Sport, Sue Bird: 'We Are Not Cute White Girls Like Soccer Players' - Cnn

Sport, Sue Bird: 'We Are Not Cute White Girls Like Soccer Players' - Cnn

WNBA superstar Sue Bird: 'We are not cute white girls like soccer players'

They are sport's ultimate power couple -- equal partners as multiple winners at world and Olympic level for the United States -- and even in the autumn of their careers still cutting it at the highest level

10/17/2020 7:33:00 PM

'Women's soccer players generally are cute little White girls while WNBA players, we are all shapes and sizes ... a lot of Black, gay, tall women ... there is maybe an intimidation factor and people are quick to judge it and put it down,' Sue Bird said

They are sport's ultimate power couple -- equal partners as multiple winners at world and Olympic level for the United States -- and even in the autumn of their careers still cutting it at the highest level

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Liberals once again segregating everything and everyone into races, and gender. We know who the actual racist are. It’s liberals who are so worried about segregating everyone into their own little groups and labeling people. Or maybe walking off the court lost your fan base Do you even know who Abby Wambach is? A gay who could kick all of the female basketball players asses. Way to denigrate fellow female athletes.

I think you all a cute maybe its because your athletes She's acting sexist opresser etc. Even thu I hope that's not the purpose. Awfully said Just shut up the NBA is playing your stupid salary and your stupid league to exist you shouldn’t be here you’re only here because men pay for you I do t think Sue Byrd said this fact check

Sue Bird is quite Clearly in need of mental help, she also sounds pretty racist too 80% lesbian WNBA players? lol is she saying WNBA players are ugly or is she saying the black soccer players are ugly? Apparently, she does not watch soccer. Jealousy rears its ugly head again from WNBA players.WNBA barely has fans because everytime you turn around they are whining about something.

Some professional women soccer players are black, some are gay. What's her point? Sounds racist what is she talking about? - in my hood soccer comes in all different shapes, colors and sizes of girls and boys- wtf?! of course CNN leads with this to continue with their theme of division and provide air time to racist comments - total click bait BS! denounce racism!

Is this quote part of the campaign to bring white people to the sport or alienate them? Soccer is ‘the beautiful game’, basketball, not so much. I think it’s the product, not the players. White is still a color..isn't it Some components of this is true but at the end of the day it's also about the product you put on the field or court. People will watch good performances. The Women's National Soccer team has proved this. However their league struggles because of the performance level.

She’s absolutely right! Not very cute or white!! Too funny!!! There is a whole lot wrong with that comment wow. Sue Bird is an Open Racist against White people. She diminished White people. Her character is disgusting! So she hates white girls? Got it. S10Bird you really showed an enormous amount of ignorance and racial bias in this statement. Plenty of women of all shapes, colors and sizes play soccer. All of which could run circles around you athletically.

Why do people say dumb things like this? Walking it back in 5... 4... 3... Exactly What shape and size is “gay”? Nothing racist about that comment, right? Fact check. True. Women soccer players are way hotter but they are sadly libtards just like WNBA Makes me want to watch it now...not! That’s right. Everything is about race. Who are racists, exactly?

How can we avoid the hunter Biden story and still pretend to be news... let's go with racism again When will ppl just understand that women sports r just not fun to watch regardless of the sport. She just struck a nerve from women's football. They maybe cute but they are way more fit than women's basketball players.

What’s the Point?... who cares... Are you calling the Soccer League Racist now?... LMAO Interesting read. 👏👏👏👏👏👏 I’m just glad she used “gay” instead of “sexual preference”. Cute little white girls?WHERE? intimidated? All y’all can catch these mf hands Rapinoe is about as cute as COVID-19! No it is just boring don’t try to make something main stream that is not

WNBA campaign for Black Lives Matter too... Even still I think Women's basketball should get paid a little more... How come Tampons and stuff ain't kicking in money... Advertising female hygene products should be WNBA 1 revenue retriever Life isn’t fair sometimes. Move on Racist Now that definitely qualifies as a racist comment.

Or it’s just boring But they are OUTSTANDING So stunning so brave, to go after other women, playing a different sport. WNBA and NBA are the most racist organization in American sports. 🇺🇸 Putting the names of a sex offender on their jerseys. How stupid!! Walking out on the national anthem, How disrespectful to all Americans. 🇺🇸

Female soccer players can at least score a goal tho And the USWNT will just take this shit for fear of being called racist that’s the best part! They may even put out a statement saying how they recognize their privilege and stuff lolololol Because race-baiting always helps the ratings If she said this about men’s soccer I’d believe it after seeing those flops. But I’ve seen genuine toughness in women’s matches.

das racisz!! intimidation factor 😂 Its because their sport sucks, they are barely the third most competitive basketball league in the US. How the hell does the WNBA still exist? _shireenahmed_ ummmmmm I happen to think Sue Bird is cute... was disappointed to hear she played for the other team... Amazing how CNN continues to help folks promote their victim status. There could not possibly be 1000 other reasons.

If ANYBODY else made this remark, they would be tarred and feathered. Hypocrite. R U kidding me? Cute white girls? Soccer players where? Nah it just isn’t fun to watch. Ugly and racist. What’s wrong with cute little white girls? Racism. BS. Apples to oranges! The USWNT should be compared to the the U.S. Olympic Women's Basketball Team! The WNBA should be compared to the professional Women's Soccer League! THEN, there is NOT the gulf that is portrayed in the article.

Race, race, race... Change the bloody tune will you. 🙄 NO TO THE CRIMINAL BLOCKADE AGAINST VENEZUELA. AND THE ONLY LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT CONSTITUTIONALLY AND ELECTED BY POPULAR VOTES IS CALLED NICOLASMADURO Marta says hello. Guys go to shrink and take care of all those complexes and leave us alone Nah the marketing/schedule is terrible, y'all literally had playoff games the same time as NBA

There will be plenty “cute little white girls” ready to punch her right in the kisser!! Interesting how in youth sports or sports the talk is either of white or black. America is way more diverse than that. Too much stereotyping. Racist AF No. It’s just not very good What an absolutely idiotic comment. She has a point. Hockey is mostly white and it's way more popular than the NBA. Wait...

If I'm going to watch some boring athleticism at least the women can be pretty. Oh good Lord...shut up lol 😆 This great point guard is incorrect. Women's soccer is very similar to men's Soccer IE same moves, pacing, skill level. Both play 'below the rim'. The same cannot be said for women's basketball. The game is slower, less athletic, lower skill lvl. NBA v. WNBA not same.

What a stupid thing to say. But if it makes her feel better, I watch as much women's soccer as I do the WNBA, none. The WNBA is a charity, they lose millions of dollars every year. If I made a big salary ever year my boss lost money, I'd probably be a bit more humble. IT'S BORING! Not enough people want to watch WNBA or Women's soccer for that matter. No revenue pile, no high pay. Simple as that.

What's with the comparisons and labeling? It's sounds to me like she has a very low self-esteem; She is correct Pretty sure nobody this side of an average boys high school basketball team is intimidated by the WNBA. All teams and all sports should be assigned a certain number of each diverse genders, race and nationalities. No more teams picking their players by skill and physical attribute or ability.

The left eating each other. Play ball or click Truly disappointed with this take, Sue Bird. Why put down women in another sport, and why focus on appearances? Exactly the opposite of how we should be supporting each other. I think you've drastically overestimated the general public's interest in either sport.

Funny, I never thought that… So quit talking for everybody. You are privileged. You are nothing without the paycheck of the WNBA. Lol no one is intimidated by the WNBA. It's just boring. There’s no point to this. What a waste. Has she ever actually watched soccer? Or maybe the WNBA is a lousy product. More racism!!

She sounds racist. I don’t get it. Are you saying white girls are cute and black tall girls aren’t? That’s a weird flex. And look at her judging girls who play soccer and their body types! Hypocrisy at its best! There are no LGBT Indonesians and Nigerians playing ice hockey ski-jump. Something needs to be done!

What a racist comment. Hmmm. Different sports are played differently? Color me shocked. Our women’s soccer team won two golds in a row. Only the second time in history. It’s better to be short in soccer and the team leader is gay. Sorry if she’s too lazy too run more than 10 feet for the ball on a court I could spit across.

... I have never watched WNBA. And this attitude guarantees I never will. Soccer players aren’t down with the social justice. BLM, I’m gonna ignore genocide in China crowd. Wtf is womens soccer!? has really become a racist outlet. Sounds racist to me I think CNN, women’s soccer, and the WNBA are all ridiculous, not deserving of anyone’s time just thought I’d contribute to the ratio...

This will definitely help dispel the storyline that the WNBA is full of talentless, bitter, whiny social justice harpies. Women’s professional soccer deserves more credit because they are creating a self-sustaining league. The WNBA has always sponged off the NBA and still can’t draw enough fans to fill a high school gym.

No one goes to women’s pro soccer matches either , only the national team and they are trying to drive those fans awayas much as they can .,the huge gap between the nba and the WNBA in athletic ability is why no ones watches . who wants to gosee layups and mid range jumpers 🤷‍♂️ Even amazon women need an outlet...

I’ve legit tried to watch/support the WNBA, but the product is boring and subsidized. Sucks S10Bird has to put down other women and their sport to justify her bullshit. Oh horseshit. Always got to play the race/gender card This is such an absolute load of shit ! Here's an idea , since the left claims there's no biological difference between Men and Women , and it's all just a 'social construct' , why don't these Women just play in the NBA. Problem , Solved. You're welcome.

Wow cnn how anti feminist is that story,Jeez. Per usual trying to cause division. S10Bird Sue Bird is (1) a racist (2) misguided (3) ignorant (4) All of the Above Cry baby cry. Imagine having to complain about women’s soccer being more popular than your sport. That would be like CNN complaining about The Knitting Channel beating them. Oh wait....

My kids soccer games have more fans than the WNBA CNN dividing by skin pigmentation, again... Definition of resting bitch face This has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard CNN is garbage. The only race you will win is the bait race. Shame on you. Maybe if they could actually play people would watch

Because soccer girls are hot! Jesus Christ racist much? Or is this the good kind of racism for CNN? Even for you, Clown News Network, this is a reach 🙄 There are no more racist media than CNN. They always talked about race They’re definitely not cute. She’s right about that. I have never watched a women’s basketball game, and pretty sure I never will. Yuck. Love soccer though 🤷🏻‍♀️

Statistics show only their girlfriends watch the WNBA, the abysmal ratings. I don’t care about any sports league where I would dominate. And no one bothers with either equally This is racist garbage quoted like it means something useful and decent. How far we have strayed. Years in the future we will look back at this era in history in mild horror.

Identity politics is going great.... Stupid victim culture. Everyone rushing to be oppressed to feel relevant. It must be exhausting moving the chains! Such wnba privledge, like they are the top lesbians around- pathetic Valid point if we being honest... Not many people wanted to tune in to see a bunch of..... Nm

No its boring The left is outwoking itself It’s she boning one....a blond one. Why is she hating on soccer? Lmao Nobody watches that either. And they don’t have a men’s league footing the bill for them. If you have a product people want you will never have marketing problems. If you pretend your product is as good as the best, people are smart and will see through it You're trying to sell a Mini Cooper pretending it's a good as a Ferrari. False advertising and wishful thinking

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. This is fucking idiotic. There is a certain portion of people on the political spectrum who just cannot seem to see beyond someone’s race and gender. Every part of their miserable existence boils down to only that. Hint: It isn’t Republicans. ' nappy headed hos'?

Maybe women’s basketball is really fucking boring, no matter what the woman look like who are playing it 🤷🏼‍♂️ das racist The left is openly racist. Or it’s just a totally stupid boring sport compared to men’s *insert Don Imus quote Extreme liberals will take any chance they get to bash straight, white people. They live for that shit.

Gross Of they suck at basketball and nobody wants to watch bad talent. 🤷🏻‍♂️ wnba is 🗑 wow for some who wants to sound open minded she is using a lot of generalizations CNN is trash S10Bird they them to put on the board I have a few ideas that will make the WNBA a lot more entertaining. Just speak the truth...nobody wants to watch it. There’s no mystery to this.

That’s pretty racist to me. It’s true tho 🤷‍♂️ Overthinking not a good thing in this case The pic of her wearing a USA shirt somehow makes her comments even sadder. What is her point We don't care. Try and divide other people. Cuz, racism Ok Can’t go wrong trashing white people these days. Soccer is a game most kids grow up playing.

Ahhh yes, racism should draw in the crowds. WNBA and women’s soccer suck equally. Why is the word “cute” used on one end and on the other side “tall”. Like you can’t be cute and tall? It is delusional that CNN thought this was worth printing. How are we going to fight racism, with racist comments like that?

So the reason nobody's watching them is... racism? There's no need to dig at another womens sport. Yes the WNBA has a different demographic than Women's Soccer, but being devisive is a disservice to all. No one should put down the WNBA, you're amazing athletes! If they do, they're most likely misogynists & scared of your prowess!

The problem is woman sports are subpar to mens. If peolle want true equality then do away with segregated sports leagues and just have one League without having any quotas. Bye, bye any woman in sports. The “people” are to blame. “To hell with them... to hell with everyone...” Weather it’s Soccer or WNBA they’re all Lesbians

No. If one knows anything, and the news is supposed to, it’s not about the race or preferences of the players. getreal Racist and sexist. Good job! And she’s not LeBron James so stop complaining that you don’t make as much money as him 🤦‍♂️ Damn no reason to slam other women for doing well. Unprofessional

Pay attention to me! Judge me, don’t judge me, judge me!! You have women who are tall that play basketball you have women who are fast that play soccer. Why is it just about looks and sexual orientation? Wow. This is pure racist. SueBirdIsARacist Nobody cares about women basketball. Or it could be that womans soccer is just more popular than womans basketball. I think Abby Wambach may take issue with this assessment.

It’s all about skin color to insane leftists. S10Bird Wow. Expect more that this from you. You can make your point without denigrating other women. Shame on you. LOL yeah that’s it. WNBA is still a thing? 😂 come to the UK and meet the women rugby players. They are all tremendous. wnba Would you attend mandatory nation wide COVID-19 one day testing?

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