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Weather, Wilfred

Wilfred, the last storm name on the list, likely to form in Gulf today

Wilfred, the last name on this season's list, has about a 90% chance of forming in the Gulf of Mexico, according to the National Hurricane Center

9/17/2020 10:32:00 PM

Wilfred , the last name on this season's list, has about a 90% chance of forming in the Gulf of Mexico, according to the National Hurricane Center

Another storm is forming and the hardest-hit areas along the Gulf Coast will need to keep an eye on the next storm forming on the horizon. Wilfred , the last name on this season's list, has about a 90% chance of forming in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Hurricane Sally forecast: Gulf Coast braces for flooding, dangerous storm surgeA pier was damaged and submerged under water in Bear Point Hood in Orange Beach, Alabama. Hurricane Sally is forecast to bring dangerous storm surge and historic and life-threatening flooding this week to the Gulf Coast. Slowly but surely.. The happenings of these disasters is gonna contribute to one big natural disaster.... Mother Earth is angry. Yet she is being ignored!! Wake up people!! TrumpHidTheTruth

Tracking Hurricane Sally: Gulf Coast braces for flooding, dangerous storm surgeLATEST: HurricaneSally has strengthened into a Category 2 storm as it moves NNE toward the Gulf Coast at 2 mph. God This HurricaneSally is deadly away before

Tropical Storm Sally Moves Toward Gulf Coast As Bermuda Braces For Hurricane PauletteForecasters are closely monitoring a pair of weather systems that threaten to deliver more damage in what has already been an active hurricane season. Hurricane Paulette is rolling toward Bermuda while Tropical Storm Sally is moving toward the Gulf Coast. Hope they don’t start any forest fires behold, a forecast without sharpie... This tweet was published for an article that is now three days old.

Hurricane Sally updates: Storm makes landfall as Category 2, brings life-threatening rain to Gulf CoastA search-and-rescue volunteer group surveyed the damage to parts of Orange Beach, Alabama, showing overturned boats, flooding and damaged structures in the wake of HurricaneSally making landfall nearby on Wednesday morning. Maybe these red states will start believing in climate change... See, Trump was right about the storm hitting Alabama. Feel bad for them, but maybe they should manage their oceans better.

Hurricane Sally updates: Storm slamming Gulf Coast with life-threatening floodingStructures were damaged, streets flooded and trees torn down in Gulf Shores, Alabama, after HurricaneSally made landfall in the state as a dangerous Category 2 hurricane. So does blue state money bail them out again? And again? And again? Be safe Great Neighbours

Hurricane Sally weakens to tropical storm, brings 'historic flooding' to U.S. Gulf CoastHurricane Sally uprooted trees, flooded streets and cut power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses on Wednesday as it brought what the U.S. National Hurricane Center called 'historic and catastrophic' flooding to the Alabama-Florida coast. Such fake overdramatized peckerwood footage!😂🤣😆💨💨💨💨💀 ❣️ Where are the Trumpist Boat Parades when you need them? I hope Alabama-Florida coast residents are safe on high ground. High and dry. Commiserating from CA 🔥🧑‍🚒🧯🚒 🗳️ 📩