Watch This Dynamic Drum Cover of Avenged Sevenfold's 'Unholy Confessions'

Watch this dynamic drum cover of @TheOfficialA7X's 'Unholy Confessions' below.

10/10/2019 12:41:00 AM

Watch this dynamic drum cover of TheOfficialA7X's 'Unholy Confessions' below.

On Tuesday (Oct. 8), popular YouTuber jacksepticeye uploaded a video taking on the drum part of the rock classic.

jacksepticeye's Avenged Sevenfold"Unholy Confessions" Drum CoverThe unmistakable melody of Avenged Sevenfold's "Unholy Confessions" is complete with a high-powered drumline that magnifies the tune's heart-thumping beat.

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On Tuesday (Oct. 8), popular YouTuber jacksepticeyeuploaded a video taking on the drum part of the rock classic. Full of excited shouts and a wild foot petal technique, the cover is really, really good. jacksepticeye is no stranger to rock covers, as he has a few on his YouTube channel since getting his drum kit two years ago, including one of System Of A Down's "Chop Suey."

Watch him take on "Unholy Confessions," featured on the band's 2003 album  Read more: billboard »

TheOfficialA7X Holy shit dude TheOfficialA7X JACK YOU MADE IT BRO HOLY CRAP TheOfficialA7X THAT’S OUR BOY TheOfficialA7X How did he get here? We wont know, but aee we happy for him? Yes... 100% TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye OMFG your on the billboard lmao TheOfficialA7X I'm so proud of him wtf :')

TheOfficialA7X TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye YOU GOT ON BILLBOARD MY BRO THATS FUCKING AMAZING!!! TheOfficialA7X UMMMMMMMM SEAN? 👀👀 TheOfficialA7X i’m so proud of him cloakbrand TheOfficialA7X Do you all see this man. He is a cute bean. Thank you TheOfficialA7X Its a cover by Jack_Septic_Eye . Tag him in next time 💓

TheOfficialA7X Yasss i’m so proud TheOfficialA7X OOHOO YESSSSS TheOfficialA7X 300 TheOfficialA7X diamondplatnumz TheOfficialA7X YES TheOfficialA7X From humble beginnings TheOfficialA7X It's cool. But read the article and then know someone got paid to write that. TheOfficialA7X Jack is the best man TheOfficialA7X HELL YEAH HAHA!

TheOfficialA7X That’s my greenbeen! TheOfficialA7X wth! this is awesome!! TheOfficialA7X GO JACK JACK HOLY- TheOfficialA7X That’s amazing that this has happened TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X IIIIIIIIIII TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye is on billboard?! Omg our boi is all grown up TheOfficialA7X omg wtf sean

TheOfficialA7X WHAT TheOfficialA7X DING DING DING! TOP OF MORNING! IRISH NOISES! Billboard really just tweeted out Jack_Septic_Eye drum cover huh? TheOfficialA7X Woo go Jack_Septic_Eye you’re on billboard!! 💜 TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye congrats my guy!💜 TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye dude you’re everywhere now because of that drum cover!!!

TheOfficialA7X *Smiles In Irish* TheOfficialA7X *weird happy potato noises* TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye Check this out! TheOfficialA7X TheOfficialA7X JACK'S ON BILLBOARD'S TWITTER WHAT TheOfficialA7X Soooo proud of u jack!!!! TheOfficialA7X DING DING DING TOP OF MORNING IRISH NOISES TheOfficialA7X Oh wow

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TheOfficialA7X Anyone who says billboard shares talent is a liar there are so many talented metal musician they ignore for the latest catchy pop song. TheOfficialA7X noice TheOfficialA7X HOLY $H!T TheOfficialA7X Well hot damn, now THIS is something I'm glad to wake up to! Whoo! Awesome job, Sean! TheOfficialA7X Wow!!! Jack_Septic_Eye must be blown away by the reactions to his video. Awesome drummer 👊👊👍

TheOfficialA7X TheOfficialA7X Damn that shit was clean TheOfficialA7X dantelrue our smol bean has grown 😢 TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X TheOfficialA7X So proud TheOfficialA7X Hell yeah! TheOfficialA7X THAT'S OUR IRISH BOY DING DING DING TOP OF MORNING

TheOfficialA7X THAT'S OUR BOY! Way to go Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X Oh god they got you up there fast SKLLCRSHR_121 cloakbrand TheOfficialA7X You guys are the best! He is so happy about this! Thank you! I like it when he is happy! TheOfficialA7X K that's cute but this deserves way more views.

TheOfficialA7X Omg 😂 xx TheOfficialA7X Thank you, billboard! Very cool TheOfficialA7X YOU GO SEÁN! TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X Ma boi Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X Woooooooo!! You go, Seán!!!! TheOfficialA7X That's freaking awesome TheOfficialA7X DRUM DRUM DRUM IRISH NOISES TheOfficialA7X Hell yeah Jackaboy!

TheOfficialA7X uHHHH YES Jack_Septic_Eye!! THAT’S SO COOL, CONGRATS TheOfficialA7X Wow seán TheOfficialA7X Seàn needs to play drums more. Holy shit TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X TheOfficialA7X GO SEÁN!!!! 🥁💙 cloakbrand TheOfficialA7X My boi Jack_Septic_Eye is on Billboard!👏🏻👏🏻

TheOfficialA7X Eyyyyyy Jack_Septic_Eye I'm so proud of you dude! TheOfficialA7X O U R B O Y TheOfficialA7X BRUH TheOfficialA7X Hjönk hjönk am drummer TheOfficialA7X Been waiting for an A7X cover since the SOAD one 😱 makes me soooo happy to see my two favourite things come together 😊 TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye you saw this too, right? 💜

TheOfficialA7X You made it Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X I'm so proud wid our Irish potato boi 😭😭👏 MikaylaSeptic TheOfficialA7X Wow what the heck he made it on Billboard, bois 😆😂 ❤🖤 TheOfficialA7X TheOfficialA7X Awesome Sean cloakbrand TheOfficialA7X the best song from them and awesome job for Sean aka Jacksepticeye for doing the cover for this song

TheOfficialA7X ❤️😭 SO PROUD! TheOfficialA7X Ahhhh this is such a proud moment for our potatoe baby!! (人*´∀`)。*゚+ TheOfficialA7X THAT'S MY BOY GOOD JOB TheOfficialA7X Go Seán!!!!!! 💚💚💚 TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X BOY!!!! DING DING DING!!!!!!!!! PROUD IRISH NOISES TheOfficialA7X AYYYYY CONGRATS BEAN🌟♥️

TheOfficialA7X Oh snap, you rock Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X Yeah TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X He did it. Can we get some epic gamer music noises? TheOfficialA7X What reality am I living in? This and the first in A7Xs new fan covers play list What a timeline. *congrats in potato*

TheOfficialA7X that's our boyy 💚💚 TheOfficialA7X That's our Gaelic Gladiator 🎉 TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X THAT’S MY IRISH BOI TheOfficialA7X OMG THAT'S OUR BOYYY TheOfficialA7X Lmao TheOfficialA7X THERES THE MAN 😭😭😭 IM SO PROUD TheOfficialA7X [happy Irish noises] TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye!!!

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TheOfficialA7X THAT'S THE BEST FRAND!! TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye 👏🏼 TheOfficialA7X *Ding Ding Ding* *Irish noises* 'Top of Morning' TheOfficialA7X TheOfficialA7X JACK YOU'VE MADE IT TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye dude !!! You are tendency!!!!! You are epic dude !!!!

TheOfficialA7X I'm proud of you Jack_Septic_Eye 🤙 TheOfficialA7X OMG SEAN IM SO PROUD WTF WKGDNDJDKD TheOfficialA7X That’s our Jackaboy!! TheOfficialA7X Woah TheOfficialA7X jACK WHAT THE FUCK AAAAA TheOfficialA7X Awesome, Sean! So happy and proud for you! TheOfficialA7X Yo Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X BABY BOI

TheOfficialA7X Congrats fir gettinbg billboards attention Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X I’M SO PROUD OF OUR BOY UGH HIS TALENT TheOfficialA7X There are two types of jack fans. Type 1: proud mom reaction as if we birthed this beautiful babe boi from the spud gardens that all Irishmen hail from Type 2: *Irish potato noises* its me, I'm both of these. 🤣

TheOfficialA7X My boy made it TheOfficialA7X They could have Sean TheOfficialA7X OMG SEAN YOUVE DONE IT TheOfficialA7X MY BABY BOYY TheOfficialA7X He did amazing. Still shocked he can play drums Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X cloakbrand TheOfficialA7X TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye 🤯🤯🤯🤯 TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye. Holy cow 😱😍❤👍😀

TheOfficialA7X Hell yeah boiiii!!!! Xoxoxo TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye ..... I'm so happy for you !!! TheOfficialA7X TheOfficialA7X That's so cool! So proud of you Sean. They should also mention the first drum cover you did. TheOfficialA7X OUR BOYY!!❤️ TheOfficialA7X TheOfficialA7X OUR BOY!! TheOfficialA7X THATS OUR BOY

TheOfficialA7X OMG SEAN TheOfficialA7X OH WOW I'M SO PROUD OF YOU Jack_Septic_Eye 💚 TheOfficialA7X TheOfficialA7X HE MADE IT TheOfficialA7X TheOfficialA7X OMG YES IT’S WHAT HE DESERVES! TheOfficialA7X THATS OUR BOY!!!! TheOfficialA7X AYEE! OUR BOY MADE IT TO THE BILLBOARDS TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye

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TheOfficialA7X Frick ya Sean! TheOfficialA7X Terroriser i see you finally made it TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye this is incredible TheOfficialA7X OUR BABY POTATO! HELL YEAH TheOfficialA7X OH SHIT cloakbrand TheOfficialA7X TheOfficialA7X TheOfficialA7X TheOfficialA7X TheOfficialA7X Super cool bro!

TheOfficialA7X SEANNN TheOfficialA7X TheOfficialA7X VyhlSnipes TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye !! TheOfficialA7X AYEEEE TheOfficialA7X HELL YEAH GAMERS GETTIN NOTICED!! TheOfficialA7X TheOfficialA7X Wow. TheOfficialA7X He did “Chop Suey” too, big props TheOfficialA7X WOW SEAN YOUR- HES AMAZING! WHAAT😲😲

TheOfficialA7X Oh boy🔥 the fans of Jack_Septic_Eye are so proud TheOfficialA7X Our Irish boy yaaaaaaas bitch ❤😍 TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye GAMER YOU DID IT 💚💚💚💚💚💚 AAAA JACKABOY TheOfficialA7X WHAAAAAAAAAT!!!! sEAAAAAAAAAN TheOfficialA7X BoxOfTobi TheOfficialA7X Watch Jack_Septic_Eye dynamic drum cover of TheOfficialA7X “Unholy Confessions” There I fixed the title for you!

TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye CONGRATS DUDE YOURE DOING SO WELL WITH THIS COVER AND YOU DESERVE IT TheOfficialA7X All Jack_Septic_Eye fans rn.. TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye have you seen this TheOfficialA7X Yeeayuhhh! Go Sean! TheOfficialA7X everyone subscribed to Jackspedicey TheOfficialA7X JACK MY BOY

TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye PogChamp ! TheOfficialA7X Happy Irish noises TheOfficialA7X THIS is his first one remembers his first vid on drumming 'System Of A Down - Chop Suey Drum Cover!' TheOfficialA7X JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK TheOfficialA7X WHAT THE FUCK IM SO PROUD OF YOU SEÁN!! 💗💗💗 TheOfficialA7X My boi is going places

TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye cloakbrand TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye billboard wrote a article about you, that’s awesome!! TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye ARE TOU FUCKING FOR REAL DUDE, you've gone viral over this. TheOfficialA7X 😂😂😂😂😂😂 that's amazing way to be Jack a Boi TheOfficialA7X That's Jackspedicey!

TheOfficialA7X HOLY FUCJ AJHDHDHDLDKKD TheOfficialA7X Hey, wanna tag him for crediting sake please Jack_Septic_Eye 😁 TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X TheOfficialA7X AHHH TheOfficialA7X WHAT THE FUUUUUCK TheOfficialA7X *Irish noises intensifies* TheOfficialA7X WTH, Seán in billboard twitter? THATS OUR BOY BILLY BOB MCGINTY!!! HAHAHA

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TheOfficialA7X that's my boooooooi TheOfficialA7X that’s my boi right there TheOfficialA7X EPIIC TheOfficialA7X *happy Irish noises* TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye Did you see this? You made it dude! 😍❤️ TheOfficialA7X Holy shit! It's Seán! TheOfficialA7X yesss jackaboy fuck it up

TheOfficialA7X TOP OF MORNING! IRISH NOISES! TheOfficialA7X Check out his Chop Suey cover too! TheOfficialA7X JACK OMG WTF TheOfficialA7X OUR BOY JACKSEPTICEYE 💖💖💖 His fans are extremely proud :') TheOfficialA7X T H A T S M Y B O Y TheOfficialA7X Because sean is AMAZING!!! TheOfficialA7X TheOfficialA7X THE BOI!!!!

TheOfficialA7X *Happy potato noises* TheOfficialA7X JACK GOT ON BILLBOARD TheOfficialA7X THAT'S THE GARLIC GLADIATOR I KNOW TheOfficialA7X Sam is so proud TheOfficialA7X HELL YEAH SEAN!! TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye you made it bro TheOfficialA7X THATS MY BOY ❤️❤️❤️ TheOfficialA7X Epic TheOfficialA7X SEAN OMFG

TheOfficialA7X 😍 my favorite youtuber was mentioned TheOfficialA7X Woah, Sean!!! You're in the big leagues! TheOfficialA7X YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! TheOfficialA7X By Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X Yooooo it's the duuuude. Jackabooooy! TheOfficialA7X Holy mother of an Irish potato it’s Sean cloakbrand TheOfficialA7X JACK OMG

TheOfficialA7X Look at this boi! TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye HOLY COW!!! That's so cool!! TheOfficialA7X Way to go seán!!!!! TheOfficialA7X I'm wheezing TheOfficialA7X Damn Jack_Septic_Eye. Congrats on being noticed by billboard TheOfficialA7X Hell yeah!! TheOfficialA7X TheOfficialA7X 'Full of excited shouts and a wild foot petal technique' THATS OUR FUNKY IRISH BOI

TheOfficialA7X Oh wow I never thought I would see Jack here TheOfficialA7X I’m crying TheOfficialA7X Omg JACK TheOfficialA7X YEAH JACK TheOfficialA7X OH MY GOD! TheOfficialA7X Woah TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye Don't forget us now that you're famous 😭😭😭 TheOfficialA7X should have Jack_Septic_Eye

TheOfficialA7X Billboard really did that TheOfficialA7X wtf TheOfficialA7X YESSSSSS Jack_Septic_Eye TheOfficialA7X Sick TheOfficialA7X OH SHIT good work TheOfficialA7X So proud of Seán!! SEÁN GOT ON THE BILLBOARD TWITTER WHAT TheOfficialA7X SEÁN OH MY GOD- TheOfficialA7X W TheOfficialA7X HOLY HECC TheOfficialA7X OMG ITS HAPPENING

TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye check it out man! TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye you got on billboard dude!! TheOfficialA7X “🎶junkie moms in minivans, Turnin’ blue after meeting the man, Ain’t what you’d expect in the promised land...” Afghanistan Kabul BananaRepublic KabulBleeds 2020Election 45isapuppet drugspolicy AltFolk Americana Nashville music Resist Trump

TheOfficialA7X Dynamic TheOfficialA7X Jack_Septic_Eye did you see this!!! 😱 *shocked potato noises* TheOfficialA7X Woah thats awesome that they mentioned Sean TheOfficialA7X Did- did billboard just posted a Jack_Septic_Eye cover

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