White House Hits Troubling Pandemic Crossroads As Rising Cases Threaten Progress - Cnnpolitics

White House Hits Troubling Pandemic Crossroads As Rising Cases Threaten Progress - Cnnpolitics

White House hits troubling pandemic crossroads as rising cases threaten progress

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4/3/2021 5:47:00 PM

Inside the White House, a balancing act is now underway between maintaining the optimism that an accelerated vaccination program will ultimately bring the crisis to a close while publicly ramping up warnings of a potential surge fueled by new variants.

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While she and other Biden administration officials have for weeks urged Americans not to let their guard down, rising vaccination rates spurred a wave of optimism the long, national nightmare was reaching its end. That shifted this week as a steady increase in cases -- eerily reminiscent of the last three surges -- took hold, worrying administration officials who fear a backslide. Fighting back tears, Walensky's dramatic warning during Monday's White House coronavirus briefing and her plea to"hold on a little while longer" marked an inflection point in the narrative of the pandemic, jolting the country to the reality that even the current pace of nearly three million shots per day may not be enough to prevent a final surge among the majority of Americans who are not yet vaccinated. Her message initially caught some members of the administration off guard, and prompted mild annoyance among some of Biden's advisers, according to people familiar with the matter. Others praised her publicly. In either case, her words reflected an acute sense within the White House that the surge they had been preparing for was finally on the horizon -- a"sinking feeling," one senior administration official said, that things could get worse before they get better. Read MoreInside the White House, a balancing act is now underway between maintaining the optimism that an accelerated vaccination program will ultimately bring the crisis to a close while publicly ramping up warnings of a potential fourth surge fueled by new variants. Biden's First 100 Days

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This shit is why I don’t watch DoBetter 🙄💩 Do you remember when you used to be able to take pride in your work? I’m not troubled by Biden’s messaging at all because I’m not a QAnon fascistic anti-vaxxer. Your headline is describing a minuscule part of the population who doesn’t deserve headlines pretending their views are the mainstream.

Balancing act? I'm a typical American, excited for the accelerated vaccine program & still super aware that variants are here and an issue if folks don't act right. Is it news that both things are true? Doubt it. Mitote by cnn Everyone: The pandemic might be over. CDC: Wait no the pandemic can’t end! Variants! Variants!

Jaysus. It’s called telling the American people the truth so we know what to do. Jaysus. Jesus, . This is called TELLING THE TRUTH & BEING TRANSPARENT. Sorry you can’t recognize that after 4 years of Trump. Today, April 4, Karen children are flying and eating while flying 😢😢😢 As a expatriate, please help and distribute the current situation in Myanmar.

Dumb article Only trouble is to decide how to end the SCAMDEMIC and keep control over Americans AS LONG AS REPUGNUTS KEEP SAYING & DOING STUPID THIER STUPID VOTERS WILL CONTINUE TO SPREAD COVID19 & ITS VARIENTS ! For a White House whose political future rests almost entirely on an ability to successfully navigate an end to the generational health crisis, there is perhaps no more important issue than returning the country to normal.

Who writes this ? In other words - listening to the experts & following their advice. Both statements - vaccination optimism and surge fears - are entirely valid based on what we know of the vaccine efficacy so far and how certain folks are ignoring mask wearing & social distance recommendations. There will always be “new strains” with these government in charge.... with a computer generated isolation as they did, the number of strains are eternal. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

I don’t think this is an unusual dilemma. On one hand there is success with vaccinations. On the other there is still peril from this dreadful virus. Success, lingering danger. What other way is there to regard the end stages of a pandemic? So, being reasonable? Anyone paying attention could see another surge coming because some people are selfish. It isn't a 'balancing act'. The Biden admin has been begging, BEGGING, people to not let up w/continued caution.

Be truthful and send out the warning. Good always comes from truth. Pure double talk..... I’m just so glad we’re not being lied to anymore. Why isn’t the CDC making any public announcements against the surge of the new variants at the borders, but made an announcement about Easter? Has this woman panicked and cried today?

So what you're saying is that reality isn't an easy narrative? Thanks for today's process story. Really illuminating. 😑 Several things can be true at the same time?! No way! Great headline! NOT!! WTF is wrong with 'journalism'? Stop calling TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT REALITY a “balancing act.” How can you not understand how much you contribute to cult behavior with your journalistic cowardice?

What a bullshit headline. Both things are true. This is why I don't watch CNN. It’s not a balancing “act”. It’s telling the nuanced truth about a difficult reality. Hard for you to understand or report on. Delete your account. Haven't heard ANYTHING from this administration that is optimistic!! JUST AMERICA BAD, RACIST, BIGOTTED, but 2 million come here every year, legal and illegal! TELL THEM!! PLEASE!!

It isn't either/or. It is both. No balancing required. You could easily replace fox 'news'. CNNIsUnwatchable I think you guys all need to go back to journalism school. You completely lost the ability to report objectively after the past four years and it’s really getting on our nerves. Get your act together and do it properly

When realDonaldTrump tried to maintain optimism and keep businesses open he was attacked & ridiculed, but when JoeBiden does the same it’s praised. florida everybody not scared 24 / 7 hurt ; hire a few florida politicians ; tell congress / joe / dr jill / kamala / 2 nd man / nancy / chuck go on 3 yr , 9 month fact finding assignment aka f====g vacation

Does CNN lack the capacity for nuance or does it think its reader and views do? This is peak DC press. The country is at a crossroads not the White House. Dealing with reality is not “flipping the script”. Do better. That’s not a balancing act, it is called reality and they are telling us the truth. florida has no state taxes balanced budgets cities not being burned down , lombardi trophy lord stanley cup ; high standard of living good roads inter net for all , beaches , resorts , have joe call ron ; he can guide the old fa ..

GiGicmka It is a balancing act. And so far, so good. Fire your headline writer Let's be clear. The WH admin & CDC's confidence has always been hinged in reality & honest that success hinges on all of us. Unfortunately, the prior admin & certain media gave a platform to mistruths, leaving 1/2 our population uncertain about vaccines, masks, etc. Let's be real

CNN, you don't have to be afraid anymore. So... telling the truth. It’s just called doing their job. Telling the truth ... the good, bad, potential positives & negatives. Jeez. How about YOU do your job better. 2 things can be true at once most Americans know that. Man, you suck. I can handle the truth, I prefer the truth -

I'm not worried. I was told that it would magically go away like things tend to go away. The only balancing act is maintaining a fake COVID storyline while continuing to steal American rights. The cdc said those who are vaccinated can’t transmit the virus yet Biden and Harris continue to wear masks. This tells me the vaccine doesn’t work

I thought it was a balancing act to convince Americans they have freedom while they seize totalitarian control of the government. Guess I was wrong. What riding cases? Every red state that’s fully open cases have been falling. lol The messaging is harder when scrambling to vaccinate rapidly and yet having to stay ahead of the Indiana Jones style Variant boulder chasing to crush more lives.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky Changed her position as many times as I changed my underpants last week, which is daily for those of you ready to pounce on me. From a sense of doom to lifting domestic travel restrictions. Follow the science? If the vaccines don't stop variants what was the point of not being fully open? Is the expectation that the entire world should just be permanently shutdown?

Why don’t you tell the people the truth CNN The vaccines will not stand against any variant don’t?