Oliviacoleman, Thecrown, Olivia Coleman

Oliviacoleman, Thecrown

Why Olivia Coleman's portrayal of the Queen on The Crown will MISS one KEY detail

Brown eyes, blue eyes, #OliviaColeman is still going to be AMAZING as the Queen! #TheCrown

9/12/2019 12:10:00 PM

Brown eyes, blue eyes, OliviaColeman is still going to be AMAZING as the Queen! TheCrown

Olivia Coleman 's version of the Queen is going to be quite different from Claire Foy's for this special reason

Olivia was unable to wear blue contact lensesShe told em>Vogue: "[Putting the contacts in] was basically like an exorcism: [I said], 'Just hold me down and thrust it in!' Ben Caron, who directed four episodes on season three, added that they also decided not to change her eye colour in post production in the end, explaining: "It didn't feel like her. CGI-ing her eyes seemed to diminish what she was doing."

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READ: 15 essential TV shows to watch this autumn 2019 The Queen has blue eyesAccording to the writer of the show, Peter Morgan, royal courtiers are aware of the topics that will be covered in the upcoming series, which will be released in November, as he regularly meets with them to discuss the series so that they can "brace themselves". Chatting to The Times, Peter revealed that he meets four times a year with "people who are very high ranking and very active within the organisation", adding: "Respectfully, I tell them what I have in mind and they brace themselves slightly."

READ: Olivia Colman to appear in the new James Bond movie? Actress speaks outDavid Rankin-Hunt, the series protocol advisor, also previously revealed that senior members of the household have given it their seal of approval. He said: "Senior members of the royal household have said to me, 'Oh, we love The Crown.' If there were some indication from on high that it was some kind of scandalous production, that might be reflected in their view, don't you think?"

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