White House back-channeling with networks on Covid coverage

The press outreach comes amid concern that alarmed coverage may harm the vaccine campaign.

8/3/2021 2:05:00 PM

The Biden administration is privately ramping up outreach to major media outlets in hopes of tamping down a spate of alarming news reports that threaten to slow its vaccination campaign

The press outreach comes amid concern that alarmed coverage may harm the vaccine campaign.

in which aides aired their frustrations, arguing that the items lacked some crucial context. While vaccinated people can get breakthrough infections, especially from the Delta variant, and also spread the virus just like the unvaccinated, it’s still exceedingly uncommon that they will be infected or end up hospitalized because of it.

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“It’s on everyone to get this right, and coverage that mischaracterizes breakthrough infections misses the mark and poses a very real threat of hardening vaccine hesitancy,” a White House official said. “We’ve been closely engaged on this with the outlets covering it, and we’re going to continue to do so to ensure that the American people are getting accurate information.”

A seven-slide deck used by the administration for the media briefings and obtained by POLITICO stresses that the virus the country is battling today is much different than before: The Delta variant, which, according to a slide, accounts for 80 percent of the new cases after being just 1 percent in May, spreads far more easily. headtopics.com

The top point for the administration remains that vaccines are still extremely effective and that increasing the number of vaccinations is what will ultimately pull the country out of the Covid morass. According to a slide in the deck, the administration is telling news producers and reporters in the briefings that while breakthrough infections are expected, they are rare, and nearly all of them are mild cases. For example, a review of breakthrough cases from July 10 to July 26 in Barnstable County, Mass. — where the concentrated outbreak in Provincetown occurred — concluded that 1 percent of breakthroughs resulted in hospitalization.

“The greater the percentage of people vaccinated, the higher the absolute number of breakthrough infections,” a passage in one of the slides reads. “This does not necessarily mean that there is a greater proportion of breakthrough infections.”The slides also highlight the Covid situation in the United Kingdom: Between January and July, vaccinations in the U.K. increased significantly. And though, by July, the Delta variant had led case counts to return to January levels, there were fewer hospitalizations and many fewer deaths.

The White Househas heldsimilar background briefings for news outlets on the virus and vaccinations, including on vaccine confidence. They have framed the sit-downs as a chance to give the public accurate and up-to-date information on a fast-moving story. This past weekend, they huddled with TV producers and reporters in the lead-up to the Sunday shows,

on whichBiden’s chief medical adviser, Anthony Fauci (ABC and CBS), and National Institute of Health Director Francis Collins (CNN, Fox, MSNBC) appeared.There are some indications that the administration’s efforts to frame coverage around the need for vaccinations is working. On Monday, White House Covid-19 Data Director Cyrus Shahpar said the seven-day average of newly vaccinated Americans was at its highest point since July 4. States with some of the highest Covid case rates have dramatically increased their daily rate of newly vaccinated people, including Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas. headtopics.com

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CatsChocolates Looking at you, nytimes. Aug 3, 2021: WH meetings w/major media outlets are 'occurring at a moment of concern across the administration over 👉news reports and 👉headlines that they view as 👉far too narrowly focused on vaccinated people contracting the virus👈.' clearing_fog Well……it sounds like thinly veiled censorship efforts to me.

This spin makes no sense when you realize that the data show that, in spite of breakthrough, the vaccine did exactly what it was supposed to do: It prevented severe illness and death in 99% of the cases. Hmmm, you think the 1000's coming over our border illegally is adding to this problem? I do. Good job promoting anti-vaccine hysteria, Politico. You miss the point: the media was neglecting all the people protected from infection, who weren’t spreading. It was also neglecting how much better vaccinated people were doing.

Suppressing the fact that there are breakthrough infections just lends credence to the distrust that already exists. like this The medium is the message: Biden massaging, manipulating media. The media would report that the moon is cheese if the Biden administration asked Fox News needs to be shut down. 👋🏼 heyyy anyone close to the capitol building 😁 bring breakfast plz mcdonalds breakfast if ya don’t mind

COVID-19 live updates: 'Steady increase' in vaccines in past month, White House saysA Louisiana nurse says patients in ICU are 'younger and sicker, and we're intubating and losing people that are my age and younger—people with kids that are my kids' age that are never going to see their kids graduate.' Most welcome precious people! I am going to take her word for it, without fact checking.

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The White House doubles down and says it can't extend the eviction ban without CongressThe White House on Monday said it couldn't renew a now lapsed eviction ban without Congress, urging state and local governments to prevent evictions on their own. The senate would note vote on it while working on infrastructure. Why should they? Ffs, people need to pay their God damn rent, what about homeowners who have a mortgage? Or *gasp* those evil property owners who have a mortgage that renters help pay? Fuck the anti-rent people who want to live in someone elses place for free.

Biden White House, under pressure from Democrats, responds on evictionsResponding to political pressure to extend the now-expired federal ban on evictions, the Biden administration announced Monday new measures to help prevent evictions. Wanna bet red states are holding up the money to damage POTUS’s presidency? thanks Pelosi...yea ok.

White House says states, cities must rescue renters after eviction ban lapseThe White House says the CDC lacks the legal authority to unilaterally extend the nationwide eviction moratorium that expired this weekend, shooting down the latest bid to continue the ban Of course the CDC lacks any authority. Who thought they did? Someone needs to act and do it now! As I heard it, it is the Supreme Courts fault it expired. They supposedly ruled in June it could not go past July 31. So blame them Right Wing judges.