What to Do With Sourdough Discard

Instead of tossing your sourdough discard, use it to whip up a host of tangy treats.

9/20/2021 11:00:00 PM

From tangy English muffins to savory scallion pancakes—whatever you do, don't toss it!

Instead of tossing your sourdough discard, use it to whip up a host of tangy treats.

. Adding sourdough discard to the batter gives the muffins a boost of flavor that pairs well with cream cheese, peanut butter, and especially melted butter. The key to shaping them on the griddle is using English muffin rings, round metal cookie cutters, or biscuit cutters, but you can always make your own by cutting off the top and bottom of small, round cans.

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Sourdough Dashi Scallion PancakesTim ChinWith just a few staple ingredients and minimal equipment, you can have tender scallion pancakes with crisp edges in no time. Here, we rely on milk to thin out the sourdough discard and create a more crepe-like consistency, and it also provides a subtle sweetness. To balance out the discard’s sour taste and incorporate some savory depth, we add a generous amount of instant dashi to the batter. Once browned to perfection, you have yourself a perfectly savory side or snack.

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