What Barrett Would Recuse Herself From: Takeaways From Senate Questionnaire

President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court was contacted about the job a day after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, according to paperwork required for the confirmation process.

10/1/2020 10:00:00 AM

Amy Coney Barrett, Trump's Supreme Court nominee, says she was contacted by the White House about the job a day after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Here are more insights from her Senate questionnaire:

President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court was contacted about the job a day after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, according to paperwork required for the confirmation process.

Susan Walsh/APtoggle captionSusan Walsh/APSupreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett looks over to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky on Capitol Hill Tuesday.Susan Walsh/APJudge Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court seat made vacant by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, has a relatively short record as a federal judge, but a long track record as a conservative lawyer and law professor.

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Barrett met Tuesday with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Republican senators ahead of her confirmation hearing that begins Oct. 12. As part of the process, the Senate Judiciary Committee released, along with 1,800 pages of documents, 150 speeches and writings, and nearly 100 opinions she has written and more than 800 appeals in which she participated.

Here are highlights from the questionnaire:The White House contacted Barrett a day after Ginsburg's deathBarrett says she received a call on Saturday, Sept. 19, from Pat Cipollone, counsel to the president, and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to discuss the vacancy created by Ginsburg's death the previous day.

Amy Coney Barrett: A Dream For The Right, Nightmare For The LeftA day later, she says, the two men called her again and asked her to come to Washington. Trump called her later that day to confirm the invitation.On Monday, Sept. 21, three days after Ginsburg's death, Barrett met with Trump, Vice President Pence, Cipollone and Meadows in Washington, where Trump offered her the nomination and she accepted — pending vetting.

What Barrett would recuse herself fromBarrett said she'd recuse herself from cases involving her husband, Jesse Barrett, and her sister Amanda Coney Williams, both attorneys. She also said she'd recuse herself from those cases involving Notre Dame, where she taught law, and from matters in which she participated in while a judge on the court of appeals.

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What a ghoul If she gets in, she will be impeached shortly after Biden moves into the Oval Office. hate amy she has 7 children and is hot doesn't say me so hurt 30 x a minut.... Unfit joshtpm I'm infuriated seeing them hold money back from the people, but rushing this She-Devil through. McConnell is blackmailing Pelosi and the people. I can't believe this is happening. This is so messed up. They still want more money for rich people. Don't let them blackmail us!

Aunt Amy. joshtpm Such biased reporting, NPR. joshtpm The Federalist society owns his ass. joshtpm The horrors that Trump claims will unfold in Biden’s America are actually happening right now in Trump’s America — and the president is doing all he can to create those conditions for personal and political gain. Don’t give up or relax. Give time or money or both. VOTE BLUE

She doesn't matter, her husband's record needs to be investigated. She will just do as he says about any and every decision. joshtpm ACB = Ambulance Chaser Barrett sick lawyer joshtpm And she said yes, because the amount of shame in Amy Coney Barrett's body can only be measured by mass spectrometer (And of course she was contacted many times prior to death) Amy Coney Barrett, Trump's Supreme Court nominee, says she was contacted by the White House about the job a day after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Obama waited 30 days after death of Scalia before appointing Garland - you know, because he has class and respect, something Trump and GOP utterly lack. Just like RBG after she got involved in the 2016 election, the perfect replacement! Just another dishonest right wing judge lying to promote her ideology.

Why would she recuse herself? This girl doesn’t belong in the Supreme Court. I am personally ok with giving her a fair hearing. Jamming it in like this is no fair hearing. It’s imperative that she recuse herself from the election results. WalterAllenTV Its amazing how many psychics are bashing ACB. Aren't you the ones that said Trump would start a nuclear war? YES Aren't you the ones that said Trump would end abortion? YES Aren't you the ones that said Trump would take away peoples rights? YES YOU WERE WRONG THEN & WRONG NOW

VoteHimOut VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare why do the republicans get all the hot girls and we're stuck with the dumpy looking ones? Just for handy reference: Why would she? This is exactly the reason why she is being nominated Defund NPR She doesn’t smile, she smirks. Separation of church and state was always DOA... Republicans and the far right use it as a weapon against democrats and anyone who opposes them to gain some moral high ground to do terrible things to our country.

So? first Barr and now her. Why would she? What the hell kinda headline is that? Considering she was on the short list last time around, one wonders just why it is that NPR seems to think that this is newsworthy? karenmel She is in a cult aka People of Praise. That alone should disqualify her. Btw I think an investigative series on People of Praise ought to be undertaken with a look into their finances, beliefs, structure, etc.

Because she shouldn't. A desperate, fascistic and pathetic sentiment unworthy of someone seeking to be on the highest court in America. VoteBlue BidenHarris2020 jenga_ca She should recuse herself from the kinda decision that happened in Bush v Gore Why would she recuse when we need 9 judges to break a deadlock. And if she has to recuse because Trump appointed her, why wouldn't Gorsuch and Kavanaugh also have to recuse?

Only an ungodly bitch would accept this assignment. She made a deal with something evil. Everyone who gets in his world seems to have to decide whether to sell their soul or get out. I'm sure it was her first interview question. Nor should she. Why recuse? Are you implying ACB will be partial, leftist hacks, ? I’d say if ACB recused herself from doing her job in the SCOTUS she, by definition, immediately disqualified herself as a competent justice. Your hateful partisanship as a news outlet is unbecoming, .

She is a white supremacist. That is all we need to know. And you KNOW that Trump and his cohorts asked her directly if she would recuse herself in any election proceeding. Had she said yes, they would have sent her packing. Trump will contest this election and wants SCOTUS in his back pocket. Biden neds to clearly, undeniably win!

Not should she. None of them should. Judges are supposed to be impartial. If they can’t be- they shouldn’t sit on the court. The Hebrews really have their panties in a bunch over this Catholic woman The President who nominated her just sent a public call to arms to a white supremacist group. If Coney Barrett had a shred of decency, she’d withdraw. WeCanDoBetter

And she should not Big surprise. Good. She should not do so, she is a judge and should do her job. Another puppet Because she is not actually a Constitutionalist like she claims. She will unfortunately be another sycophant for the extreme right. We need to expand the court once Biden takes office to make it less politicized.

Of course she didn't. That's a big part of why Trump nominated her. This should be disqualifying. And Moscow Mitch said “Good girl.” Why does a white supremacist, who is facing criminal charges and who is a national security threat because he is grossly indebted to foreign actors whose interests are against this country, get to choose the next SC Justice in order to change the balance of the Court?

She’s a fascist. Is there any doubt of that? President Joe Biden will pack the supreme court with 4 justices and make her presence insignificant. 👎🏻 It’s because she doesn’t have the integrity to put our country first. She’s the married rich cousin in my Catholic family. Useless, and unethical. She’s an extremist Christian - member of a cult willing to trade anything to “bring in the kingdom of god”.

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The Supreme Court Must Stop Trump, they have 3 Decades on the Court Ahead, Trump Loses & tries his BS they Must Remember Donald is about Done. Especially if He’s Stomped which Would be the Case, if there’s was no Handicap Russia team Helping the GOP! It’s All Good the Evil on Display by the Desperate GOP, Trump, & his Cronies, Will Be Crushed in 34 Days! The Heart & Fire of the 63% Will Not be Denied, We Are So Close to Breathing Again! How has one Evil man Brought Us the People, to Our Knees in 4 Years Time! God We are Weak!

Contacted the next day!?! That is so F'd up! It's no wonder he picked her she's obviously as souless and power hungry as all the other ppl he surrounds himself with. How can a Justice have absolutely no respect for a woman who made such history? Shame!! 😡 And as a CHRISTIAN like she claims to be she was so eager and happy that the former Justice wasn't even cold yet and she was happy to discuss a job opening. Christian my foot.

Seriously, 1 day after RBG DIED...I’ve wanted to be a Supreme Court justice SCOTUS since I was 2-5 yrs old feeling grateful 4 having been Adopted from an ORPHANAGE in India...& I have 2BirthCertificates to prove that I’m a USCitizen and PROUD to have never voted 🗳for trump They waited a day? We're still waiting for that infrastructure plan, and medical plan. But for Ginsburg's replacement the White House seems to have had a plan. I guess it's obvious what's actually important to Trump and the GOP.

Gross given that she knows she is biased toward her religion as well as being against other women, she should remove herself from consideration entirely. And she said yes. That disgusts me anyone with that many kids has to know a little something about humanity. This is disgusting. Her record is disgusting. The seat is being stolen.

If she had any ethical standards, she would not accept a lifetime nomination while votes are being cast. It pretty much says everything I need to know about her as a judge. Help us lord! This won't end well. What happened to Trump's shortlist I call BS. Trump stated he was saving her to replace Ginsburg. She knew she was 'on deck', who knows when she was notified Ginsburg's death was imminent.

This is a life time nomination in the supreme court of the USA and they are trying to fill it as if they interview an assistant or clerk Sorry no women in this cell block! She is a cult member and they are trying to erase her foot prints: Ghouls. Betcha she will not recuse herself from anything. She and Brett know who butters their bread.

They’re such assholes. I loathe the GOP. Really?

Sen. Ted Cruz Says Judge Amy Coney Barrett 'Will Make A Strong Justice'The Texas Republican, author of One Vote Away, a book about the Supreme Court, says President Trump's nominee to the court should not recuse herself if the November election ends up at the high court. Shocking... Of course he doesn’t. Cruz opens his mouth, and shit comes out.

Republican senators say Supreme Court nominee should not recuse herself from election casesRepublican senators meeting with U.S. Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett on Tuesday praised President Donald Trump's pick for the lifetime post, rejecting Democrats' assertion that she should recuse herself from potential election-related cases. The GOPBetrayedAmerica when they nominated Donald and it's been downhill ever since. VoteOutEveryRepublican Impeach Kavanaugh and this one if she gets into SCOTUS and then PackTheCourt with unbiased Justices who actually belong there. She should recuse herself from the nomination, it is a farce, look at the debate last night, that man has no right to pick his nose let alone a Supreme Court judge I hope with the debate she is filled with pride at the man who got her the Job....she will be representing his Style.

Republican senators say Supreme Court nominee should not recuse herself from election casesRepublican senators meeting with U.S. Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett on Tuesday praised President Donald Trump's pick for the lifetime post, rejecting Democrats' assertion that she should recuse herself from potential election-related cases. She really does look like Serena Joy. What a shock. Next your gonna tell me that realDonaldTrump has huge financial debt problems & his kids are corrupt and creepy. Water is wet.

ACB starts making the rounds on the HillThe people need them to pass Covid relief before a SCOTUS confirmation! Why? The fix is in. Gross to give Barrett the “RBG” treatment; she’s done nothing to deserve a moniker of her own. Pandering.

Opinion | Amy Coney Barrett and Joe Biden: Two Catholics, One Double StandardFrom WSJOpinion: Will Joe Biden be asked to repudiate the ugly attacks on Amy Coney Barrett’s faith? asks wjmcgurn opinion wjmcgurn Which ugly attacks?! By whom?! All I’ve been hearing about is the left attacking her faith - but can’t find any noteworthy people saying anything about her faith. opinion wjmcgurn What a ridiculous headline. opinion wjmcgurn

Where Does Joe Biden Stand on the Supreme Court Nomination?We break down Joe Biden's stance on the Supreme Court and Trump's nominee, Amy Cony Barrett. Trump is POTUS. Biden is a private citizen so no one cares.