'Worst List' names 180 colleges that are 'unsafe' for LGBTQ students

At 180 schools, the list is the longest it has been in its 6-year history.

10/25/2021 9:59:00 PM

At 180 schools, the list is the longest it has been in its 6-year history.

An LGBTQ nonprofit on Monday released its annual Worst List naming 180 colleges and universities as “the absolute worst, most unsafe campuses for LGBTQ youth.”

.Shill, the president of BYU Pride, which is not officially supported by or recognized by the university, said that homophobia is “usually assumed” on campus. He mentioned a video taken in August in which a student defaces pro-LGBTQ chalk art on BYU’s campus and

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uses an anti-gay slur. In March, when about 40 students lit up the iconic 380-foot-tall “Y” on the mountain east of campus with rainbow lights, Shill said LGBTQ students faced cyberbullying.“My first week back on campus I really felt like, wow I will never belong here,” Shill said. “And just seeing straight couples being couples on campus and like holding hands or hugging ... that coupled with the attitudes of some of my professors and classmates, just the whole day, it was hard to be here.”

A representative for BYU did not immediately respond to a request for comment.A number of schools are on the list for the first time, including Seattle Pacific University, a private Christian university named in the class action lawsuit against the Department of Education. Affirm, a group of SPU students, alumni, faculty and staff dedicated to ending anti-LGBTQ policies and culture at the university, began organizing in the spring in response to the university’s involvement in two lawsuits — the class action and a suit brought by a teacher in April who

says he was denied a full-time jobbecause he is gay.In a statement emailed to NBC News, Affirm’s members said they are “saddened but not surprised” by SPU’s addition to the 2021 Worst List.“For an institution that advertises our community as a place promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the name of Christ’s love, this sobering call from Campus Pride tells us in no uncertain terms how we have failed,” Affirm’s members said. “We must rebuild our existing campus structures, remove discriminatory university policies, and foster novel spaces where LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and AAPI folk are welcomed and celebrated for the priceless gifts they bring our community.”

A representative for SPU declined to comment.Malone University, in Canton, Ohio, is also on the list for the first time.This month, Karyn Collie, an associate biology professor at Malone, announced that she would be leaving the university because she’s marrying a woman next summer. She

toldThe Canton Repository that she was hoping she and the school could find a way for her to stay employed, but that she was instead asked to resign. When she was hired, she signed a set of principles called the Community Responsibilities, which prohibit homosexual activity, according to the Repository.

Collie was a popular professor, and the news led to backlash from students, including a sit-in during a weekly worship service, the Repository reported.A representative for Malone has not returned a request for comment, but Malone President David King told the Repository that Collie isn’t the first professor to leave due to a conflict with the university’s Community Responsibilities. He also said that only employees are expected to adhere to them, and that students are not.

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“All students are welcome here, no matter what their story is, whether they have a faith journey or not,” King said.But Campus Pride points out on its Worst List that the school’sCommunity Agreement for Sexual Conduct, which all members of the Malone community commit themselves to, states that “Sex should be exclusively reserved for the marriage relationship, understood as a legal, lifelong commitment between a husband and wife.”

Windmeyer said that he hopes the Biden administration will mandate that all campuses have to apply for the Title IX religious exemption. “I think that’s the bare minimum our federal government can do to protect these LGBTQ young people,” Windmeyer said. “The President says, ‘trans people, queer people,

LGBTQ people, we’ve got your back.’ Well, you need to start here with our LGBTQ young people.”Many students, like Shill at BYU, don’t want to leave and think their schools can become better. He said BYU Pride is working with the university to change the Honor Code so that queer students can date, and the group is encouraging the university to develop a discrimination office that students and faculty can go to when they experience discrimination.

The group would also like to be able to have queer activities on campus, or put rainbow lights on the “Y” without approval. “Those kind of things like where BYU no longer is silencing us, and pushing us off campus,” he said. “Let us come on campus and be as gay as we want to be without having to hide it all.”

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Oh come on. What a pile. I can see that Disgraceful i'm sorry, but there is no excuse that these groups, schools, adoption agencies, housing etc. can take money from lgbt (tax-paying citizens) then turn around and reject lgbt. why do Christians have this 1st class citizenship? The issue here is LGBTQ. I think the world needs to strive to understand its existence rather than the number of parties. Amen

Correction- 'BEST LIST' names of colleges upholding moral standards Not surprised at all to see all these religious colleges on here.

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