Why the Secret Service spent thousands at a Trump hotel

The Secret Service stayed at a Trump hotel in Vancouver while protecting Donald Trump Jr. on a hunting trip to Canada.


Congress hasn’t launched a formal investigation into federal spending at Trump properties, but some House Democrats are eyeing it as a future area for congressional examination

The Secret Service stayed at a Trump hotel in Vancouver while protecting Donald Trump Jr. on a hunting trip to Canada.

The Secret Service is required to protect the president’s children, but the tendency of Trump and his family to funnel funds to their own properties has complicated what had been a routine practice. Critics say the Trumps are using the presidency to boost the president's businesses by forcing the federal government to spend taxpayer money at Trump properties.

"The presidency should not be a money-making operation," Raskin said. "The president is directing his subordinates in the executive branch of government ... to stay at Trump properties."

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How many people travel with the president and first lady? As a taxpayer, I have no issue with it ..... next. Spending taxpayer money to protect the grown ass offspring of the President is one of those ‘norms’ of the so-called swamp. It is not a law. Since Trump hates abiding by any norm, this one should be ignored by US! (Although Secret Service probably prevents corrupt acts...)

I hope they got the money up front Well, when the left radicalized it base more people need protection from these nut jobs So 11 more people somehow caused a 'strain' on the Secret Service budget? Sounds like the mainstream media is going fishing... It makes me sick to my stomach every time I think of my tax dollars being spent to protect this horrific, criminal family. 🤮🤮🤮

Of course, not just the hard number, but they're scurrying all over the world protecting Thanksdad and Fredo while they do business for daddy's Organ. IMPEACH WhenIsTheVote? Oh isn’t that too bad...🙄 Who cares

Why the Secret Service spent thousands at a Trump hotelThe Secret Service stayed at a Trump hotel in Vancouver while protecting Donald Trump Jr. on a hunting trip to Canada. An the Secret Service spent thousands of the many Obama “separate” vacations...multiple times a year for 8 years. Your point is disgusting For good reason. Carry on, Mr. President.

Why would he go anywhere else and possibly face rude Democrats who don’t respect private space? Go to his own hotel where he could expect better treatment. Any of us would do the same thing . Go where we felt at home . But in the meantime, the Social Security Admin. are finding ways to one day cut benefits. This is the winning we have all been waiting for.

We should not be paying for that! No money for foodstamps but for theres money Is that not conflict of interest? ... and the problem? why? The 6k doesn't bother. That it was spent at a Trimp hotel, that's out of line. I wonder why Politico never said one word about all the money spent on Obama’s many vacations. Especially the ones where Obama wouldn’t fly on the same plane as the dog, so 2 Presidential planes were used, incurring double the expense. Not a word from Politico about it. Hmmmmm.

Why Brad Falchuk Is Hollywood’s Best-Kept SecretThe press-shy man behind Ryan Murphy—and husband to Gwyneth Paltrow—has signed a major production deal of his own with Netflix. How the writer–producer–director, out with “The Politician,” is carving his own path. Lovely interview! Our friend Annabelle Neilson was dyslexic. She wrote a series of children’s books about it. Our friend alexandermcqueen was also dyslexic. Thank you for sharing since you can see this common thread of pure genius TinkyNeilson McQueen PoseOnFX GwynethPaltrow

WHY!!!!!! TrumpSwamp always in full swing ! Disgrace AnyoneButTrump2020 ‘Critics say’ ?! No. That’s a factual statement that ALL Americans should know and admit. Get it together, No shit Sherlock. 🙄 Emoluments Well yeah think trump became president because he actually cared about America. No shit. Welcome to the party, Politico.

Is this hot take for someone who’s been in a coma for 3 years? Lucky bastard. And how much have they spent protecting Bill Clinton on Epstein jaunts

Why U.S. taxpayers repeatedly paid a Trump hotel in CanadaThe Secret Service stayed at a Trump hotel in Vancouver while protecting Donald Trump Jr. on a hunting trip to Canada. Is this the same as when Biden charges them rent to live on his property? It's cute Trumpy Jr. tries to be a redneck now. Helping dad secure that dumb people vote that elected him. DonaldJTrumpJr IvankaTrump POTUS realDonaldTrump nypost foxandfriends LouDobbs Disgusting!!!

The Trumps see the Treasury as their personal bank with credit of an unlimited amount. They have a sense of entitlement. Wow! $6000 in a multi billion dollar enterprise..that is less than a little significant. Yep Does any watch groups have a record of what taxpayer money the Trumps have spent so far on their own businesses?

Ass hat! Typically a Trump move! Stop the bs w/ 'critics say' and state it as a fact. Because it is. Now who would have thought..... Yeah, we’ve been saying.... Sounds like a crime in there somewhere. He is going to do this the rest of his life. The Secret Service should instead pitch tents on his properties.

After weekend feud, Scaramucci explains why Trump must goAfter a weekend feud with President Donald Trump, former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci explains why he believes that the Republican party should field a challenger to Trump. Best thing outta Scaramucci is when he said, “Should we send him back?” Doh! defeattrump When were you lying, Anthony. Then or now? 👍👍👍

Probably true. Trump is complaining about losing billions as president. He doesn’t need secret service protection Do you do anything but bash trumps When will we wake up to these thieves in the White House who steal our money for their own enrichment. By the way junior, hunting animals does not make you a powerful man, it makes you a tiny destructive little specimen of a human. ( a self centered one at that)

Bullsh**! More lies about Trumps! Why are we protecting this Nazi? If course... he's been doing this from the beginning⚡ He is pure evil & going straight to Hell🔥💥⚡👎✊💪 Isn’t Turd, Jr just so special? TheLizbeth10 Of course. This isn't a surprise.

Column: Why the short-term health plans Trump favors are cheap: They shortchange you on careLimited healthcare plans are useful only in very limited circumstances. 'Turning them into long-term substitutes for good health coverage only exposes their buyers to loss,' writes columnist hiltzikm hiltzikm No one should buy these. They are worthless. The money goes into the pocket of big insurers. hiltzikm Its called choice idiot. Government takeover will ruin healthcare in the USA hiltzikm In the photo we see evil men and women just like in the days of Nazi Germany.

Laighe GrifterInChief Really? I didn't know!😏 Ugh Duh soulwhisper2016 Why do we waste our tax dollar protecting this piece of 💩💩💩💩 Sounds about right to me. trump: Emoluments, whoever heard of emoluments ... This is factually correct and demonstrable. Really? What do the non-critics say about it? BetsyGervasi Once he's gone. ALL of their properties need to be seized and sold to recoup America's losses.

Why you shouldn't trust Anthony Scaramucci's criticism of TrumpFormer White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci now says Republicans should support someone other than Trump in 2020. Lawrence O’Donnell explains why you should be skeptical of the former Trump supporter's claim and talks with Bill Weld, the only Republican who is already challenging Trump in the GOP primary. Lawrence I think there is redemption for all Trumpers who stand up to and reject this very unqualified and unethical President. I hope others will start getting honest about his dishonesty. I hope the GOP gives us another choice in 2020. Lawrence But pack it in in regards to Kamala Harris! Lawrence He's upset poor baby 😢

They SS choose housing for trips...always best security to stay at same hotel as the person they are protecting. $6K is really low. Why does he need protection? He killed a lion and an elephant. He should be good. dah.... you just figuring this out now? You can have all the money in the world but I guarantee you, none are happy, none get a full night's sleep.

Do they drink a lot? Or did they ring for 'special services'? This is not news... The biggest drain in the swamp are the Trumps. What a waste of tax dollars 🙄🙄 It’s a scam. Where there is a Trump, there is a grift.

uh yeah that’s exactly what’s happening. That’s pretty much his motivation for becoming president This: Of course they did. Why would we expect anything less? The upward funneling of tax dollars! Yay! SarahKZhou Since when was it acceptable to use the word 'critics' as a substitution for 'people with an IQ above a box of hockey pucks'?

Critics? You guys are beyond parody Yah think? You might want to look into this breaking story as well: Water has bern purported to be wet! 'Critics' (non-trumpers) have been saying this for years now.

Splendid reporting einstein 🙄 This is a fact. State it as such. Oh please And just the other day Trump complained that he has lost BILLIONS of dollars as a result of being president. So are the critics right? Maybe some news organization could actually tell us with reporting and all... This just in. Are you kidding me? 'Critics say'?

Of course they are. LAME! Cite your sources. DUH JulieA77669619 Again, not their hotel. Just renting the name. When contract expires could become a Delta, Westin, whatever. It is owned by individuals who bought a hotel room. Developer was Canadian

No sh*t Duh Those bloody Trumps and money greedy. Gimme gimme to the all about me realDonaldTrump. Duh Isn't everyone saying this because it's demonstrably true? Well aren’t they? The date on this says today... but it's something we've known about for ohhhh, say, 2.5 years now?! Way to catch up politico.

IAmSophiaNelson The con-artist president is scheming while in the powerful office? Nice of these 'critics' to speak up after 2 1/2 years of obliviousness that everyone else has seen from Day 1. Ya think?! This presidency is all about profit - for the Trumps.

Wow Politico, it seems that RepRashida mentioned this when she was sworn in. You're only about 7 or so months late. Um........ critics from 2017? More hate and rhetoric from the Left! Critics say Politico is spelled P-O-L-I-T-I-C-O What a revelation! Who’d have guessed Trump would lie, cheat, and con America for his own benefit? I mean there are only multiple decades of legacy. But what do I know? I’m just a riled up grandma.

This is such a hit piece. NBC news did a article saying he lost a Billion dollars since becoming president. Do a thorough review of his taxes then . . . Can’t wait till these racist hate mongers are out Don't forget he took the Apprentice job because he was short on money. Yes, taking the Presidency was means to in rich him self, and his kids. And it's working. Grifters

That's shocking information...who would think a President would try to take financial advantage of his position to enrich himself and his family members.....Trump will leave.. with his pockets much fuller and the country with a humungous debt KMConrad11 that is a stupid and misleading comment meant to harm, President Trump, so he will not be reelected. That simple! misleadingstatements to destroy trump image.

*Evidence shows the Trumps Surprise!! RobGeorge He has his own gun. Why does he need the Secret Service? realDonaldTrump give us our money back. You don’t need to spend OUR money. RobGeorge Critics say ? KatGodspell Honestly, this country can not afford the Trump presidency. Just imagine the post presidency co$t to taxpayers as realDonaldTrump flits around his clubs & properties with Secret Service in tow.

That cannot be possible! Our GOAT POTUS promised! realDonaldTrump senatemajldr Whatever happened to Trump’s promise of never taking a day off? fimail TrumpCrimeFamily TrumpIsAFelon ImpeachTrump Must be a typo. He wasn't hunting sheep, he was humping sheep. Again I ask as a hard working taxpayer. Why must we continue to pay for the “always vacationing”trumps & their antics. Seems to me they “work less”then anyone I know.I can’t afford to “support” the .1% anymore. 2020 fix

And this is why we don’t have a real president because he’s always on vacation. Vote trump out Abuse of power! shitweasel

Isn't realDonaldTrump DONATING his SALARY as the President of the US to government agencies. So why is this DONATION not being mentioned. This ONE-SIDED reporting days are gone. People know what is going on in the world in SECONDS. So return to your CAVES, MEDIA CAVEMEN! And? 9 months out of 2.5 years spent at his properties on the taxpayers money! Insane that republicans are all right with this.

So? Next President should work with Congress to claw back any taxpayer funds payed to trump properties. This is just more Leftist propaganda and claptrap promoted to inflame the pea-brains of some Democrat voters. Considering how many days the occupant is the White House has spent at a golf course that he owns, this seems like an easy investigation. The House has the power of the purse. Emoluments DrainTheSwamp

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