn't happen'

lmao the president had to cancel this, like the military ok'ed this strike all the way up to his office. you guys say biden sucks but look he called off a strike because there was a mom and a kid there you can tell hes a good president not like trump being racist and locking kids in cages Keep the old fart away from the red button

Here’s a thought, how about y’all stop bombing the Middle East ok nice, now lets end the war Getting it right 50% of the time is not great when the subject is dropping bombs on people. Los terroristas hacen eso ... se escudan con mujeres y chicos ... de libro. That’s not terrible. this is propaganda -that he could sniff'. There I finished it for you.

He need's to be investigated too,for being an accomplice,for contributing to a crime. Damn warmongers FUCK WARS! Maybe he just drooled on the trigger. How about no strikes period? We’ve failed to fix many of the problems with military action so I don’t know why we keep doing it. War hawks gotta war hawk? 🤷‍♂️

Too noisy in the basement? The people of Syria were told by their executioners that because of my mercy you have been spared sounds super real How did he know that that person identified as a woman? The war machine has to be talked out of sending too many bombs at one time. BS. Biden doesn't even know if he has socks on.

Cool, maybe the US government can stop killing innocent people overseas, I mean 'bringing democracy to the middle east' Lmaoooo how about the 22 dead Well, now that they know how to avoid an airstrike... *swoons Omg what a Saint.... lol. You idiots will really go this far WTF kinda headline is that? Pravda much?

Wow, he only killed x brown kids instead of x + 1 More propaganda 🥱 So brave. call me when he stops completely. This shit is propaganda Oh wow give him another peace award So now after seeing this they will keep women and children near them to avoid being bombed which will inevitably lead to more innocents being killed. I hope the puff piece was worth it WSJ

Please clap for us Literally Let’s see if Joe can out- bomb obama. Americans are hiding inside their trailers with masks on not even questioning why their military is bombing Syria, just begging for crumbs from daddy govt These fucking headlines 😂 And what about the last bombing as if there weren't women and children there either.

This still doesn’t excuse anything. He is the worst president in American history and instead of giving the American people what they need, he is getting us into unnecessary wars. 'Biden told us to nuke only the men of a sovereign nation' isn't the flex you think it is, WSJ. Less than 40 days in office he's already going to war !! Wtf ?

This is like giving credit to murderer for shooting his victime only once instead of twice. Nice damage control for the backlash they got for dropping bombs instead of checks last time. NO SHIT WOMEN AND CHILDREN WERE IN THE AREA? How about we just nuke all of us and we don’t have to fight stupid monke wars.

And it’s also an awful power move. We may not see the short-term affects of these kinds of actions, but Israel does and that means we should care. StopTheAttacks Sounds like Joe wants to protect the woman and child. Seems like a very toxic and masculine trait to have. Ah, so its ok to bomb the men because they’re ‘big and strong’ but the woman and child are ‘weak and defenseless’. Stop being sexist Joe.

Shouldn’t have ordered it in the first place Disgustingly blatant propaganda. Why are we even bombing Syria in the first place? We are not at war with them. Obama killed civilians left and right with drones. Nobody (Biden included) gave a shit. Now that people are caught on they push propaganda stories. Bullshit.

Gee, thanks Gandhi. This Biden dude is a savage lol. This is better but I want actions not words. Some bombing can make sense with cooperation of our allies. Indescriminate killing of civilians is at least being taken into account. Biden is trying to learn lessons from Obama but it isn't enough. Don't just half learn a lesson.

Are we really supposed to believe this? Smh this is just to clear his public image. Get out of the Middle East! Not to mention our closest “ally” Israel kills innocent Palestinian civilians pretty much on a daily basis. Oh yay, such a hero Wow I wonder if you’d ever write a headline like this for Trump. Would probably leave out the whole reason Trump called it off and somehow spin it that’s hes a racist and enjoys killing children and women. I hate media with a passion after the last 4 years and always will.

Yeah that’s not the humanitarian action he thinks it is. He’s still destabilizing an already war torn area. As if the 22 men killed in the first airstrike do not have mothers, sisters, wives or children. How refreshing to have the msm kissing a president’s ass again WSJ is bloodthirsty. Don’t fall for the propaganda folks. They’ve done this before.

What in the actual fuck So does that discredit the attack No way ppl are this blind... وعندما قصفت المساجد في أفغانستان 🇦🇫 لم نشاهد هذه الرحمه !!! النفاق الأمريكي What a guy...... How heroic. Meanwhile.... Who cares. I have an idea. Dont bomb us and we wont bomb you. Great Work. POTUS Indecisiones that is what we need

This is obvious damage control. Shouldn't have even considered it in the first place how bout they just stop instead of calling off *one* airstrike but bombing men and soldiers is a-ok? so horny for war Yes just wait to kill their male family members instead, that does not affect women or children at all ever

They killed over 1000 civilians in drone strikes during the Obama administration. Why didn't they call off this one? Dementia is a hell of a way to go. 50% on unconstitutional air strikes. Well done. He is not allowed to have a press conference. How is he deemed mentally capable of calling off airstrikes?

Did he just assume ones gender? Why? I thought the dems made no distinction between men and women and children vs adults? wow politics coool he wont care of men were there lol But if it was innocent male civilians he would’ve still dropped the bomb? Biden is a joke. Keep propping up the puppet..... Everyone knows he has no clue.....

So brave To live under these conditions has to be words I cannot describe. If the supposed attacks are in Iraq, why is the US bombing Syria? Is it because Israeli planes can't reach Eastern Syria? it's called murder. LOL YA OK President biden should protect he’s country, not bombing other country. The war needs to stop. If biden continue airstrike, the war will never end till judgement day. Please stop bombing the Middle East 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

He probably staged this incident to improve his public image after the last strike allcopsarepedophiles humans are *almost* figuring it out ALMOST you almost there but will humans find THE WAY? ...and then all of Syria got up and clapped. That baby’s name: Ruthkanda Forever 🎆 Lemme fix it. Joe Biden about kill more civilians as the US has already kill tens of thousands of civilians across Africa and the middle east and this bombing was stopped as damage control for the first illegal bomb strike he did.

The quote tweets and replies are full of unhinged leftists who keep insisting that there were casualties of the other strike besides literal terrorists wow this paints a vivid picture, I can only assume this is accurate! Mmmmm....something else must have happened🤔 Dont know what that is but i know for sure it can't be to avoid the 1 woman and children 'collateral damage'.

News editor's reaction when this story hit his desk for approval Wait is this our war Fuckin humanitarian of the year here. Only almost bombed a woman and child Can i get stimulus? *blows up people in syria* ok thank you biden red or blue, it doesn’t matter. It’s the same lie that’s perpetuated each and every election. Wake up folks, rich mans heaven is a poor mans hell

Bullshit. Collateral Damage nothing more. The Dogs of War are home again. Well it's an improvement over Obama I guess. Wow, give him the Nobel Peace Prize! We can bomb the poor countries but we cannot protect The Capitol Building! 🤷‍♂️ peace antiwar VERY transparent bullsht, of course. F for effort. So is Syria just gonna put women and children in every targeted spots so they won't get airstriked?

Neanderthal thinking bombing syria is going to get a good outcome. In an actual democracy the president needs congress’s approval for military strikes, which are acts of war. American autocracy is strong That didnt stop him last time!! This is optics because his last war crime was bad PR. Fuck Biden just another blood thirsty shill for the military industrial complex.

I, too, can make shit up to get people off my back 90% of obama's drone strikes killed civilians He didn’t receive my 🗳 and here he is bombing Syrians. I had no quarrel with Syria 🇸🇾 maybe I should leave before you get us both killed through association. So murder is ok if it's men? Such a dumb reason.

Why the eff are we even bombing them Please educate this helpless soul!!😭 Pretty weak PR here. Yeah they use them as shields.. I call bullshit. Civilian casualties have never bothered him before. Yeah, this totally isn’t some pathetic attempt to justify bombing people half way around the world. “He killed people. But at least he didn’t kill *those* people.”

He called it off Because he was making a doody in his diaper.... What qualifications does the United States have for air strikes in other countries? Bill Clinton did the same thing against a target in Afghanistan. Go on, guess the target. Biden found out he bombed Syria when the rest of us did. What a guy!

Wow, what a humanitarian Damage control. A total life saver!! 🤡 This guy is definitely the right man to play the president I agree. Sad that the ideas that make the most sense are never used or considered He shouldn't have hit the 1st one Aweee 🥺 Thanks for demonstrating to the world that respect to the vulnerable in this case women and children is paramount and more so to humanity

Why are we still bombing Syria Just... why? I hear the missile sight had a BLM lawn sign. So he didn't drone strike a 16 year old US citizen like his former boss did? Shouldn't this have NOT been disclosed publicly? Aren't you handing organized terrorists a playbook for US retaliation deterrence? Why would this be divulged?

Wow, a month in and he is bombing!!! What a sad start! Adivinen. Cuantas mujeres y niños comenzarán a llegar a los sitios de 'interes' Bombardear no es el camino, se pueden cometer errores fatales que fomenten una escalada de violencia. Hay que ser más inteligentes e ingeniosos. EndGameWW3 Scum media trying to add spin and turn a monster into a man of compassion. A single 'woman and children' were probably not enough civilian numbers to make it worth the Democrats while bombing the target.

Psy Ops💩 EndGameWW3 Antichrist Biden Now they are going to put children and women everywhere! It will be very difficult for the supreme leader to put one woman and one kid at every WMD site. I think we have a winner here👍 Such horse crap; he realized that we didn't need to waste the money on the rockets as we can't afford CoVID relief for 17 million additional people.

Oh well that's just so sweet Isn’t he so sweet?! Lol Can we just stop this? No reason for us to be there continuing to do this shit. Is this supposed to paint him as a humanitarian? This is common practice. U.S. could make a mistake and order some airstrikes on Brasília, Brazil... preferably on the Alvorada Palace!

Some terrorists hide behind women and children. Great now all terrorists will work, plan, train ,plot to kill Americans around kids to prevent American attacks! I would have been more impressed if he called both airstrikes off realizing that Syria is a sovereign country and airstrikes may be against international law.

i'm the motherfucking Exorcist. JoeBiden POTUS still killed approx 22 ppl with the airstrike. Imagine another country just dropping bombs randomly on american soil and killing 22 americans and the american government just going oh well ok that's just collateral damage.. So Hunter is now Huntress 🤦🏼‍♀️

So now the Syrians will load women and children in their arms depots and strategic locations. 🙄 Good job he wasn’t running ww2. There are women in the Berlin bunker and some kids! Ah let’s go home and leave it then... This is democratic US. Killing innocent women and children. thats soooo sweet 😿 Because USA is a terrorist criminal state №1 in a world.

Still killed 12 civilians with the first attack A woman and children !!! Son of a B ! They underestimate us all so much....that when the notice it it would be too late. Things are changing faster than they can even realize Nice spin , I’m sure liberals will fall for it. LOL - here comes the 'leaked reports' to make Biden look good.

Why would you put that on the news? Are you stupid? Now they will have women an children at every strike point. Are you that nieve to think they don't know how to read your shitty rag? good Nice of Joe Biden to spare their lives. That was nice of him let's give him a Nobel prize already. Stop doing damage control for the Biden administration. Stop dropping bombs and give us our checks.

Image make over !!! Cool Great. Now expect woman and children everywhere. He really means this will waste our bombs as we want more women and children in the area? The American illegal occupiers must leave Iraq and Syria. Such a great guy 🤡🤡🤡 Doesn’t change the fact that he’s a war mongerer. Trump would’ve sent extra bombers to that one