West Point İs About To Graduate İt's Largest Class Of Black Women - Cnn

West Point İs About To Graduate İt's Largest Class Of Black Women - Cnn

West Point is about to graduate its largest class of black women

Thirty-four black women are expected to graduate from West Point next week. That will be the largest class of African-American women to graduate together in the military school's history.


Thirty-four black women are expected to graduate from West Point next week. That will be the largest class of African-American women to graduate together in the military academy's lengthy history, a West Point spokesman said.

Thirty-four black women are expected to graduate from West Point next week. That will be the largest class of African-American women to graduate together in the military school's history.

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Awesome, Ladies!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💪🏼MondayMotivation MondayMood Legit news... though I kinda jst wish it wasn’t.. think about it incredible achievement. A big knock on societal immaturity... And rightly so. One day, I hope we all see ourselves as Americans.... and that would be enough said. Ever hear bout African-French, African Brits? Noo.

That’s awesome 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Does anyone know the reason why some are wearing skirts and others are wearing pants? Is it a status thing or just a uniform choice? Just curious... Isn't this photo racist? How about commending ALL women parabéns,Parabéns Long live most magnificent women's Okay Wow.

Dow futures point to more than 150-point decline at Monday's openU.S. stock market futures pointed to declines across the major indexes at Monday's open. Trump Tariffs aren't working out well. Time to pursue more thoughtful alternatives. CNBC the Doom and Gloom channel.

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How many times u gonna post this race baitint story. Post something good about white people for once god damn Amazing, great work ladies. Make America Proud (MAP) Love the proud black women. An iconic photograph. Yay!! cnn. So much wokeness! Calling them black women doesn't that label them in a seperate category as the word women.We are born all in the same female form are we not

DisneyStudios already owns the movie rights and Steven Spielberg is set to direct.🤣 🎥Disney DisneyStudios StevenSpielberg AllLoveTrump Its an abomination that after the documented history of Black people in the U.S. military that these modern day Aunt Jemimas are offering their lives to protect people who don't give a Giddamn about them. Fodder is the best they'll be.

That’s racist. Were there any other women that graduated? If that was 34 white women, the shit would of hit the fan Asians and hispanics or don’t they count. Segregation alive and well at CNN.

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West welcome fourth child'He's here and he's perfect!' Baby No. 4 has arrived for Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West. STOP PROCREATING. congrats kim Big Booty West?

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All things being equal, where's the photo of the white women who graduated from West Point? Beyond Proud✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽 Congratulations to these ladies! ✊🏿 In 2019 why are you putting so much emphasis on race and sex? Shouldn't it say... west point is graduating x amount of ppl? I thought race and sex didn't matter?

So cool! When will wonderful young women and men be recognized for their incredible accomplishments without being first identified as a certain skin color? The media constantly propagates division in this country. Bravo young Ladies! they failed there only valeria acelerated with broken rear derailleur was finally replaced another as triggered to acelerate away from elena during another marching sensor

Congratulations to ALL the graduates! Note to libs everywhere...race and gender are your hang up, not ours. Don’t take their accomplishments and reduce them down to genetics, just give them credit for their incredible effort it took to graduate such a prestigious institution. I hope they protect us in the next civil war that’s surely to come.

Kim Kardashian West And Kanye West Have Officially Welcomed Their Fourth Child Into The WorldKim Kardashian West And Kanye West Have A New Baby Boy Not impressed. They paid their money and waited. Now they'll pay more money for other people to raise him. BFD. I'm sure his name will be MAGA or Superman.

As a former Marine Corps and Navy Officer, and the youngest of 18 veterans in my extended family tree: I could not be more proud to be an American. Heartiest of congratulations. A Commanders' virtue is an inner aspect, not the color of the skin, nor the gender. who cares But CNN you keep telling us the “Commander and Chief”(Trump) is a Women Hating Racist..New low... a TWOFER for facts NOT lining up with your predetermined prejudices...Congrats!!

You report everything in boxes Black, white, women or gay You don't see free individuals Slaves are treated this way SundayThoughts SundayMotivation BBCWorld cnni realDonaldTrump latimes nytimes FoxNews NBCNews CBSNews MSNBC Black American. Not African American. The issue is not Roots. The issue is mis-Education Cuz nobody was ever born a Slave. And EVOLVED HumanBeings get it🔴 📌Stop promoting ignorance & tribalism🔴 GetWoke Journalism Africa

Just wondering how many times you’re going to post this... Proud of anyone who serves our country. Kudos to these brave women. 👍💪👏👏 Clap clap clap Now do Asians

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West welcome fourth childThe couple used a surrogate after Kardashian experienced complications during her previous pregnancies. Thanks NBC News! tell you what, I will sleep better tonight knowing this

Show your love for trump by taking the second amendment challenge Thank you president Trump, president of ALL America. No congrats to these fine military women grom trump nor Whitehouse I did 👀 see trump tweet he will be on state run fox media earlier today so he had time to tweet them. Mayne trump will invite to WH !!!!

Proud of all of you Congratulations God Bless To honor them, we need to get our coward “Puppet in Chief” and Russian asset out of the White House. i really love this 🥰 what a great achievement ,nice way to tackle racism . Only a anti American, communist sympathizer would believe or espouse that Atty. Gen. WIlliam Barr is corrupt, o in any way not honest. Such, would include alleged journalists, bureaucrats or politicians

So? Why do we, oops the left wing media have to continue to point out race? Laughable..... People categorized by color? Racism! Virtue signaling. Please stop. You’re the biggest divisive part of America.

‘It’s Like the Wild West’: Sexual Assault Victims Struggle in K-12 SchoolsWhile college campuses have become the battleground for Title IX debates, the mishandling of sexual assault cases in K-12 schools receives less attention. “It’s like the Wild West,” said a senior lawyer at a legal watchdog group. Investigations are urgently required. Poppycock

I’m surprised that CNN isn’t playing this as the military just recruited more slaves to fight there dirty wars. Wow! That's one accomplished group of young women! All Officers should wear stripes before bars. Get down and dirty and see what life is like in the dark. ODA Outstanding. A great career awaits you and your leadership ladies. ✊🏽🇺🇸

Wonderful examples of the human race! Congratulations!

College Republican Group Turning Point Has A White Supremacy ProblemTurning Point USA, a nationwide organization of student Republicans with morethan 1,000 chapters, has an institutional problem with white supremacy andbigotry *has always had Even though this person was removed immediately...smh but total problem..uh huh All republicans have a white supremacy problem

Another dead, skinny whale washes ashore amid West Coast mysteryThe West Coast death toll for gray whales has surpassed 30, the highest for this time of year since 2000, when 86 whales died. Killed by submarine sonar Rosie You would be malnourished also if your daily diet consisted of plastic cups, plates and straws. This is on us because we have abused the ocean and everything else.

How the West Virginia coal industry changed federal endangered species policyTrump appointees issued guidance in 2017 that eased permitting for coal mines, but that scientists warn could harm imperiled crayfish. 😡. West Virginia is the enemy of the American people

C.J. McCollum rallies Blazers past Nuggets in Game 7 for spot in West finalsC.J. McCollum poured in 37 points as the Blazers rallied from 17 down to beat the Nuggets in Game 7 and reach the Western Conference finals.

There is more CO2 in the atmosphere today than any point since the evolution of humansThe concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has risen to over 415 parts per million -- far higher than at any point in the last 800,000 years, since before the evolution of humans How when Earth is only 6000 years old ? 😉 CNN= COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK Right 😂😂😂

Trump, Russia seek to use end of Mueller investigation as pivot point in relationshipThe issue of Russian election interference has hung over Trump’s entire presidency, clouding his efforts to deal with Moscow. You can't say Trump isn't in deep with the Russians because it's obvious that the moron is. LOL

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