Where could homeless people sleep under L.A. plan? Activists take to streets to check

Where could homeless people sleep under L.A. plan? Activists take to streets to check


Where could homeless people sleep under L.A. plan? Activists take to streets to check

Groups walked the streets in an area of Echo Park to assess where homeless people could be barred from sleeping if the proposal passed.

Services Not Sweeps and its partners did not quantify how much of Echo Park could be off-limits, but their analysis shows significant stretches of streets such as Sunset Boulevard being off-limits for sidewalk sleeping, even in areas far from the facilities targeted under the proposal.

the mayor’s house

Maps produced by the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, the Services Not Sweeps coalition and the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project show restrictions on sidewalk sleeping around doorways and driveways on two streets in Echo Park.

O’Farrell spokesman Tony Arranaga said Monday that their office was reviewing the information and that the councilman wanted to hear from his colleagues on the proposal when it came before council. City officials have yet to publicly release their own assessment of the potential reach of the plan.

The new proposal specifies that no one can sleep on sidewalks “in a manner that restricts 10 feet of clearance from any utilizable and operational entrance, exit, driveway or loading dock” — a rule that echoes nighttime restrictions in the Jones settlement. Activists have said they are worried about the net effect of the new and existing rules and more aggressive enforcement of any newly passed restrictions.

Read more: Los Angeles Times

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