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Why Adele's Instagram Password Got Taken Away From Her

12/3/2021 10:34:00 PM

Why Adele's Instagram Password Got Taken Away From Her

Hello? Is that you, Adele, on Instagram? The 'Easy on Me' singer apparently doesn't have as much control over her social media accounts as you might think. Find out why below.

When it comes to her social media, it sounds like's team did not go easy on her.During an appearance in YouTube star' Power of Makeup series, the Grammy winner dished on an array of topics as she served as a model for the influential makeup artist, including the fact that she doesn't know the passwords to her social media accounts.

"I was never allowed my passwords for my socials before," the "Hello" singer revealed to the beauty influencer, whose name isNikkie de Jager. Apparently her team was worried that she might be drunk or annoying as she posted her thoughts. However, that changed when Adele got her log-in info during the coronavirus pandemic.

"Obviously the internet was just on fire duringCovid," she recalled. "It kept everyone's morale up."

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