What Does It Mean to Languish?

Languishing is not the same as having a mental illness.

12/3/2021 8:08:00 AM

Feeling a sense of apathy or general lack of direction? You might be languishing. Here’s what to do about it.

Languishing is not the same as having a mental illness.

Languishing is what we feel in the absence of mental well-being.Positive psychology addresses the pathway from languishing to flourishingSource: Pablo Varela/UnsplashThe dictionary definition oflanguishingis “failure to make progress or be successful”—like, “he was languishing in the same job he had held for 15 years.” Yikes. The shorter but equally brutal verb form,

languish, is defined as “to become feeble, weak, or enervated” —such as, “The entire population began to languish as the pandemic swept through the world, no matter how many times they ‘pivoted.’”Without a doubt, languishing is the buzzword of the year, with good reason. Corey Keys first coined the term in 2002, and this year, organizational psychologist Adam Grant wrote an article for the New York Times calling languishing the “dominant emotion of 2021.”

But what exactly does it feel like and how do you know you're langushing?Synonyms for languishing include deteriorating, dwindling, wilting, rotting, and withering, but to be honest, if I were to use another word instead of languishing, it would be 'blah' or 'meh'—the total resignation of anything positive, with no dire negative emotional states or responses. headtopics.com

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While no synonyms can replace languishing exactly, if you use the above words and apply them to an image of your own brain/mind/well-being, then you probably have a reasonable representation of what it means to languish.What does languishing feel like?

Languishing can be described as having a lack of direction, a sense of apathy and stagnation, and a deep knowledge that you are not operating at your full capacity. If you’re languishing, you may feel ‘neutral’ or ‘numb’ rather than positive or thriving, but not have any symptoms of more serious mental health conditions or diagnoses, such as persistent

patterns and emotional states. Your general response to ideas or plans is ‘Meh’, and while you know you

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The article could have mentioned brief outlines of strategies that help in flourishing, nevertheless glad to have learned about languishing.

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