Why you have an accent in a foreign language

It is because pronunciation, stress and rhythm are rarely taught well

10/17/2021 8:11:00 AM

A language’s rhythm can be hard to pin down. They differ in how they space the syllables in each sentence

It is because pronunciation, stress and rhythm are rarely taught well

puh-sychotic. Anglophone commentators discussing Kylian Mbappé, a French footballer, find themselves compelled to add a third syllable, calling himEm-bap-ay.A similar befuddlement affects many foreigners learning English, perhaps even more so. The reason a Spaniard might say he is from

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Espainwhen speaking English is thatsp-,st-and other consonant combinations are forbidden at the beginning of Spanish words, which is why the capital of Sweden isEstocolmo. That is just one example. English is unusually rich in consonant clusters that are, in practice, not allowed in other languages. Google a video of foreigners trying to say

squirrelfor another case study. The word combines an unusualskw-at the beginning, an odd vowel sound in the middle that most languages lack, and the tricky-rlat the end.Another reason people are betrayed by their accents in other tongues, even if they are otherwise proficient, is that a language’s rhythm can be hard to pin down. They differ in how they space the syllables in a sentence. Cantonese and Italian, for instance, are “syllable-timed”: every syllable has roughly similar duration. Read this sentence aloud and try to pronounce every syllable this way, and you may find yourself halfway to mimicking an Italian. English is “stress-timed” (though less strictly), meaning that stressed syllables occur at roughly regular intervals, the remainder tending to be less distinctly pronounced. This is how you could distinguish Italian from English being spoken through a wall, even without being able to make out any individual sounds or words. headtopics.com

English-speaking tourists sometimes find themselves speaking English with a weird hybrid accent when they go abroad. Linguistic rhythm is infectious. But as with drumming or dancing, a little explicit teaching never hurts. Read more: The Economist »

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Accent comes from the use of different muscles in the mouth when we pronounce, it will get better with exercise in the use of those muscles. 'I share these dreams only for the sake of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, because he told me to do so.' 'میں تو صرف حضرت محمد مصطفی ﷺ کی خاطر یہ خواب بیان کر رہا ہوں۔ میرا اس میں کوئی ذاتی مفاد نہیں ہے۔ Muhammad Qasim👇

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Behind the word is the thought. Ideation manifests thought. Ideation is mind activity. Mentation is the root of language. Languages vocalise mind patterns. Has evolution evolved our synapses differently for the ideation-thought mode to express itself differently in tonal terms? I have seen English people speaking almost flawless Urdu but still a native speaker catches them out

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