Wichita Shooting: Police Officer Was Wounded And A Suspect Killed, Police Say - Cnn

Wichita Shooting: Police Officer Was Wounded And A Suspect Killed, Police Say - Cnn

Wichita Police officer was wounded and a suspect killed in shooting, police say

A Wichita Police officer was wounded and a suspect was killed in a shooting during a 'check welfare call,' police say

6/20/2021 6:19:00 PM

A Wichita Police officer was wounded and a suspect was killed in a shooting during a 'check welfare call,' police say

An officer with the Wichita Police Department is in critical condition after being shot multiple times by a suspect during a 'check welfare call,' said Capt. Wendell Nicholson, a bureau commander with the Wichita Police Department.

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Dozens of Portland police officers resign from team that responds to protests after member is indictedAbout 50 officers assigned to the Portland police department's crowd control team resigned one day after one of the team's officers was indicted for allegedly using his department-issued baton to assault a protester last summer Fuk em 🐷 The videos that came out of Portland protests last summer were horrific. Officers that resigned over indictment might think they are in the right, but they are giving us exactly what we wanted. Happy to see them go. Law and order people stand with Law Enforcement. Criminals do not want law!

Fierce Capitol attacks on police in newly released videosVideos released under court order provide a chilling new look at the chaos at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, including body camera footage that shows a man charging at a police officer with a flagpole and tackling him to the ground. animals that need to be sent to quantanamo.. C’mon! He’s the tour guide and that’s his version of the brightly colored umbrella some guides use to signal to their group. Force GOP and Republicans to release these insurrection videos on their official social media accounts or fine them. This is bullshit clamshell game.

Few police agencies have given L.A. prosecutors the names of dishonest copsMore than 40 of the county's law enforcement agencies have yet to provide the district attorney's office names of officers who have histories of dishonesty and other misconduct that could affect their credibility in court. nice F’in union is too strong. Gotta topple it. The LA prosecutors are dishonest. They will hear your NOT GUILTY plea, then cancel your court date several times to make you sit in jail for months them force a plea on you with your appointed. HOW MANY MORE BLACK & INNOCENT WERE/ARE LOCKED UP LIKE ME.

A panel finds that London’s police are “institutionally corrupt”The panel was concerned not only with the 1987 murder of Daniel Morgan, a private investigator, but also corruption, past and present, in the Metropolitan Police The vast majority of police forces are. Give people such power and it will always trend towards corruption and straight-up abuse. Really 🤭 How a panel says that LONDONpolice are institutionally corrupt? Does it mean that London Administrators are inefficient? Then ,How Law&Order are being maintained in such a great city? It is being astonished by going through this twist.

Portland police officers resign en masse from crowd control unit after officer is indictedThe entire Portland police crowd control unit resigned from the assignment a day after a grand jury in Oregon indicted an officer for allegedly using unlawful force on a protester Good for them Bad police officers should remove themselves from the police force when They know they are wrong it make protesters and people of color much safer when bad police officers are not on the force Haha seeeeeee ya I hope the door hits y’all in the ass Glad to see each of them leave.