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Why Shawn Johnson Doesn't Care What You Think About Her Breastfeeding Journey

9/25/2021 1:20:00 PM

Why Shawn Johnson Doesn't Care What You Think About Her Breastfeeding Journey

Still harboring 'a little bit of PTSD' over her struggles to nurse daughter Drew, Shawn Johnson didn't know what to expect with newborn son Jett. She told E! News why it's been a huge learning curve.

"I would overthink everything: Has it been too long since I fed her? Should I make sure she's swaddled in the crib for every nap?" admitted Johnson. "And with your second, you just truly don't have time to think about it. So we're taking naps on the couch. I'm laying him on the floor on a blanket or something. We're sleeping in the car. I feel more free as a parent to just let things happen."

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Come at her,Internet mom shamers. (Actually, don't. No one needs that in their life.)"With my daughter, it was defeating reading trolls' comments because I already didn't know what I was doing and I was already second-guessing every decision I made," Johnson reflected on those fraught few months. "But within the past two years of my daughter, I've just learned that every parent parents differently. And however you parent your child is perfect for

thatchild."With that realization, "I can now, with confidence, say, 'I'm choosing this because it's the best forhimand it's the best forusand it doesn't have to be the best for you,'" she noted of her response to haters. "So it's easier for me to kind of like push people off. But I really struggled with that the first time." headtopics.com

Jessica Steddom (@jessicasteddom)The toughest attacks came from the breast is best contingent of the Internet, Johnson having made the choice to be open about her struggles to breastfeed Drew. She landed on the choice that both kept her daughter nourished and put an end to the weeks of miserable, fruitless feeds. "I started talking to our pediatrician and nurses and friends and they were all saying, 'Stop stressing. You don't need to breastfeed. Pump. If you can't pump enough, use formula,'" she

told E! Newslast year. "It was just so easy for them to say it."And yet even with the backing of her doctor, friends and suddenly "happiest baby ever" Drew, she still found herself defeated by those who criticized her choice. "I struggled with that," she acknowledged to E! News. "Because I already felt guilty and there's so much as a mom that you go through."

Gabrielle Hopkins/@gabriellehopkinsSo she was bracing for the worst when she first tried nursing Jett. "I had a little bit of PTSD from Drew, just because we struggled so much with breastfeeding. I was in tears every day for a couple weeks, she was hysterical," she recalled. "And when he did latch well and he did nurse well, it was amazing."

Johnson held her breath again the first time she introduced a bottle. "I was terrified if he went to a bottle and didn't come back, because I really didn't want to exclusively pump again," she said. "And then I also was terrified that he wouldn't take the bottle." Thankfully he happily accepted Philips Avent's headtopics.com

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, which "doesn't let the milk come out unless they're actually feeding," she noted. "We are going back and forth now from breastfeeding and bottle, which is great. And he hasn't had any problem."Still, everything's a learning curve.

After exclusively pumping with Drew, "I know everything about pumping there is to know," she noted. But now nursing for the first time, she's finding herself still experimenting with positions and how to most efficiently and comfortably nurse in public. And then there's that one feed, usually in the early evening, "Where I just want to cry," she admitted. "I'm just like, 'Okay, you're screaming, I know you're hungry. You're probably tired. Why won't you eat?'"

, she learned two things: Babies can be freakishly strong when they're resisting and her struggle isverycommon. "Every single mom came back and said, that's normal and we deal with it," she revealed. "Evidently, that's just the witching hour and every baby goes through it."

A post shared by Shawn Johnson East (@shawnjohnson)Thankfully Jett is delivering on the adorable baby front, already acing tummy time and, perhaps most importantly, nighttime, sleeping solidly from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m."And he's smiling!" she crowed, a welcome change of events after Drew. "She really didn't giggle or laugh a lot. Even to this day, it's hard to get her to belly laugh, which is funny, because she is such a happy baby. So he's just kind of the opposite. He's so smiley and whenever he looks at you or you say something, he's just, like, wide-eyed and big smiles. And it's just so great." headtopics.com

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