White House says images of Border Patrol with whip are 'obviously horrific’

Press secretary Jen Psaki called the images 'horrible,' but said she could not yet address what the consequences would be.

9/20/2021 11:25:00 PM

White House Press Sec. Psaki said pictures that appear to show a Border Patrol agent on horseback with a whip to deter migrants are 'horrific,' but declined to say what consequences there should be for the agent's actions.

Press secretary Jen Psaki called the images 'horrible,' but said she could not yet address what the consequences would be.

ByDareh GregorianWhite House press secretary Jen Psaki on Monday called pictures that appeared to show a U.S. Border Patrol agent on horseback with a whip to deter migrants"horrific," but declined to say what consequences there should be for the agent's actions.

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"I have seen some of the footage. I don't have the full context. I can't imagine what context would make that appropriate, but I don't have additional details," she told reporters at the daily White House briefing."I don't think anyone seeing that footage would think it's acceptable or appropriate."

A picture by photographer Paul Ratje showed the agent on horseback grabbing one of the migrants as the man tried to cross into the United States from Ciudad Acuña, Mexico, on Sunday. TheEl Paso Timesreported the agent had swung his whip and charged his horse at people trying to cross, shouting,"Let's go! Get out now! Back to Mexico!" headtopics.com

A border patrol agent on horseback tries to stop a Haitian migrant from entering an encampment on the banks of the Rio Grande near the Acuna Del Rio International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas, on Sept. 19, 2021.Paul Ratje / AFP - Getty ImagesAReuters report

from the same area described a law enforcement officer using a lariat and whipping it close to the face of a migrant. It's unclear if it was the same agent.Psaki was pressed repeatedly about the images and asked if the use of whips was something the Biden administration permitted.

She called footage of the incident"horrible to watch," but added"we just have to get more information on that" before she could comment further. Asked if the agent should be fired, she said,"Of course they should never be able to do it again."

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Maybe you should show this instead of lying, they were never whipping anybody. He’s not even holding the reins (which is what those are). There’s no way to even be flinging them in a whiplike manner if you’re not holding them. He’s holding the guy’s shirt. Perhaps it’s the horse that’s in trouble then because that’s the one making them move.

I watched a ton of video/pics. Not once did they strike anyone. Those reins fly thru the air when spinning a horse around. Waving the reins around to deter them from crossing, you know doing their jobs. Stopping illegals from crossing the border is not a crime. 13000 people with 24 toilets, no beds, no food no water no medical treatment and a group that took over the bus taking them to another town and they escaped. That’s ok.m right. Joe and Kamala are responsible for inhumane treatment. Not a border patrol tapping his horse.

Did that come the Circle Back media who has it wrong 99%of the time🤔 But Kamala Harris told them not to come though KHive Don't Mess with Texas!!!! Says an official of the Administration that bombed an innocent family in Afghanistan with a drone strike…. Oh STOP the madness! Zoom in he is clearly gabbing the mans shirt with his right hand

This is horrible how do we treat other humans so badly the humanity is gone. I hope that man does not claim a religion. These are people still I never thought I’d thought I would see this in my country. Grotesque, disgraceful, disturbing and sickening. Seeing this is a flashback to seeing images of slaves being whipped by slave traders, owners and the like.

Biden had slow adjustment to 'cold' White House, new book claimsRussian Pres. Vladimir Putin complained to Pres. Biden about calling him a 'killer' in an ABC News interview, according to a new book. Agreed, Putin has others doing the actual kill shot. Didn't Biden drop bombs on an aid worker and his family in Afghanistan? Pots, kettles and glass houses. Get in line boo US✊🏿 still colored & grouped w/ 👽. We've paid w/ blood, ya still suing for ya jobs back.

The man is doing his job. He deserves a medal. I like how people's justification for this is it's not a whip so its okay, it's the migrants fault. People are callus 🤣 Nice try NBC. If it really was a whip, people would be burning down fed buildings. There would be media investigations to find out if the Biden's fought for the Confederacy. The Congressional Black Caucus would be calling Joe, Jim Crow.

Laurie_Garrett Where are all of the “independent fact-checkers” to mark this fake news as such? The radical Republicans are proud and would embrace whips. I see they've retrained the people at Boarder Patrol/ICE who were putting children in cages. They put them on horse duty. Damn this some slavery shi Amerikkka never changes...


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Whip usually with horse for control especially in crowds. Didn’t see any whipping going on in several pictures. My opinion these people need to return to Haiti now. We can help them in Haiti not here. Vote in 2022 W. T. A. F. comments_007 In 1821. Certainly not in 2021. ClauserLotus Your doin’ a heckuva job Joe! This is who we are? Not me.

Laurie_Garrett That is not a whip. It's the rein. F that guy. Let them in. Based on the history between the two countries, it's literally the very least America can do for Haitian refugees. Laurie_Garrett Those are reins you bozos.. they control the horse and keeps it from running over the pedestrians… what you should be reporting on is how Haitians, by tens of thousands, came to be walking across our border.. who flew them or chartered their passage to Central America /Mexico?

Looks like a lasso.😳 Rather disturbing picture! They didn't do them other people at the border like that, being black has its own consequences still in this country, they kill us nothing be done now they can beat us like slaves and most likely nothing will be done 😪

Influx of Haitian migrants presents new challenge for White HouseThe sight of thousands of migrants from Haiti crowded in miserable conditions under a Texas bridge presents the Biden administration with a challenge that highlights the real-world consequences of the ongoing impasse in Washington over immigration reform. Who paid for the air conditioned buses that delivered the Haitian migrants to the Texas border? Who paid for the air conditioned buses that delivered the Haitian migrants to the Texas border This is despicable and certainly not the picture of America we want ..the obvious being it is reminesit of slavery days.

There should be none and if there are some, revolution is what you should be thinking bout The agent should be tied to a poll and whipped himself. Y’all haven’t been around horses much have you lol 😂 POTUS Long reins? This is bullshit! Put a stop to this NOW! Speak to this NOW! Not just a stop, but yes, severe consequences. This is inhumane. Those involved should be fired and indicted. PRESSSEC Your response is seriously lacking. Put a stop to this immediately! Speak out

Or that is just horse reins. That pic looks like he is grabbing the guy and the reins are flying out. but ok... Nice 2 see people paying attention lol Looks like the reins, not a whip. Uh, how about a thanks for doing their job.

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