Where to see California's dwindling monarch butterflies

Where to see California's dwindling monarch butterflies

10/22/2021 9:17:00 AM

Where to see California's dwindling monarch butterflies

Monarch butterflies are turning up earlier than usual at groves in Pacific Grove and Pismo Beach

reported an unofficial count of 8,000 monarchs right now. “This is very early for them to show,” state park interpreter Danielle Bronson said. Butterflies can’t fly until temperatures warm to 54 degrees Fahrenheit. If you go to see them, start early when it’s cold. They cluster amid red and blue gum eucalyptus trees, which aren’t native but have become an adapted home. As it warms up, you’ll see them flutter in the grove.

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Monarchs usually arrive in November and stay through February. Historically peak time falls between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Popular sites to visit include the Monarch Grove Butterfly Sanctuary in Pacific Grove, the Butterfly Grove at Pismo State Beach and Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz. You also may find places closer to Southern California to see butterflies too. Pelton said monarchs have been seen overwintering at 400 sites on the West Coast.

Things you can do to help monarchs:—(see the fall plant sale at the Theodore Payne Foundation below).— Read up on a bill languishing in Congress called the. It would allocate $12.5 million per year for the next five years to rescue Western monarchs.— Help gather data for the headtopics.com

by uploading sightings of plants and butterflies.— Attend a free Zoom presentation abouton Monterey Bay from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Oct. 21.5 things to do this weekCanyoneers lead free hikes in San Diego County.(Michael Field / San Diego Natural History Museum)

1. Discover San Diego’s hidden wild spaces with the pros — for free.For almost half a century, volunteer Canyoneers at theSan Diego Natural History Museum Read more: Los Angeles Times »

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