Women's Soccer League Players And Officials Kneel During Anthem - Cnn

Women's Soccer League Players And Officials Kneel During Anthem - Cnn

Women's soccer league players and officials kneel during National Anthem

A majority of National Women's Soccer League players knelt on one knee during the National Anthem in the opening weekend of its tournament

7/2/2020 7:01:00 AM

A majority of National Women's Soccer League players knelt on one knee during the National Anthem in the opening weekend of its tournament

A majority of National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) players knelt on one knee during the National Anthem in the opening weekend of its tournament.

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100% confident most of them did it because they did not want to be canceled!!! Why do you keep reposting a story from over a week ago? This is old news and nobody cares about a lower tier soccer league. Stand UP! No reason to stick a fork in someone’s eye - that’s a good reason to get others to NOT support you. Fina another time. When you’re not sticking a fork in the eye of a patriot. Or even worse a veteran :(( they are proud

Brave soul who stood and would not bow down to mob Marxists Gonna Kneel. Good thing nobody watches them🤣 What happened to the one that was standing up? I want to know which one was the patriot and refused to kneel Nobody cares about women's soccer, hence why they get paid less *majority and 2 real americans stood

And no one would know if cnn didn’t post this... POLITICAL STATEMENTS ARE RUINING SPORTS. It's not entertainment anymore it's a JOKE Democrats ARE ruining sports and me for one is DONE keep it . 傻逼 idiots AllLivesMatters Good job gals ...women know what's what and how to support and care for fellow humans...women nurture...you are all beautiful! 💚

They need to be paid as much as the men's team now!!! DO_I_MATTER? BlueLivesMatter BlackLivesMatter WhiteLivesMatter AllLivesMatters SilentNoMore This behavior only causes divisiveness. Uninformed youth influenced by cancerous racist hate spreaders such as . Cnn can you stop race baiting please. This is a plea from a person of colour. You are creating division within the community. You are responsible to give us truth with no affiliation. Continue to do this we the majority of people of colour will come for you

Knelt on knee as honor? Really? Same like pay tribute to WWII victims with Nazi salute. BLM is an ''INSULT'' to the Black Community. BLM is a 'CRIMINAL Lives Matter' movement. There's a SUBSTANTIAL element of the 'CRIMINAL Lives Matter' movement that are VIOLENT EXTREMISTS 'currently masquerading' as Sincere/Harmless. NO DOUBT, There's VIOLENT EXTREMISM, Waiting.

This is getting so boring They can go fuck themselves. everyone lives matter lightposition Did the fascists ever dream that they would turn the simple act of kneeling into an enduring, never ending symbol of patriotism, and love of country? Of course they didn't. They're stupid. What about those who chose to STAND?

I guess trump supporters are gonna stop ✋watching women's soccer now because of it The man encourages 🍑 just 😆😂🌝💅 Black Lives Matter! 💓💞💖💝💕💓😘 Can Trump say bad things about fertile women with enviable figure? Let's see!! Woman power, RESPECT👏 Good, I hope they realise that when the Marxist cultural revolution is done, they can forget a career as professional soccer players.

PTTP.... Soccer temas knelt around the World, all in silence not during the anthem. If a Democrat was the President the girls wont knelt during the anthem they are Just playing politics That's why knowbody watches Disgusting! This is a very kind thing to do...But we need more diversity even in the women’s soccer league... We need to be more diverse and respectful

Knelt for the Marist BLM. Disgraceful Here for the faux outrage of the Dunning Kruger specimens . . . Guess they will fund themselves The US should not wear the flag colors, that would be racist. We might want to start thinking about even having a team in general. BlackLivesMatter BLM is a Marxist revolution organization. Fuck them .

What a disgrace I agree with the statement that 'Black lives matter'. But this organization is not an example for the youth. NOBODY WATCHES SOCCER LET ALONE WOMENS SOCCER! Wow that’s really great, usually they are on both knees, servicing pleasure. 🙄🙄🙄🙄idiots Who? Does anyone even watch these freaks anymore?

celebrating keeping women on their knees, I never would have thought... Pathetic but not all did unluckily for the corrupted media. Un American President Trump has really exposed these mentally obsessed people Ok? And? COMPLETELY WORTHLESS It’s woman’s soccer, no one is watching. Imagine that protesting abuse of power, could happen during a song about fighting abusive power.

I hope none of you make it ! Lol. Stupid sheep’s 😡😡😡 They’re the best Bye bye women's soccer idiots Mentally Slaves People It’s like a cult. Who wakes up and decides they don’t want to be an American anymore? Sooooo proud Lady’s!!!!! Never bow to the thugs,, You’re supporting a group of people that hate white people and America .....fanfreakingtastic

There was a tournament? women were a mistake 🤡 Marxist lives matter Show the outcasts who stood with pride for our country and our military! Fuccck them all. They don’t represent our nation then. They are representing an ideology Unfortunate.... I would say I am not going to watch Women's Soccer anymore... But C'mon! NO ONE watches women's soccer...

Don’t watch any more.

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