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Why the Gabby Petito Case Has Captivated the Nation

9/25/2021 3:10:00 PM

Why the Gabby Petito Case Has Captivated the Nation

After she was reported missing by her parents on Sept. 11, YouTuber Gabby Petito's disappearance and the search for her fiancé Brian Laundrie has dominated headlines and social media. Here's why.

Alyssa ChenPeople. "But they really seemed to love each other."But her Instagram feed also proved to be a small window in Gabby's life with Brian, one armchair detectives were immediately hoping to pry open ever more."Social media has a way of presenting a beautiful life," Gomulka said. "And so many have pored over her pictures to find what might be a possible reason for her initial disappearance or a clue as to what might have happened."

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Reddit's forum about Gabby amassed over 100,000 members in less than 10 days and averages 6,400 comments per day, according to Subreddit Stats, a site that collects Reddit data. "This is absolutely the fastest case of growth I have ever seen on Reddit for any type of missing persons case," a moderator told Insider. When the FBI announced human remains had been found on Sept. 19, the moderators locked the page to avoid overwhelming the site.

Gabby Petito's Inner Circle Shares Insight Into Alleged "Toxic" Relationship With Brian LaundrieBut it wasn't just Reddit investigating the case from behind their computer screens, with Instagram users immediately examining the couple's feeds, noticing irregularities and leaving comments on Gabby's photos. "Every single Instagram post has the location tagged except for the last 2 which were posted after her family last FaceTimed with her," one user wrote on her last picture posted on Aug. 25, sparking conversation, debate and unfounded theories. headtopics.com

(One of the clearest signs of just how interested the public became in this case? On the day her disappearance began making headlines, Gabby had 17,000 followers on Instagram. On Sept. 24, she had 1.1 million. Brian, meanwhile, is now at 376,000 followers, up from 7,000.)

InstagramTikTok, meanwhile, became an unexpected source of sightings and clues in the investigation, with users on the platform sharing their alleged interactions with Brian, including one woman who said she picked him up hitchhiking in Wyoming and another who claimed to have spotted the van near where authorities found Gabby's body. (Police confirmed to

Fox Newsthey had spoken to the latter.)The North Port Police Department has received "an influx of tips" about viral videos and posts, according to public information officerJosh Taylor,BuzzFeed News, "Social media has helped us solve a lot of crimes. You have to take the good with the bad; You might get a thousand completely insane pieces of information, but that one piece that might be the missing piece to the puzzle, it's important."

And that one vital piece of information can be hidden in the metaphorical haystack that is social media speculation. For example, some followers even noticed her roots were done in most recent photos.Not to go all Elle Woods but gabby petito doesnt have her roots done on ig pics of the parks but her has fresh blonde in the most recent pic aka its an old picture & she was not the one who posted it. Also the pic doesn’t match her aesthetic at all she wouldnt have posted that headtopics.com

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Was an interesting read until race was brought into it, thought they were trying to find the fiancé Why is it that she & her family received so much media attention but other families who have missing daughters & sons in very similar circumstances (Domestic Violence, Controlling Spouse, Bullying) not? If it is a matter of Race & Class then ya Police need to do better

Duh. It is funny media wondering why other media outlets do not give as much attention to other cases as they did to this case! It might be simple: You take the initiative and report on it.. 🤦🏻‍♀️ My God the girl was found dead and people are still using it as a race card sickening Because she’s white. Easy article.

It didn't the media just choose to focus on it Cause y'all kept posting about it 🤷🏾‍♀️ Because the man drove her van back from a few months vaca with out her and the police let him walk free & say nothing. The fact that we the public had more sense then the police. She had alot of followers that brought attention to the case. Absolutely nothing to do with race.

People need to start targeting the media in regards to why they only cover certain cases. Yes she was white🙄 but she was also an 'influencer' and the circumstances surrounding it were odd. So yea it got more media attention. The biggest reason is she’s white and attractive.

Debates sparked by Gabby Petito case echo in 28-year-old London teacher’s killingThe killing of Sabina Nessa has prompted a renewed outcry over violence against women in the U.K., while again putting a spotlight on the disparity in coverage of cases involving people of color. This case was all over the News, this is Britain, the News will cover everyone no matter their background or skin colour! the news is mad about what the news is reporting about 😂 Seriously.... is there ANYthing Yahoo can't spin into a 'whites are evil' racial story?

Because she’s a pretty blonde white woman. Soon a lifetime or Netflix movie It captured the nation because of the media. I wish all missing people got this attention. I hope they find that POS soon!! 💔 Probably because the police really f'ked up and should have taken her in when they stop her and saw her crying on the highway. Instead let her go and now she's dead. We want answers

Easy. She’s white. cvgypsy_ Because you all keep cramming it down our throats every f-ing day! ‼️ 🙄 Because she blogged her travels, had 800 thousand followers who followed her daily…I love how ppl are trying to say because she’s white it got attention…f-off with that…It’s because she posted her life daily


Gabby Petito case shines spotlight on other missing person casesThe national spotlight on Gabby Petito's disappearance has given families of other missing persons hope that that they too can amplify their stories and find loves ones. This should have been done years ago . People of other race besides white don’t get the same attention it’s sad. Two very unremarkable people that you wouldn’t even look at if it was just you and them in a room became a fixation of social media. This country really gravitates towards apparent murders on the road. However, that’s not to say that this isn’t an unfortunate scenario. More inner strength than I could fathom it would take to share your grief with stranger so that they, themselves can keep the candles lit for their lost ones. Closure the only motive. There is no happy endings for these poor people. Our hearts be with them on this day and beyond

Federal Arrest Warrant Issued for Brian Laundrie in Gabby Petito Death CaseBrian Laundrie is now a wanted man by the feds ... an arrest warrant has been issued -- but NOT for Gabby Petito's death. I agree with Geraldo on this one Sorry not sorry About time You are a little late ...

The Gabby Petito Case Is Forcing Us To Reckon With Our Collective True Crime Obsession“It is concerning that people feel such liberty to turn to their TikTok accounts and post and talk so openly about the case, as if they were gossiping to friends about it.” Why doesn't anybody talk about that 500+ missing children of native Americans in that very state of Wyoming, but all media is going beserk about that tragic case of this white girl? Isn’t that what they do on TheView? Only that? Don’t f**k with cats and Hotel Cecile showed us how social media detectives are the worst thing.

New details emerge about one of last known sightings of Gabby Petito and fiancéGabby Petito and fiancé Brian Laundrie were last seen together at a Wyoming restaurant Aug. 27, a manager told NBC News. G. Petito was murdered on aug 27th after coming back from Jackson hole restaurant. The Bethune's saw the van on aug27th around 18h30 Laundrie could have left on aug28th ( by what means?) to go north to colder bay in order to build an alibi and came back hichiking to take thecar What are the new details 🤔 Hey, Today show -- how about also including media coverage on the hundreds of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls? MMIWG

Utah city will investigate police response to Gabby Petito, Brian Laundrie disputeOfficer Robbins and officer Pratt smh Google 'Missing White Woman Syndrome'. Because missing people of color only receive a small fraction of this intense media coverage. Lawsuit coming for moabpolice