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While the Windsors Investigate Meghan Markle's Rudeness, Perhaps They Could Look Into Prince Andrew's Alleged Pedophilia

While the Windsors Investigate Meghan Markle's Rudeness, Perhaps They Could Look Into Prince Andrew's Alleged Pedophilia

3/3/2021 11:30:00 PM

While the Windsors Investigate Meghan Markle 's Rudeness, Perhaps They Could Look Into Prince Andrew 's Alleged Pedophilia

As the highly anticipated Oprah interview of the newly-American Windsor faction draws nigh, the remaining English royals, their flunkies, the British tabloids, or some combination of the above have gone into damage control overdrive, with the same tired story they trot out every time they want English people all riled up at Meghan : she’s rude.

that these particular allegations of bullying are going to be taken very seriously:“Accordingly our HR team will look into the circumstances outlined in the article,” the spokesperson said. “Members of staff involved at the time, including those who have left the Household, will be invited to participate to see if lessons can be learned. The Royal Household has had a dignity at Work policy in place for a number of years and does not and will not tolerate bullying or harassment in the workplace.”

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And then they can give what they uncover about Andrew's and Epstein's friend Bill Clinton to the FBI. What about FBI? Why haven't they charged him yet? Perhaps there are powerful American suspects involved? What exactly are they going to even do if they find out Meghan was allegedly mean to staff? Phone her up and scold her? Even if it's true, I doubt that she was the first in a family of ppl given unearned high status to be mean to peasants like us, but that was never investigated.

dms8722 Rudeness is Not a Crime but Lying and having Sex with Under Age is a Crime. Period no excuses. Thing is nor the royal family, met police, MI6 or the underground train police have jurisdiction over American soil or territory so they can't investigate something which is already being investigated by the FBI

Alleged because he was friends of epstien Alleged rudeness. Get ur captions correct! Maybe the FBI should investigate him and not his family doing the investigating, don't you think? 🙄 The palace isn't a legal creation... they can't look into laws being broken. That's the FBIs job. So having the help pissed at you is really bad and should be investigated but hanging out with Jeffery Epstein and underage girls are okay and swept under the royal rug.

Ok ya I agree, but are you saying ignore possible bullying of employees because Andrew was worse? The Palace doesn't conduct criminal investigations🙄 The Windsors are not investigating MeghanMarkle, they covered up her behavior to protect her. At this point as an employer they are legally required to investigate HR complaint. FBI needs to look into Andrew & Bill Clinton, Perhaps American Press can look into that?

Andrew is a POS but investigating him is the FBI’s job. The monarchy has a legal obligation to investigate bullying that occurs within the palace. First, it's a criminal investigation - a Head of State shouldn't be getting involved. That's a stupid thing to say. Second, she was seventeen, which while gross and inappropriate, is legal in the UK. He is being investigated for links to trafficking and coercion.

This isn't what the FBI is supposed to do? As per their last statement, they just want to talk to Andrew as a witness not an accused! So you have to adress your question to the FBI! it's their responsability! SEXUAL ABUSE Victims deserve Justice! BULLYING VICTIMS deserve Justice! Truly! Trying to divert attention away from that gross story

It’s not the Windsors job to investigate Andrew. It’s the FBIs. Hell yeah they should🤬 exactly DailyMailUK piersmorgan hey RoyalFamily KensingtonRoyal It's not pedophilia. If you're attracted to pre-pubescent children, that's pedophilia. Attraction to pubescents is called hebephilia. Both horrible. Fuck the RoyalFamily — Abolish the corrupt monarchy!

ryancgray Absolutely Nah. NorrispPattie Thank you! Just posted the same sentiment on Facebook! Bunch of hypocrites they all are! And Prince Phillips history of making racist comments and fraternising with friends and relations in the Nazi party . He's in the tower isn't he pedophilia sucks. Consent is better.

yayamathilde I definitely think he should be forced to speak to the FBI etc. However, at least he's had the sense to stay quiet, unlike these two attention-seeking hypocrites Seems like it should be a no-brainer 😩 Gurl, hush. Andrew’s aight. Perhaps the FBI could also look into the Clintons and others instead of focusing all their energy on Prince Andrew.

It’s Obvious that Andrew is Guilty. If not , Why Hasn’t he gone back to America to Prove His Innocence. I am Sick of Hearing Bad Press about Prince Harry and Meghan His BeautifulWife. Prince William is the Spit of his Disgraceful Father. Kate Was So Jealous of Meghan. Royals and royalists have always been ruthless toward disobedient royals, ie the Duke of Windsor or Lady Diana

NizzyJimmy_ But what’s he got to do with Megan being a bully or should we ignore it cos she’s black and your black Absolutely agree but 2 wrongs don’t make a right ! Celebrity culture needs ending ! Pedo How is the Royal Family going to do that? does the Palace have criminal investigatiors?or is the HR head ok to carry this out

The Crown S5 will be such a hit AllSussextweets There is no rudeness or bullying. Stop projecting their lies. najadion That's the title. 😂They are bullying her with their claims about her bullying. Yeah they need to investigate the paedo prince Letss goo! najadion Que tapão Andy Battenburg, he has disappeared. Have offed him to avoid embarrassment?

Piers Morgan is hounding them atm ,why doesn’t he spend all his energy on Andrew He seeems to pick his battles to suit The Royal been EXPOSED!!! Uncle Andrew + criminal + breaking the law = no investigation Meghan + supposed hurtful words = Q personally investigates The Americans should be investigating him further not the royals. As gross as it is, and as gross as he is... 16 is the age of consent in UK. Maybe that needs to change! But in UK he didn’t commit a crime.

No,no, noncing is a proud family tradition. YAeeeeeeeeeees.!!! AGREE ElaineM11584892 They like having a good gnaw on any women bought into the innerfold from the “outside” - been doing it for centuries! Not possible. It's an allegation on a CRIMINAL basis. They can't get involved by LAW. But they can and should investigate employee complaints as part of EMPLOYMENT LAW. Why is everyone losing their common sense? If the Palace did you'd all complain about interference and law.

I am sure they will. Perhaps the quid pro quo is Andrew to testify in US and for the American woman who killed a UK teenager driving on the wrong side of the road and was given diplomatic immunity to save her a murder charge to do the same and return to UK. Before Americans point fingers: please look into Oprah ‘s years long close friendship with Harvey Weinstein and introspect why she is still the ever-famous, ever-loved and pillar of righteousness in the US despite all evidence?

He was thrown to that damning interview for press inquiry. He was then stripped of all patronages and has not been seen in public since. The Epstein case isnt going anywhere because it has bigger fish involved than Andrew: Clintons, hollywood royalty, Middle- Eastern monarchies. They’ve turned a blind eye to that kind of thing for years now

In what capacity should the Windsors investigate Andrew 🤔 Anyone popping to Pizza Express in Woking 😂 Oh dear your distraction card. Poor trick. Alleged SallyAbbott3 SallyAbbott3 SallyAbbott3 SallyAbbott3 Can of worms there. Young woman new to royal life is a far easier target. Exactly, also the alleged rudeness of Princess Anne as well and ask Prince Paedophile friend Andrew to cooperate and let the FBI interview him.

What about the Queen , she has some pass too if she gets a investigation , they all have. I think the key word in your tweet is, alleged. Well a royal can be a paedophile, but not a bully.. If they investigated Andrew, many other extremely high profile people will be exposed. Hence why it hasn't happened. It's all corrupt.

While one would think this would be the correct thing to do, the Palace will never admit they have a pedophile in their midst! Not one of “their own” They won't - an accusation of bullying is much easier to accept and deal with then the fact the son of the Queen has had accusations of paedophilia thrown at him. They'll do anything and everything to move the attention away from him, even if it hurts other family members.

Repugnant though he is, apparently he never had relations with anyone younger 16, which is the age of consent in the UK. bring more shite up Abso bloody lutely ... Why? It's too far in the past for any REAL evidence to be found, regardless of guilt or innocence. And in the UK you're innocent until proven guilty. No evidence no guilt! Whereas Meghan's behaviour is still fresh in everybody's minds, evidence still available.

It's the HR team in the palace management looking in to the staff complaint, as they are required by law. They have no powers to investigate anything else outside their remit. Andrew is a dirty pervert and Megan and Harry just want the money their lifestyle isn’t going to pay for it’s self. No shit. He's so gross.

Yes. Harry too is guilty by association with a psychopathic personality that abused staff who clearly are still traumatised by hot tea being thrown at them and constant insults and abuse. Andrew and Harry have been manipulated by dark forces hell bent on destroying the monarchy. Amen! They should look at that and leave the poor woman in peace. After all she is the mother of their grand/great grandchildren. Like Diana, they have no love, regard, loyalty to anyone decent or those who seem to be more popular than them.

This is a LEGAL matter, they cannot get involved. Why is that so hard for Meghan's fans to understand?! That's like you being accused of something (not charged) and your family running around making a mess of evidence. It's not allowed and the Police won't tolerate it. qooldad1978 Imagine someone still worshipping the royal family in 2021 🚮🚮🚮🚮

Get rid of the royal family we don't need em in our country That photo was definitely taken upstairs in Maxwell's house. He's sure of that as he's never been there. Isn't he a paedophile if he has sex with young girls or is that allowed if you're privileged They're using her as a distraction. Shameful cynical posturing.

You just can not trust RoyalFamily The media overdrive in the lead up to the Oprah interview being aired is right up its street. Some are saying ITV shouldn't show it as PrincePhilip is in hospital but they don't care what they are doing to a pregnant lady with their lies How can we even compare raping minors to Meghan being rude or money hungry?! How is that even comparable at all?! We’re letting a man get away with rape and literally bringing a woman down for being rude or wanting money?!

Those are probably his only qualifications. After all, he never submitted any resume to get his 'job' Yes! BUT That doesn’t negate Markle’s alleged behavior. Let’s remain objective and not use this an excuse to give someone a free pass. The lives of those women who have complained about being harassed are equally valuable.

What about his. Arrogance and. Rudeness. political_wasp It's beyond a joke. Interesting comparison; The antics of an alleged paedophile and the gross manipulation of an institution for one's own gain. Surely the cross over here is minimal bonding on the non-existent? HowLongHasHarryGot? Absolutely agree with your headline.. This is not about Meghan.. This is about the power the Royal family have and have abused over the decades. Diana died because she was bullied as well thrown to the wolves. Andrew is hiding. why? Good luck Harry and Meghan. Best away from it

AS THEY SHOULD Where is the proof!! A picture is not an admission of quilt. It’s sad these girls where brainwashed to thinking it was ok to wash a dirty old mans back when they met Jeffrey to start with. Not sure why they stayed or took money from Jeffery. All royal family must be written out. They are too rich and make headaches for public community.

He belongs in prison Oh heck, no - that would imply that INSIDERS could be worse than in-laws - the end of the world for the establishment and palace lackeys. And anyway. That probably wasn't his arm...... Yes, invite Virginia Roberts as they seem so keen to learn lessons! Perhaps you can look into Bill Clinton’s pedophilia also.

As if they give a damn about staff. Prince Andrew Uk's 1Pedo you r loved by all of them, the racist and the pedophiles. This disgusting prince that is a pedo should charged period. He belongs to you all of British ppl if you keep pretending you will pay the price. Absolutely Not when it's part of THEIR culture.

That would be the guy who's had to step down from all public duties right? Maybe your whataboutism could be looked into? Sorry but he is a disgrace. Ruined the royal family and his mother is supporting him royal_reviewer no pueden investigar al príncipe sin involucrar a los Clinton. El Bill es demasiado importante

Headline of the day sheikhofchic Hmmm. For arguments sake... let’s say MM was rude (don’t believe this but whatever) how is this in anyway comparable to someone being BEST FRIENDS with the most notorious pedophile? Like come. PrinceAndrew isn’t all over TV smearing everyone in the UK. He’s hiding under a rock quietly not saying a peep. Maybe if meg did the same or at least stayed out of the media everyday she wouldn’t be in hot water.

Lets face it, if Meghan was white, then this wouldnt be an issue. Bullying isn't rudeness. Listen to the victim. THANK YOU THE BRITISH PRESS ARE ALWAYS GOING AFTER MEGHAN BUT TURN A BLIND EYE TO PRINCE ANDREW AND HIM BEING A LITERAL PEDOPHILE That part They haven’t said ONE thing regarding this I’m sorry he didn’t consider his family, and the impact his associates and behavior had on them! His ethics and actions are no reflection on them.

Here's a thought--It's not a zero sum game. Prince Andrew AND Meghan Markle can BOTH be problematic. I'm sure that to those who felt they had to quit their jobs it was a bit more than 'rudeness'. They’re gonna find a way to blame Andrew’s shit to Meghan too. What evidence do you have of him alleged Pedophilia apart from this women who lied in her book at certain things,a plane logs,& a photo of her with her arm round him and hers is there any other evidence

No ! Right now the subject is this feminist who bullies others and who forced her man to get rid of his family. Andrew is hideous & should be held accountable. But it doesn’t excuse M’s behavior. thetimes, who reported this story, is a reputable news org, not a tabloid. (M&H work w them) There’s quotes from staff & email documentation. There were witnesses over the yrs to Meg’s abuse. 😞

I think the Royal Family is well and truly past their use by date. This is how they dealt when Prince Andrew got into a fight with staff - no investigation, nothing PrinceAndrewIsARapist So when is Prince Andrew flying over to USA to talk to the FBI As he promised to do. Prince Andrew's situation is exactly that 'Alleged' With Markle nothing is alleged - it's all true. She's a jumped up cling on who has dragged Harry away from everything he knows. She's not Royal - never would be. She's not even unique - just a copycat Mrs Simpson.

Whataboutery at its finest A_W_M_B This man is just an absolute joke, rich, white, entitled, privileged, yes he should be investigated and strip of titles. Vile injustices. Isn't that what the FBI is doing? according to their last statement, they need to speak to PA as a witness /not as an accused! PA should answer FBI questions and M. should answer bullying allegations! Epstein's victims deserve justice as well Meghan's alleged bullying victims!

'Is it 'coz I's black'? All we hear about in the British press is Megan Markle this, Megan Markle that. What about the real royal of interest here, Prince Andrew? A pedophile is a person that’s attracted to children below the age of puberty. Prince Andrew is accused of no such thing. You should delete this tweet.

MlleKatMichele The royals have tried their damndest to push this under the rug. We will not have the rug pulled over our eyes Andrew. We see you and you must be held accountable. PrinceAndrewIsARapist mjohnso27 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 oldhairy1 Well Said. Oh wait he's white and she's a woman of colour, so they won't.

Really? Bc Andrew is a POLICE investigation. Ask the police to do their job. Meghan being a bully is part of ROYAL FAMILY job bc it’s their job to protect their employees! Piss off you and your fake feminism for protecting a ranked bully instead of unprotected women thesussexstan enrac When the Americans send over AnneSacoolas to stand trial for the murder of Harry Dunn by her careless driving, then maybe you can have a word with Prince Andrew in return.

PrinceAndrewIsARapist basically turned Buckingham into a Pedo Palace HRH GreatBritain UK I normally don't care all that much about the royals, despite being half-British/ half-Canadian, but based on what I do know that's some messed up priorities right there. Like...isn't paedophilia a much more worthwhile investigation than someone being rude for like 2 seconds?

justsayin Personally think MeghanAndHarry did exactly what was needed, ie. avoid family occasions at all costs if an alleged paedophile is present. Its called GoodParenting Totally agree if anyone should be in the States at the moment it should be Andrew telling what he knows 🤔🤔🤔 Terri_White That would be a job for the police.

Meghan is the perfect cover. They try to speak, royal family is nervous so LET'S SAY SHE HAS A BULLYING accusation!, Andrew has troubles? LET'S TALK ABOUT MEGHAN. Alleged? Of course he is a pedophile! But they know that. They won’t - Andrew’s insouciance and blatant and continual hoodwinking of his Mother will make sure of that!