What To Say To Someone Who Refuses To Vote

It’s best to make sure a skeptic aligns with your political beliefs 100% before trying to persuade them to vote.

Johnson, Laura Dern

1/21/2022 9:57:00 PM

It’s best to make sure a skeptic aligns with your political beliefs 100% before trying to persuade them to vote.

With so much at stake in upcoming elections, it’s more important than ever for Americans to stand up and make their voices heard. Here’s what to say to someone who refuses to vote.

“Cool, do you want to grab lunch?”List slides“Voting booth fatalities are rare.”AdvertisementIf they believe their vote matters, this should convince them.“Citizens of some countries don’t even have the illusion that their vote matters.”List slides“Okay, but Laura Dern is really going to be disappointed.”

AdvertisementCrucifixion doesn’t look too comfortable.“Our Founding Fathers would not give birth to you.”List slides“When I’m treasurer of this middle school, I’ll remember your betrayal.”AdvertisementDiddy’s sacrifice to the culture will not go uncelebrated if you have anything to say about it.

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here is the thing, people change in power, but the system which fundamentally is broken & allows all the shitty things to happen stays the same. things will stay the same for the next 2000 years as they were since Roman empire, human civilization is pretty much arbitrary fucked It’s already over. You failed to introduce mandatory voting. That’s just weird

In my opinion; Mike Pence is for the rules of the church, and he really is against the LGBTQ+Fam! Don't go believing that he and a lot of Republicans in the White House, aren't creating or trying to create laws against the LGBTQ+Fam! They are! Along with some churches! Hello? Sorry, you think you are funny right? At least you think? I'm starting to think you know it isn't.

Yeah, it doesn't matter, both parties are exactly the same. Look at the Roe V. Wade matter. Both parties unanimously agreed it should be repealed! Voting wouldn't have made a difference! They did, right? They're both the same after all... right? Hold on, let me check my notes... tell her comedy is over too

Must be hard to be a fascist and at the butt of every joke. At least we'll get off quite a few cutting remarks as you murder and rape America and western civilization into the dark ages of christofascism... again. hate to tell u what to do, but u should vote... and make babies! just jokes! Does she have a sister?

oh no, more trite grey and black attire It is over in the United States effectively

Doctor Visiting Georgia From England Killed in Bed by Stray Bullet31-year-old Dr. Matthew Wilson, who was visiting the Atlanta area from England, was fatally shot while lying in bed in the middle of the night in what police called “a random act involving individuals participating in the reckless discharge of firearm.” Why the hell haven’t they arrested anybody? Talk of a random stray bullet is similar to the language used when ‘a car mounts the kerb’ and kills pedestrians. There are humans propelling these bullets, but the police call it ‘random’!

Once in a while, I think that a word in the English language is weird weirdwordoftheday Remember when you guys were funny? Communacracy is better. Communacracy is also democratic! According to elonmusk liberty is just on hold until we can verify that less than 5% of us are bots Damn, I didn’t even crack a smile reading this it was so not funny

How about “Don’t worry, a Democrat will fill out your ballot for you and stuff it in ballot box”. Problem solved lady liberty isnt a real person. delete this shameful fake news

Nearly 9 million Americans called in sick to work this monthThe U.S. Census Bureau says 8.8 million people called in sick to work because they were dealing with symptoms of COVID-19 or caring for someone with the virus. Create a major panic and steal the flu, you create problems. Deal with it! World governments going with Bill Gates plan to be the last geek alive is disgusting

Plane bound for London forced to return to Miami after passenger refuses to wear maskAmerican Airlines says one of its flights to London turned around Wednesday night and returned to Miami after a woman on the plane refused to wear a face mask.

Joe Manchin Says Democrats ‘Starting From Scratch’ On Build Back BetterThe West Virginia Democrat once again refused to say whether he would support a child tax credit extension.

Mitch McConnell says Black people vote at similar rates to 'Americans'The comment implied that Black voters are somehow not American and underscored the concerns of voting rights advocates that Republicans in state legislatures across the country are seeking to disenfranchise Black voters. 🤔 🤔 🤔 To where black Europeans? Black Latinos? God if you're going to make a story out of Mitch's slip up you could make a long running series out of Biden's lol. 😆

Republicans who supported Voting Rights Act now oppose bill Democrats say would strengthen its provisionsRepublican opposition to updating the Voting Rights Act in response to recent Supreme Court rulings underscores how far the party has moved against providing a significant role for the federal government in elections.