World Health Org Official: Trump’s press conference on coronavirus ‘incoherent’

'I found most of what he said incoherent.' — World Health Org. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel reacts to President Trump's press conference regarding COVID-19.


'I found most of what he said incoherent.' — World Health Org. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel reacts to President Trump's press conference regarding COVID-19.

On President Trump's press conference regarding the coronavirus, World Health Organization Special Adviser to the Director Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel says 'I found most of what he said incoherent.'

On President Trump's press conference regarding the coronavirus, World Health Organization Special Adviser to the Director Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel says "I found most of what he said incoherent."

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Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

He looked very effed up standing behind Pence when Pence was saying a few sentences then waiting for applause, repeat, repeat... so lame. But yes, Trump looked out of it mentally. Democrat Obama man says false hate about a President he hates Then go back to school and be educated. Apparently you paid off the college to get your degree.

Still tweeting this, uh? Amazing how little content you have these days. The socialist pimp doc is dumbed down by his Trump Derangement Syndrome. That's our reaction to him everytime he speaks. It's all lies & gibberish. TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus Nobody watches MSNBC because there is no limit to the things they will say and do, in order to side with the left

Best thing for the market is for Trump to stay off the television... Well doctor that makes all of us. Of course you did

Travel restrictions 'irrelevant' if coronavirus becomes a pandemic, top US health official saysStringent travel restrictions imposed on inbound flights from China to contain the coronavirus outbreak become 'irrelevant' in a potential pandemic because 'you can't keep out the entire world,' a top U.S. health official said. How are they irrelevant if it become pandemic? Keeping ill people or potentially ill people out of our country will keep the illness down and not exasterbate the problem and spread to even more people Why not?

pgammo Must be that you don't follow the news, Dr Emanuel. Everything he says, does, pretends to think, has been incoherent, basically forever. pgammo It’s sad that Democrats will politicize anything. We can have Americans die due to this. Meanwhile, Pelosi and Schumer are being divisive instead of asking Trump: “How can we help” or “what do you need from us” Dems should be part of the solution not part of the problem.

As did we Sir. Nancy & money were mentioned more than virus. It known that it's hard to hear with ones head up their ass 🖕🏿 He couldnt understand the president cause this obama guy gots the TDS... Poor fella Imagine that... A doc from the organization under control of the organization critized by Trump regularly has a negative comment about Trump and has a chance to get it in the media. Huh.

Trump the Fraud Yes, the WHO condemned Trump for banning travel from China. Not too smart were they? Well, he did serve under obama, so this makes sense

Iran Health Official Who Claimed Coronavirus Was Under Control Tests Positive For The IllnessIran’s deputy health minister, who on Monday suggested that cases of coronavirus in the country were under control, has now tested positive for the illness. Oops hahahahahaha this is hilarious One would expect the deputy health minister to be taking all the precautions that a person with his knowledge would take. Does the fact that he caught the virus mean that it is even more potent than what authorities are letting on?

Well it’s hard for you to understand English. Not your basic impartial observer. Stop the anti-America political BS. Your propaganda is hurting our citizens. When you are informed , you are deformed. Because Trump do not align with them therefore he is incoherent. We ALL hear what we WHAT to hear !!!! Some are just smArt enough to STILL glen the TRUTH .... 🇺🇸🇺🇸GO TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸

Like there was ever a question. I’m a huge Trump supporter, but I agree, it was difficult to watch and I did find myself cringing at his attempts to express his position on this. There seemed to be a disconnect between what the president was trying to say and his actually articulation.

A health policy laboratory: Dems reshape health care in Colorado – and possibly the USAColorado could be a glimpse of what a sweeping Democratic victory in the 2020 election might mean for Americans and their health care.

Another official blackmailed by the desperate that does everything THEY ask....even if he has to LIE....poor people, you all are stupid. Open borders for all!! That's strange because he's usually very clear, concise and intelligent DumpTrump2020 Welcome to our World Doctor Unfortunately for the sad and desperate Democrats....Americans were able to hear POTUS and know he has America prepared for the coronavirus. But it's funny to see fakenews find these loonies who hates the POTUS like they do. They're like the Democrats.. . Desperate. LOL

MsCrystal6 Feeling safer already? RandomUTFan Of course any GLOBALIST would feed fuel toward Trump hatred. they HATE potus bc he has turned USA on path 2America first. In their eyes the US was to make them RICH first. He kept it real simple, stay home if you’re sick, wash your hands regularly, and avoid large crowds when you can.

That's because he stays Incoherent and Incompetent. Also this👇

Health savings accounts are crazy bad tax policyBut HSAs are a wonderful option for high-paid workers with high-deductible health insurance By saying HSAs are a crazy bad tax policy, you mean they’re a GREAT tax policy right? If you have a high deductible plan (which cost less - GREAT), you should 100% be using one to save money in taxes on your healthcare spending (also GREAT) AND retirement savings. Period. Bulls***t *are tax policy designed specifically for people with disposable income. In other words, tax policy for the rich. There, I fixed your headline

From CDC website, ' There is an abundance of pandemic guidance developed in anticipation of an influenza pandemic that is being repurposed and adapted for a COVID-19 pandemic.' The Doctor may not call it a pandemic, but their own website does. He sees the emperor has no clothes and says so.... trumps presidency has been incoherent

Watch for yourselves... Quit listening to others opinions! shocking ..... 🧐 Why are you running banner on feed that quotes Trump’s OBVIOUS LIES about CoronaVirus? It doesn’t matter that it’s what Trump said! IT’S A LIE, WE ALL KNOW IT so why retell the lie? NowYOU ARE COMPLICIT IN THE LIE! Some Americans didn’t see news conference are now misinformed!

BexitWesty What’s new WHO is China’s puppet. They don’t agree with the US. Not surprised at all. Now the USA needs to do this better. Now please This👏is 👏Rahm👏Emanuel’s👏brother👏 MSDNC is Fakenews

How To Prepare For A Pandemic, According To U.S. Health OfficialsThe new coronavirus, COVID-19, is expected to grow into a pandemic. Here's what to do before it breaks and after.

Wow! Incoherent! I guess I’m smarter than Ezekiel, I understood it! Did u forget to mention he is Rahm Emanuels brother? Par for the course Very NOT surprising. The President is trying to act responsibly and counter the Hysteria and panic of Coronavirus created by the irresponsible MSDNC and the media for viewers and $ profit.

Discovering what we have to endure on a daily basis thanks to Trump’s declining mental state and his inability to grasp reality or any of the basic facts that any 7 year old child knows and understands.... Obvsly one of those bias unelected deep-state Demonrat-mole bureaucrap parasites trying to take down our duly elected President & undo The People's Will. Put him on The List, Virginia! And if he has any brothers, make sure they're on The List, too. They'll go thru some things.

ICEINTERN As do we all Here's the 5th part of my short series of short blogs on Covid_19 This was negligence on the part of the President. He's over his head and it's time for him to leave office and allow someone more capable to govern.

Complementary Therapies for Hypothyroidism | Everyday HealthEven with medication, certain hypothyroidism symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, and headaches may linger. Find out which complementary therapies can help.

SLatin_impeach As usual! Wow surprising take on The President’s conference from a globalist said no one. No change there. realDonaldTrump is always incoherent. He and everyone else.. Snorting again? Please react to COVID-19 and stop reacting to the President's reaction to COVID-19. At this point, everyone needs to work together to finding a lasting solution to this outbreak.

Just because Trump didn’t do msnbc panic crisis shit. It’s so far under control 15 people have it 1 is sick the others are recovering, no one is dead. Box on USA no point in locking down LA... just yet. DONT FUCKING PANIC MSNBC scumbags Sorry but when the WHO is no longer a corrupt piece of shit organisation then I will take their opinion into consideration

The POTUS should have had his Surgeon General to present the White House Plan on keeping America safe from Covid-19 however, the POTUS needs to fill that position No worries 😳 I find MSNBC incoherent! Same WHO that won't declare the pandemic outright? The point is - he's on it. President Trump is a winner. Knows how to manage and delegate. Country is winning! The Left tries but can't knock him down.

Fools Trump talks in run-on sentences that never really say anything but throw out a lot of confusing information so he feels like he’s doing something and his sycophants can suck up to him and everybody at Fox News can yammer on about how wonderful he is and 😃 Oh the WHO which believed everything China told them about CoronaOutbreak

Welcome to “our president/pm is a clown🤡” club. Undoubtedly a partisan leftist. So what.

Funny I find most of what’s reported on MSNBC to be incoherent. I agree We'd of had a much better understanding of that statement by seeing how fast he would of run out of the room if Anne Schuchat of the CDC had coughed as she stood behind him today. perhaps you & yours will find this more coherent VoteJoeToSaveAmerica

It was incoherent in the sense of realDonaldTrump has no idea what he's talking about. Ah, Dems utilizing a virus to their political advantage and then blaming Trump again... Are we sure this virus isn't a Russian bot? realDonaldTrump Just liberal propaganda! Trump knows exactly what he’s doing and will keep the American people safe!

Incoherent BS to be specific ObamaCare Dr. Emanuel, brother of Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel? You don’t say.

'Cover your coughs' 'Wash your hands' 'Stay home if your sick' Totally incoherent Thank you Dr Emanuel so did Thousands of American’s We sat Watching Then laughing at His Make Up. And the RAMBLING on About Numbers of People in the States, We has to let The US Citzens back in. He is Just Mean . He is always incoherent... Trump is an idiot who has no idea what he is doing, especially in a pending crisis 😠

We at mapsofworld have been tracking the spread of coronavirus since 27th January 2020. We have been updating this article with the latest map and figures regularly. coronavirus COVIDー19 That is because Donald Trump DOES NOT CARE. He doesn't care about anyone or anything but himself. Knowledge offends him and he is frightened by the idea that someone is intellectually superior to him. He is a horrible person. Period.

realDonaldTrump Trump is usually incoherent when he addresses the people! That is because he is deranged, egomaniacal, ignorant, a malignant narcissist and a liar! He isn’t called the worst president without reason! That’s why the GOP love him😡😡 For a stable genius, he makes absolutely no sense. A REGULAR TRUMP SNOW JOB

Me too and I’m not health care expert. Which might rightly be said most any day.

dianaslasso Virus came out of a Lab in Wuhan. Let’s Educate Ourselves since we’re being lied to. Smh. SpeakerPelosi RepAdamSchiff Jim_Jordan Duh! Another day, more incoherence. That’s odd, I felt the same way when I heard you babbling. It’s a trend. He was straight forward not incoherent at all ? Left wing thoughts as always?

What do you want him to do to calm down people or scare the living daylights of everyone he stopped people from affected areas coming to our country he is working through specialists on a vaccine he had a specialist speak and how does this doctor know all what's being done ? Isn’t there a patent for the coronavirus US10130701B2

Did she just say Hollywood does child trafficking and child porn? hardball Yep! Kinda sounded to me like a covfere moment that went on and on with realDonaldTrump repeating himself over, and over, and over! Zounds. dandrezner

What? You don’t speak wordsaladese? That's how Trump always sounds. A lot of little words put together loudly for effect, and then the reminder of how smart he is while insisting the 'Dems' are out to destroy the world. We don't listen to CommanderBoneSpurs because nothing is real or true. FightDisinformation

So, just another day The chosen by poorly educated. So.....PMS-LSD picks Dr. Fraud as an expert.... Chipshotz1 realDonaldTrump POTUS WhiteHouse VP 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 You guys are pathetic! MSNBC please stop showing clips of Donald Trump all you’re doing is making me change the channel or turn it off just tell me what he said no more clips I don’t want to see his face anymore

Well he would say that! They are still butt hurt that he was cutting money to the WHO! LiarInChief CarnivalBarkingClown coronavirususa

Same When is people going to realize he doesn't give D n about Americans. I see i missed nothing 🙄 Who would trust Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel? What has he done? Give a little context just a little Incoherent? Why should today be any different? Another Trump hater Rambling might be another description. So did everyone.


So did we. So did we. Let’s see if the Democrats will push to close the border in the interest of national health... Ditto Totally agree. That's because Trump is Ignorant and uneducated in the Medical Field! Are we doomed? This is scary. WHO? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 STOP listening to the Fakes this virus is very cureable and treatable!! Quit buying into the panic!!!!!

Da Infection begins at the top. Incoherent is just the beginning......put him in quarantine? A cage? we need to handle it without the Admin 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Rahms brother and an absolute clown and a ghoul. His testimony and TV appearances during run up to ACA truly disturbing.

When the US is run by moronic grifters who cut funding for all important government departments re health, intelligence, oversight we are plunging off the cliff. Melissa89431446 RT Thank God A medical Doctor only POTUS comments incoherent! 🤔Geee... and the Dr. is supposed to be an intelligent person!? God help us if this is what we can expect from a medical professional🤪‼️

Of course, he's been incoherent all of his miserable life... Shut up. Hater Rahms brother 🤮another idiot

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