What is “White Nationalism”?

Governments have underestimated a growing, and murderous, threat


The massacres in Christchurch and El Paso were committed by white nationalists. What has caused this resurgence of right-wing extremism?

Governments have underestimated a growing, and murderous, threat

The phenomenon is hard to define because of its ideological and geographical fractiousness. Broadly, white nationalists want to achieve an ethno-state of, and for, whites. Some do their best to avoid overtly claiming that any race is inferior, arguing that each should have its own ethno-state. The majority, however, are white supremacists, who also believe that races form a normative hierarchy with whiteness at the top. They demand policies ranging from stricter controls on immigration to wholesale ethnic cleansing, or even genocide. All this is often tied to the fear of “white genocide”, or white “replacement”, ie, the notion that the “white race” is being squeezed out of existence through its own low birth rate, miscegenation and more prolific reproduction by non-white people.

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Though discredited by the war against Nazism and later by the civil-rights struggles of the 1950s and 60s, white nationalism experienced a resurgence towards the end of the 20th century, leading to a number of violent attacks in America and Europe.

White nationalism evolved rapidly with the advent of the internet. It has picked up the irony-tinged discourse of the darker corners of cyberspace to couch political views in a humour that never reveals whether the writer is serious or not. This allows white nationalists to use non-believers, just in it “for the lulz [laughs]”, to spread their message to a wider audience. In Europe, meanwhile, white nationalists agonised about a supposed Islamic invasion, particularly after 9/11 and the rise of global jihadism. In “The Great Replacement”, Renaud Camus claimed true Frenchmen were being supplanted by immigrants from Africa and the Middle East, encouraged by a “replacist” elite. American white nationalists have incorporated Muslims into their taxonomy of invading races but remain mostly focused on Latinos, blacks and Jews.

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WT Everyone in Oklahoma knows the bombing was a coverup job. Pure Marxist propaganda: Subversion & demoralization. The truth does not matter anymore to the brain washed far left ideologues. I cannot believe the extent of Marxist infiltration. The Economist of all places. It's a sad era for America, liberty, & freedom.

FT_Col White nationalists? It's just racist people. I believe more die in Chicago ever year and doubt its white supremacy White nationalists or ruthless fascists? 🤢😡😠 fascists!! Democrat voters alllibertynews Tim McVeigh a white nationalist? alllibertynews “White supremacists” Nationalism is fine, quit playing stupid language games.

alllibertynews The leftist mass shooters? Or are you just blaming and almost nonsensical trope?

In Order to Dismantle White Supremacy, We Have to Unpack White Innocence First'White innocence is the insistence on the innocence or absence of responsibility of the contemporary white person.'

Yet black America who’s 13.4 % of the US Population are still responsible for over 50% of US murders. White people are just TOO violent (Chicago Memphis Baltimore Milwaukee etc). Something should be done! White Nationalism is no more to blame for terrorism than Islam. For instance, the El Paso terrorist may have identified with White Nationalists, but he was clearly not radicalized by us. He hated Hispanics. A great many Hispanics are White, including a majority of Puerto Ricans.

White Nationalism is no more White Supremacy than Zionism is Jewish Supremacy. My support for establishing Europe as a homeland for Ethno-racial indigenous Europeans is as justifiable as Zionist support for the establishment of a homeland for an Ethno-religious group. Nonsense. I'm a White Nationalist. I support establishing Europe as a homeland for Ethno-racial indigenous Europeans. And my position is at least as justifiable as Zionist support for the establishment of a homeland for an Ethno-religious group.

NotAcquiescing WhiteDomesticTerrorism Shame on racism! jbwhitesnake Trumpism. The white terrorism.... KattyKay_ Seems KattyKay_, who is white, pretends to be some other race or color, to pander to the racist narrative her party is employing in an attempt to win an election. Want to see racism? Look at the leaders of Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, Detroit, Philadelphia, and on, and on!

How Kellyanne Conway saved her White House jobSenior White House aide Kellyanne Conway avoided getting fired for “egregious and ongoing” violations of the Hatch Act in large part because a little-known oversight agency was unable to weigh in The wicked Witch of thenWest Wing continues her ALTERNATE FACTS for realDonaldTrump

Such a racism seems one of the representative anachronism in America! Horse crap alllibertynews The American Flag is a symbol of freedom around the world! alllibertynews The El Paso shooter was a lone Wolf. He supported the new green deal . Population control. Was into the environment. He was crazy. Was a racist. A narcissist only cared about himself. The death penalty is too good for him.

WillMcAvoyACN 💔😢 Are medical errors committed by White coats White Nationalists? What was the latest homicide count Chicago Illinois? Probably not white nationalist? NadyaZhexembay Win for 2020plan . Simply US Presidents used to go war for win elections with Nationalists Acts. Soon he will go war.. jv1here Well trump wants to take protection away for endangered species. So let’s see if we can wipe out white nationalists and supremacist that would encourage me to buy a gun

liberaltlou I suppose they all claim to be good such thing as white power we all of the human race

A former white supremacist’s warning: No one’s properly addressing online extremism“I grew up on the same memes that probably the New Zealand shooter did,” Mak Kapetanovic told NBC News. 'Now I'm fighting against that ideology.” I am not defending white supremacist But they are also ignoring Gangs Other racial supremacist Mexican mob All other people out there shooting up people Blame google and what they re hiding to allow snuff makers to use their tools 5 killed and 42 more shot over the weekend in chicago. You think you can cover this?

Fine people? BistyCSRoss I didn't see any reference to the Black Liberationists who spent 2014, 2015 and 2016 assassinating police officers? Why is that? So now Timothy McVeigh was a white nationalist? When did you re-write that bit of 'history' You forgot 1 big detail. Most of these white killers and mass shooters have been LIBERALS on some kind of mood altering drugs.

Talk about race baiting. Disgusting This is a bad click bate post, that makes poeple angry at each other for posting there veiws, why is there no black on black , Muslim killings etc , just because of sum unhinged dudes have a color of skin there white nationalists , which we all know is not true ! Nationalism or Racism?


Why Didn't The DOJ Tell Congress What They Knew About White Supremacist Domestic Terrorism?White supremacists were responsible for all race-based domestic terrorism incidents in 2018 Unacceptable 😡😡 This is because white people can get fucking crazy bro! Trust me Having a nice time in diversity.

Fake news Some white supremacy supporters are far inferior to some black people. That's super LOL White supremacy is a soft word for nazi. Period. *white embarrassment. Ah... It's in the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD!!!! And Christchurch and El Paso dumbfucks were not 'White Nationalists'. 😉 I hate white supremacist

What about black killing black have any data on that or dare not answer White terrorist Shame ShameGOP AbolishICE abolishnra nranoway WorstPresidentEver Opinion: This is Donald J. Trump's Most Racist Hate Endorsements at his Racist Hate Rallies & Speeches! He's speeches it and the serpents carries it out by massive shootings! Affirmed The Hamilton & Franklin Federalist Party in 2020-2032

Opinion | Here's how a law that broke the KKK is now fighting white supremacyOpinion | Amy Spitalnick: 'Suing those responsible for hate crimes has the potential to bankrupt and dismantle the groups at the center of this violent movement.' - NBCNewsTHINK THINK Yes we can act now and end this hypocrisy. THINK Good. Send them back were their came from... THINK Start with Al Sharpton

Tourism really jumps ,thanks to trump, to other nations; but not to worry trump cut all USA tourism budgets also And still haven't killed as many people as black people have killed. Where is that article? Being born white is a heck of an accomplishment. *eyeroll* 'If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you.' - President Lyndon B. Johnson

Really...how's inner city Chicago measuring up...? Some perspective from a Dr. Jordan Peterson (who is often misrepresented): What race killed the most people? Sorry, had some wine! I read that as after the second world war! I withdraw that tweet. Divvy. I think the Nazis may have got in first. BS, globalist Economist is looking for just any way to convince people Trump has to be voted out. They want global governance and total loss of our sovereignty. Trump must be smeared because he stands with us against that dark plan.

House Judiciary asks if White House linked to Epstein decisionsThe top Democrat and top Republican on the Judiciary Committee want the acting director of the Bureau of Prisons to explain in great detail how it was possible that Jeffrey Epstein's death happened and was anyone at DOJ or Trump admin in the know? Lawrence O’Donnell discusses with Mimi Rocah and John Heilemann. Lawrence Exactly cause how the f**king hell was Epstein allowed to successfully commit suicide whilst in custody?! This stinks to high heaven! Way too convenient for all those disgusting pedophiles who stood to be under scrutiny had he survived! Lawrence You mean all the “acting” heads have to actually do the job they are paid for and actually be accountable? Like the rest of us? Lawrence How could he when he was just acting, we want the Director!

Ur words , Key word used is 'NOTION' white “replacement”, ie, the NOTION that the “white race” is being squeezed out of existence through its own low birth rate, miscegenation and more prolific reproduction by non-white people. Anti-whites are against nationalism in ONLY white countries. Instead of 'white nationalism', what about regular nationalism, where say Sweden is for the ethnic Swedes, Germany for Germans, Ireland for Irish, and so on? Why must European nations be ethnically replaced?

Just in the US, not in whole America. いわゆる近代史における帝国主義としてデザインされてきた破滅型のなんでもアリの弊害を伴う弱肉強食の常識が、日常化されてきた経済世界。弱者は生まれるために存在し、強者が情け無用を叫ぶ負のスパイラル。おおよそ、大航海時代まで遡って想いを馳せなくてはならないのはこの点であるか……… No future in USA, since white is no longer the majority in many places. But we still need to denounce the white supremacy and any other racists organizations.

'The Economist' Stalwart They have to go back. What about ISIS, the Taliban & two decades ago Rwanda? There are problem groups elsewhere too, not just white nationalist as you like calling them. All nasties need attention. Why this white self-loathing - it's too selective & actually the white loathers are themselves racist?

It is the rage one feels when having to feign pride over something he/she has no control over because everything else he/she has done in life is subpar and mediocre at best. These stains need to be removed from the world. NO ONE needs their toxic sh!t. Especially now. In 1965 when the USA was 88% white, white Congress voted to change immigration laws to favor the Third World. As a result, whites today represent only about 60% of the population and will become a minority by 2043. Some 'white nationalism'!

Of course it was. I still don't understand how the US fight against the nazi in the WW2... お仕込み??..._(._.)_ As inbred and maladjusted as the AntifaTerrorists that oppose them. Two sides of the same coin. SJWscum NaziScum 'the economist' For the life of me, I’ll never understand the term “white pride”. Being white isn’t something these people have worked hard to achieve. It was an accident of birth.

Feels like they take a lot of pride working at Walmart and McDonald’s. Congrats! losers

Sorest losers of all time. ALL TIME. if you want to see some examples of White Nationalism please just read the comments, this article is OK but ignores the internets role as a communications tool for their hatred to spread. Lead in the water. 'Resurgence of right-wing extremism' is a myth spread by the Left to frighten minorities into voting for them and to justify measures against anyone who disagrees with them.

Mass immigration into majority white nations. Declining standards of living. Demonisation of white people. Destruction of traditional values, destruction of communities, the list could go on and on. Agh, the whites, making nationalism look not so bad...... (QUALIFIER: multi cultural, racial nationalism not race as a nation cuz that's not real bitches)

resurgence? where have your eyes been my whole life? alllibertynews Ask a dumb question. 😂😂😂 You see girl on left in your photo? Just from her head & shoes & even banner she is indistinguishable from north Brooklyn 2000-2010 hipsters who are not descended from “Bklyn artists” but “Manhattan traditional skinheads”. Hipsters also inherited internal struggles of latter

All I see is uptight white men who can't get laid without paying for it or never had a mother that nurtured them marching for handouts by Trump Administration. Ethnocentrism Trump. they have advocates in the government and white house Zuckerware. Stephen Harper's IDU? Mass immigration without the consent of the populace, simple

For his reelection campaign realdonaldtrump commissioned a reengineering of the iconic Rubik’s Cube. The puzzle is now a simple to solve racist roadmap to Keep America Great.

realDonaldTrump About 40+ years of using racist dogwhistles to win elections. Putin and Trump, next question.

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