What Are Love Maps & What Can They Tell You About Your Relationships?

The things you notice and remember about your partner say a lot.


1/23/2022 10:00:00 PM

'Whether it’s through asking questions or noticing traits and habits about our partners, in essence, we are creating a love map.'

The things you notice and remember about your partner say a lot.

, Psy.D., Master Trainer for the Gottman Institute and an Austin, TX-based licensed clinical psychologist, tells SheKnows.  “Over time, says Meunier, these love maps become a database for our relationship.According to Meunier, our love map is how we show our interest in a partner and is how we start to build a relationship. “When the love maps are mutual and

 r and hasn’t taken the time to learn about one another’s lives.of not sharing what’s going on in your daily life with one another. It might also happen when a partner is in a highly stressful or secretive job and they aren’t able to share with their partner what they’ve been up all day. Over time, says Meunier, this breeds room for detachment and disengagement. “And when you’ve been disengaged from your partner for a period of time, you begin to feel lonely and isolated. You begin to feel like you’re living with a stranger and you might become suspicious and guarded. The more you think you don’t know someone, the more likely you will become guarded and won’t trust someone enough to let them in.”

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