White House's attempts to reduce government by slashing health programs could hurt response to coronavirus

White House's Attempts To Reduce Government By Slashing Health Programs Could Hurt Response To Coro

The Trump administration's efforts and ambitions to reduce the size of government could hamper agencies integral to responding to the coronavirus.

White House's Attempts To Reduce Government By Slashing Health Programs Could Hurt Response To Coro


In 2018, the CDC stopped funding epidemic prevention activities in 39 of 49 countries, including China, after the Trump administration refused to reallocate money to a program that began as part of the government's response to the Ebola outbreak in 2014

The Trump administration's efforts and ambitions to reduce the size of government could hamper agencies integral to responding to the coronavirus.

Washington (CNN) Reductions at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Security Council, two key groups needed to coordinate and respond, could make it more difficult for the federal government to combat the growing epidemic.In 2018, the CDC stopped funding epidemic prevention activities in 39 out of 49 countries, including China, after the Trump administration refused to reallocate money to a program that began as part of the government's response to the Ebola outbreak in 2014. At that time, Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the CDC from 2009 to 2017, said the move"would significantly increase the chance an epidemic will spread without our knowledge and endanger lives in our country and around the world."Health expert tapped for coronavirus task force will report to PenceClaire Standley, an assistant research professor at Georgetown University's Center for Global Health Science and Security, said the cuts"make it much more challenging" for the CDC to provide technical assistance and sustain important partnerships, like with the Chinese National Influenza Center.Read MoreAs the Trump administration continues to deal with the fallout from coronavirus, a review of recent budget proposals suggests it would be in much worse shape if some of its requested cuts had taken place.Trump's budget proposal for fiscal year 2020 called for an approximately 13% cut to the National Institute of Health. The previous year's budget proposal called for incorporating three Health and Human Services agencies into NIH, a move that would have reduced federal staff dedicated to healthcare research.In June 2018, the Trump administration proposed slashing the number of commissioned corps officers of the US Public Health Service by nearly 40% -- a request that could have significantly lowered the number of federal health professionals dedicated to handling disasters and disease outbreaks, including physicians and nurses in many rural parts of the country."If these cuts had gone into effect that would have had incredible impact on the Corps' ability to deal with the coronavirus," said Jim Currie, executive director for the Commissioned Officers Association, who called the proposal"dumb."Earlier this year, as part of its fiscal year 2021 budget request, the White House proposed cuts to the country's main public health preparedness programs, including a $25 million reduction to the CDC budget for these efforts, and a $18 million cut to the hospital preparedness program inside the Department of Health and Human Services."I think they are important as backbones for federal support for state and local responses," said Josh Michaud, an associate director for Global Health Policy at the Kaiser Family Foundation.While Michaud was clear that the budget for these programs has been declining since before the Trump administration, the recent requests for cuts could still be cause for concern. In the case of the current coronavirus outbreak, Michaud said:"It's going to come down to state and local responses supported by the federal government."The White House is in the midst of negotiating with Senate Democrats over the amount of money needed to address the threat of the novel coronavirus, even as federal health officials warn that it's no longer a matter of"if" but"when" the US will have to grapple with a growing number of cases. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's $8.5 billion emergency funding proposal is significantly higher than the $2.5 billion request submitted by the administration. Efforts to bolster preparednessSome public health officials say they are working off already tight budgets and are used to shifting resources between different, competing concerns. In many communities, officials on the ground combating coronavirus will be the same ones ensuring restaurants follow health regulations, that community pools are properly chlorinated, and who coordinate vaccination programs and work with schools, said Adriane Casalotti of the National Association of County and City Health Officials. Refocusing to respond to coronavirus, she said,"is above and beyond local resources." "That's hard for our members -- they don't necessarily have a ton of extra workforce or resources to work on the new issue without taking their eyes off the public health issues that they've been working on," Casalotti said. The limited federal grants given to local officials are distributed using a flawed process, according to a 2018 report from the Government Accountability Office, a watchdog arm of Congress.Grants awarded by Health and Human Services to establish and strengthen"emergency preparedness and capacity-building" may not effectively build the"surge capacity" needed by state and local health agencies during an infectious disease threat, the report says.The report also said that states have used the grants for a variety of reasons, including to fund lab testing equipment and vaccination data entry. But in some cases during the responses to Ebola and Zika, that funds took too long to arrive -- prompting the CDC to develop a pre-approval system to speed up the process. Some of the issues, including the funding delays, pre-date the Trump administration.A separate GAO report issued earlier this month identified years-old challenges with federal agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services, collecting and sharing data with non-governmental groups. That impacts the"public health situational awareness," the report said. Officials cited in the report said issue is"still very challenging" but reported improvements. Management of the crisisAt a wide-ranging press conference Wednesday evening President Donald Trump defended his administration's response to the coronavirus epidemic and placed Vice President Mike Pence in charge of the effort. The news came as members of Congress have grown increasingly frustrated over the White House's approach to the outbreak, both in its level of preparedness and its mixed messages over the potential threat the outbreak poses to the US.The White House has recently come under fire for not having a roster of top biodefense and health officials inside the National Security Council. The position was eliminated following the departure of Tim Ziemer in 2018. Ziemer's replacement, David Wade, holds a similar title, though officials previously told CNN that Wade carries less authority than his predecessor.Trump's decision to put Pence in charge of coordinating the government's response followed a report from CNN that the President had privately expressed frustration with how Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar was handling the administration's response. White House officials had privately weighed appointing a czar to oversee the administration's response, sources inside the administration and advisers close to the White House said.Trump made clear on Wednesday that Pence"is not a czar," denoting a difference between his role and that of Ziemer or Ron Klain, the Obama-appointed lead coordinator for the US response to the Ebola epidemic who was referred to as the Ebola czar.Prior to Trump's announcement, Michaud from the Kaiser Family Foundation said,"There was some concern that the lack of a senior person at the National Security Council which is responsible for coordinating across the various US government agencies in a pandemic response situation, that there is no one whose specific job it is to do that, who has sufficient seniority to see that task through."CNN's Ali Zazlav contributed to this report. Read more: CNN

Why should we fund other countries, surely encourage them to do so themselves, if they do not, restrictions on travel to US, but of course, CNN will ne first to tell racist. CNN..you struck out on this one...nothing g but support for POTUS lol at all the fake accounts coming out to call the truth fake news

Guess realDonaldTrump didn’t know more about epidemics than anyone else. China needs funding Lol GreenEyezzzzz Please share this with everyone you can our government is not taking care of their people The ignorance in these posts are astonishing. An Ounce of Prevention Folks! 🤡🤧😷🤢☠️ mrsrptrs Isn’t he great. Canceling disease prevention in the face of corona and canceling deregulation during the biggest stock market bubble (burst) in history. Great work Nero! Bread, games, deregulation and tax breaks is the new universal medicine. Not. realDonaldTrump 🤡

Cnn fake news Fake nghey Fake news

Trump to hold White House news conference on coronavirus WednesdayTrump complained that, in his view, media outlets were 'doing everything possible to make the Caronavirus [sic] look as bad as possible.' What for? Lordy! Can't someone else do it? Why even cover it?

But CDC offered assistance to China back in the beginning of January, which was refused. So what makes you think this would help if China was going to refuse assistance anyway. Seems like it would be more efficient for the CDC to have response teams to go where an issue is. Blaming Trump for this is the same as blaming Santa Claus. Nothing would’ve stopped this. China didn’t even report it until after it went global. It’s China’s poor health & regulatory standards that leads to these pandemics. Just like SARS in 2003. Blame China not our President.

Pure lie.. There’s money left over from the Ebola outbreak.. EXACTLY WHY CNN IS DANGEROUS TO AMERICANS The root of the problem is evident. realDonaldTrump PuffDomino realDonaldTrump SenToomey RepScottPerry Fund China and let them build more Aircraft carriers? It amazes me. A man sued for fraud, cheats on his wife & taxes, bankrupted businesses, lies about everything you ppl believe w/o question. But any news agency tht questions him u call fake. U do realize tht is a cult mentality? Trump is a conman & u will follow him to destruction

Looks like realDonaldTrump caused the Coronavirus then...way to be winning... Oh the sky is falling oh the sky is falling. Shutup you Fake News organization. I stopped believing the 'expert' predictions when I saw a pattern of panic right before or in Election years🤷 Why in the actual fuck would we give China money? They are not a developing country by any means.

Trump White House Resists Calls To Appoint A Coronavirus CzarEpidemic experts and Democratic politicians fault coordination of the response to the coronavirus outbreak and say what's needed is a czar. The White House disagrees. Yes because it will reflect badly on Trump. This is all about pandering to the malignant narcissist’s ego. Trump fears someone who might disagree and exposes his fantasies

So we were giving our tax dollars to the communist Chinese? There is no virus There is no virus There is no virus You say it enough....you actually start....nope. There is still a pandemic. Fake news wo do not believe Just gets worse. Trump's decisions to reverse everything Obama did, is coming back to bite us. Jealousy, narcissism, unfounded arrogance are not good presidential qualities. Being an asshole doesn't help.

Before I go on, I should probably state my personal opinion: I don’t like realDonaldTrump as a president candidate! Trump a “madman” who is “paranoid.” It doesn't take a psychiatrist to notice that Trump is mentally compromised! TrumpIsUnfit Trump is a monster... why? because he is in charge of important things and he is the most ignorant men in history...

You are telling lies! This has been going for a long time. Holy shit are we just like the world’s piggy bank!?!? Orange Man Bad Reeeeeeee!!!

Trump White House Hires a College Student, 23, as a Senior Official: ReportGeorge Washington University student James Bacon will be the Presidential Personnel Office's director of operations, according to Politico White House white place that has no stem Nigeria is killing Us come down here and help us to get biafra so that coronavirus will be away from United States of America, God bless America God bless Trump Stupid is as stupid does. Hopefully he acts 23 whereas the prez acts like a 7yo 2nd grader. Let’s think positive. Lol We are doomed!

fakenews AGAIN LissaL213 Donald Trump has everything under control smh!⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬ The virus has been weaponized by China, don’t blame Trump for being fiscally responsible total propaganda and fake news. No that is Not Accurate! CNN why don't you go away and not come back until you have some actual news to report.

😡 Well CNN after two years are able to tells us if the programs were essential in all of the programs? Or is that beyond your capabilities? Your clickbait VS the story doesn’t match!! Do better!! Trump is calling the coronavirus a 'Hoax'.

White House response to coronavirus stokes bipartisan frustration in CongressThe White House is in the midst of a dispute with Senate Democrats over the amount of money needed for the coronavirus threat, even as federal health officials warn that it's no longer a matter of 'if' but 'when' the US will face a growing number of cases SickNews!! Why would you argue over money when Americans lives are at risk?! I mean fucking seriously, this is t about politics, this is about lives being lost! At what point does the partisan b.s stop guys? LivesOverDollars Let’s hope it finds itself to the WH 😷.

China should be able to look after her people. Look at the mammoth sums they pay footballers there, in a mediocre league. If possible, POTUS should stop every aid to Africa How can we blame this on Trump? Any chance to moan about Bigly Man. Virus’ and flu jump species from birds or pigs to infect humans regularly out of China & we need to be on the front line. The costs of the preventative program will pale in comparison to the cost to contain & treat, prevent lost production/trade, the loss of life.

We showed look and see where that “money” went CCP saying 'we are the biggest economy' 'don't meddle with China internal affairs' all the time yet CNN blames the US government for not funding CCP who has been known for stealing US tech for ? Good, I'm not paying for China's emergency response. That would be stupid I want to know what dumbass was funding the disease control in rich countries like China with our tax money.

Why are we funding China? They have the second largest GDP on the planet. Again, kill Obama’s policies at all costs. What goes around comes around. It's ok, the world should no longer relying on USA.

Pentagon policy chief's firing was part of White House purgeJohn Rood, who has served as undersecretary of Defense for policy since January 2018, will officially step down at the end of this week at President Trump's direction

Really. That never happened. Why are we funding China and other countries to prevent epidemic? Can we blame Trump for the coronavirus, absolutely! Cancer, sure, global warming, yes.... or the worldwide propaganda press could stop lying to people Everything Trump does is bad for the American people!! Trump is likely responsible for shutting down schools, libraries, volunteer fire departments, and disease prevention facilities in at least 39 countries. Also the leaders of these countries have suffered a decline in personal wealth while US taxpayers prosper.

There we go, solid partisan politics blast Because it had BarackObama's name on it. Wow Small government sounds great until shit hit the fan. Theses guys have the PanicButton too, this is their only way to earn living

Chiefs' Travis Kelce Pumped to Visit Trump's White House, 'Crazy Opportunity!'The Chiefs superstar says he'll be at the Super Bowl celebration at Donald Trump's White House FOR SURE. 🙄 LMAO.... I just knew it

China was asking not to intervene into their internal affairs though, you can’t get both side of a coin. Plus WHO said China is doing very well in dealing with the coronavirus so better save the tax at somewhere else. And if this happens, then we 'THE PEOPLE' would have voted for our own DEMISE - how short-sighted! 😲Let's hope that Trump's WALL will keep us safe🤣.

Remind every voter the TrumpRepublicans have 👉 dissolved the pandemic task force 👉 removed the Health Security role from the NSC 👉 failed to renew funding for CDC fighting global pandemics. tRump Administration = FAIL Apparently a 'wall' is much more important than citizens dying...MAGA?...smh Not funding for the United States, but for other countries. Many of those countries are wealthy enough to fund their own research and they still do but nice try at misleading those that can't think for themselves.

Im confused. Why can't these countries fund their own prevention programs? GovHowardDean Bcuz Obama. jaketapper So would finding have stopped the virus? Not true there is more funding in cdc not cut backs FakeNews

lol Interesting. So what does the World Health Organization do? So now Trump is responsible for a virus that started in China. You guys are disgusting. i know it .. it was coming ...CNN blaming Trump for current virus epidemic ... lol ..fn idiots GloriaBorger Gloria , the CDC has a branch in China. If China was honest and alerted them maybe this would be different The CDC has been fully funded Biden lied !

I am doing shit. I can probably blame CNN for paying me shit. Well done. They will never admit their mistakes EnemyOfThePeople cnnisfakenews cnnistrash so we are supposed to now be a the medics for the world? realDonaldTrump is at fault in allowing this epidemic to become a world-wide crisis. Knee jerk and short sided decisions to put more money in the pockets of the rich is more important than situations like this, climate change, gun control etc. etc. etc. ThisWeekABC

Trump hasn’t succeeded in cutting the budget. He’s proposed cuts Congress ignored him and increased financing instead. The National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention aren’t suffering from budget cuts that never took effect. AP Fact Check

All because Obama set it up. Trump's reckless approach to government is starting to catch up with him. We will all be suffering for years as the results of his othestructive policies will start to reveal themselves. Don't need a U.S. program to tell Chinese to quit eating exotic wildlife. We borrow money from China. China has been stealing intellectual property - including medical - for years. They have plenty of $ for biological research which they have been conducting for years.

It was an Obama plan. That is a red flag for Donald. China wouldn’t even let the CDC help them. How would given them money stopped this from happening? Lol so Trump started the Corona Virus? We were waiting for the FakeNewsMedia to say that 😂 Is this the one about the grants for State and Local coordination during health emergencies which the Congress legislated away, before Trump even came into office. To say he didn't 'RE-allocate' the money means it was not currently allocated. Correct?

This is the Trump way. If it’s not billions for the advancement of Trump or Trump children or paying a bribe or hiring kids of corrupt AG or payments to hookers this Administration has a problem with it. Safeguarding Citizens Health is not a problem. Use it to pay 2M for Golf Trump screwed up, again, by taking money away from the CDC. He is totally and completely incompetent.

This has nothing to do with this virus ... Winning. Not. Another smooth move by exlax trump Coool jaketapper FAKENEWSCNN jaketapper All the Republicans was totally with Trump get rid of all the experience people! This so scary because he’s not honest! U promote lies and try to cause panic in our country. U should b ashamed

Well ain’t that so🙄 how convenient for cnn to remember when everyone else memories were erased by the other news 🤷🏾‍♀️

Why would the US be funding for China? China LOANS us trillions of $$ TrumpVirus TrumpVirus TrumpVirus TrumpVirus TrumpVirus TrumpVirus TrumpVirus Pencedemic Pencedemic Pencedemic Pencedemic Pencedemic Pencedemic Pencedemic Pencedemic Pencedemic ETTD ETTD ETTD ETTD ETTD ETTD ETTD ETTD ETTD ETTD TrumpResign TrumpResign

They_Move FYI We have to pay for The PRC now ? And why did Trump end it oh Clinton News Network? Lies I really do not think the outbreaking coronavirus should blame to Donald Trump. The title alone sounds like bullshit. Epidemic activities Why are we the taxpayers that have to fund the WHOLE world? They have money, they have better scientists; the CDC is for the US. And no hate answers please just because I don’t want to fund the world. If you do, please donate your own money; not mine.

😂🤣😆😂 Now the pandemic will spread across the USA killing thousands because of the 'Why should we pay for their prevention measures?' brigade. May hell mend your ways, numpties. In 2020, Trump put someone who doesn’t believe in Science in charge of Science things.. Good move on his part.

The headline is fakenews. There were no cuts made!! This is how the democrat’s lap dogs cnn feed the Trump hating loons. Read the article. Stop it CNN. Just stop it!! Your turning this into a political agenda. Our country is hopeful and will prevail It's not looking good for Trump... Only stupid people are surprised by this.

You are Lying!!!! That did not happen!! jaketapper Continuing to spread false information. AP has already debunked this. Yeah more of our money for him to go golf and have his kids driving around to go hunting and shopping!! Only way out of this is VoteBlueNoMatterWho False narrative: Read your own article!!! 'If these cuts had gone into effect that would have had incredible impact on the Corps' ability to deal with the coronavirus,' said Jim Currie,

When the MSM PROPAGANDISTS are weeded out I hope CNN is the first to go :)

SenToomey wow brilliant plan by the R's. Prob costs less then a few prez golfing trips. You realize all this is at your feet LIE. It wasn’t slashed. It’s funding increased and was moved to more pressing matters. Besides, it’s Congress that sets this, NOT POTUS. China dont need our money. Infact wtf are we borrowing money from china to send back to china to do what they should already be doing?

Why building the US-Mexico wall? We're warned. The only way to drag down CCP is to release the viruses, etc to destroy its domestic and export markets. Timeline: Swine flu 2018.08 Coronavirus 2019.12 Desert locusts 2020.01 Bird flu 2020.02 TradeWar+ Great idea.... We give China enough money already. Just look at the tags on most of the products we buy. They can fund their own epidemic prevention.

CNN trying to pin the coronavirus on Trump. Hilarious GovHowardDean Everything in the world is Trump's fault according to CNN, totally fake news. Instead, let’s build that wall, that’ll stop the Coronavirus, fo sho

GovHowardDean cnn is a gossp rag More garbage news from CNN. TomHagins Maybe Trump is hoping the virus will knock off some illegal immigrants so Ice won't have to work hard! Trump doesn't give a rat's ass for many people in the USA! This is so fake news. Some CDC cuts were proposed but were never implemented.

When everything fails to take down Trump, now you fake news use the virus for political use? Wow, new low. You won’t win in the end, Trump will always prevail! Loser network 🤦‍♂️ RepJohnKatko - you OWN this. You refused to do YOUR job of oversight Can the United National or some respectable world organisation shut down CNN?😂😂😂

Ooof CNN is the darkness that democracy dies in. Seems rather xenophobic of you to assume that foreigners can't handle outbreak protocol. Also - report the numbers for the 'worldwide' wuhan virus vs USA regular flu stats. Oh, but that wouldn't fit the fearporn narrative......

😂😂😂 Corrupt Dems slush funds run dry. Trump said as much money that needs to go will, but you can damn well bet it will be monitored. No more stealing our hard earn money. So you can’t pay your activist, terrorist, gun runners, drug dealers, human traffickers, judges... etc Trump was the only president who confronted the two evils facing humanity, China and Islamic Republic of Iran.. so shut up CNN.

Now residents in those 39 countries are speaking the word 'short-sighted' in many different languages. coronavirus So are you going to fire angela_rye for her racist comments? Or do you support them? Imagine the backlash if a bigot went on TV and said white people need to vote for Trump because voting should be a race based issue. But you coddle hardcore racist Angela

Fake news! Already proven false China don’t need our funding CNN... Wonder what would happen if any of them contracted the virus, just like Iraq officials did? Trump will still blame everything on Obama! Ha! Way to go Trump administration. So much winning. How do you do it? CNNisTrash

This inept President has no idea what he's doing and people will die on his watch! Yea right, its the POTUS fault now?! Its China's fault for eating weird 'exotic' foods or messing at the LAB, take your pick. 👀🤔 Getting rid of deep-state Democrat administrators didn't hurt government responses to actual medical emergencies. It just reduced waste of taxpayer money on Democrat hacks.

Hope what i had this morning was not truth. That they find first victim with Coronavirus in Nigeria Anderson was just talking the heroes of 9/11.The air quality in which all the workers had to work in.I remember that day. Senator Hillary Clinton visited ground zero.She immediately complained about the air quality for the workers and demanded proper masks for them. She's a hero

And on que CNN is turning the Corona Virus political. SI PUò SBAGLIARE. L'IMPORTANTE CAPIRE GLI ERRORI You mean my tax dollars were paying for other countries disease control? So what CNN is trying to say, other countries are or don’t care about their population. It’s not AMERICAS job to support other countries health issues when thousands here are suffering

China should fund their own epidemic control activities.

We are not responsible for other countries health, we are fixing our own Way to go donny!! Always making the right choices!! There is a very capable agency for addressing pandemics. We do not expect accurate reporting from you. Obama started so he stopped it a petty bigot going cause Americans lives! Wait at one time WE WERE FUNDING PREVENTION IN CHINA!

People like Dave is what’s wrong with this country. You have Americans around the world for stuff like this to make sure American interests are safe. The key is to spend a little money to save bigger losses down the line. People in this country have gotten dumb Does it really matter, aren’t we going to die from WW3 that Trump started? Won’t the world end in 12 years because Trump withdrew from the Paris Accords? I guess we should all be thankful to survive tax reform and net neutrality.

Call me crazy, I’m gonna say something insane. I believe China should take care of China. Report me, go ahead. ok? Instead of CNN to push a narrative to encourage other countries to protect their citizens, they blame Trump This has to be a curse, who cursed CNN? Don't worry, we will all come down to America to vote trump as illegal immigrants I'm sure TheDemocrats will like

China is the biggest industrial nation in the world that can fund their own CDC! This guy was dropped on his head, one can not be born this stupid! Factually incorrect but hey it's CNN The mental gymnastics CNN goes through to blame everything on Trump is insane! If they used half that energy to actually investigate and report they might find how China was irresponsible and negligent in their own response that led to everyone else in the world reacting late

Trump, Make America Great Again. Let's vote him.👌👌👌 CNN, your the out in left field arm of democratic party politics, it's hilarious. You and your so called pundits, are truly a laughing stock of all media outlets. Question.. who funds your network? Is it someone whose last name is SOROS, or mabey BLOOMBERG. U GUYS SUCK!! Fox News

TrumpAdministration acting on CoronavirusOutbreak Cnn is pathetic. Why would we be giving money to these other countries? If there’s anything you can do to just for once be supportive to America and stop the attacks please don’t use a virus to try to attack it’s just nuts. BTW the common flu is much more of a threat right now. Never let a good crisis go to waste ,and if there is not one invent one

CNN, are you ever NOT on the hunt for Trumpian tear downs? What we need is Jared Kushner on this asap... TrumpIsAnIdiot ...and again, when someone tells you how they are, believe them the first time.... Could. Solid news word. I also read somewhere that they refused to provide CDC employees tasked with testing and treating coronavirus patients the proper equipment, like ventilators.

Huh its like cutting funding to crucial agencies to fund tax cuts for the wealthy and to build a wall is a very bad idea. Who would have thought? Oh yeah, trump started the carona rampage. For realDonaldTrump its all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$... He doesn't give a damn about the rest of civilisation.

Trump kills

FAKENEWSCNN Don’t worry, money was allocated to prayers Here we go.... egray127 More unintended costs of austerity.

Joseph Lowery, civil rights leader, dies at 98

20 Women Throughout History And 5 From The Future

Trump: Governors Should Be 'Appreciative' Of Federal Coronavirus Efforts

There are now more than 100,000 coronavirus cases in the US

Fact check: Trump makes another round of misstatements during coronavirus briefing

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson Return Home After Coronavirus Diagnosis

Trump doesn't explicitly guarantee that everyone who needs a ventilator will get one

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