Why Is Everyone in Greece Without Me?

My calendar is very open if any celebs need a plus-one on their next European vacation.

9/1/2021 11:58:00 PM

It appears all the celebrities have been going on their little European vacations this summer

My calendar is very open if any celebs need a plus-one on their next European vacation.

What say you, Cousin Greg? Do you own a boat and a passport? Perhaps Oscar Isaac is in the market for a little Swedish getaway. We could both certainly use the R&R before our very busy autumn — him, with all his various movies; me, with all my Love Island to rewatch. Does North West need a babysitter in Mykonos? Does Jennifer Aniston need someone to eat her bread for her in Italy? The Olsen twins must have something European planned that I can just tag along on. What’s a girl gotta do to get a celebrity to bring her to Greece?

If it helps, here are some things I can bring to any and all celebrity European vacations:

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I’m going there on Tuesday!

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