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8/3/2021 5:11:00 AM

A recent 'fireball' was spotted from all over eastern Texas and neighboring states. A fireball is a meteor that is 'very bright,' according to the American Meteor Society.

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Meteor lights up night sky across Texas and four other statesThis"fireball" awed unsuspecting bystanders across five states as it plummeted through the atmosphere at 30,000 mph. Read more: CNN »

Pentagon reveals Kabul drone strike killed ten civilians 'unlikely' to be associated with ISIS-K

Gen. Kenneth McKenzie gave a briefing on an investigation into a drone strike in Kabul that killed ten civilians, including seven children, who were 'unlikely' to be associated with ISIS-K, admitting 'it was a mistake.'

Fireball is the technical term? That looks more like an ET ship than a comet to me. Here are photos shot by my Fine Art Team. They were working for TIME magazine. 1 day they got a call to go investigate an Air Disturbance. They saw more than 2 ET ships. They're called translucent which means partially seeable

Her food supplies Tell will smith there are people called seal team six before messiah was here ok smod4real Is this you? This happened over a week ago.. No duh

Lamont Marcell Jacobs' journey from Texas to Italy and Olympic goldThe American-born 26-year-old became the first Italian to ever medal in the 100 meters, taking gold in Tokyo on Sunday. He ain't Italian. He is an American. Stop trying to have America take credit - He’s Italian. Get it on tape that he says he’s American and I’ll believe it. CONGRATULATIONS Lamont Jacobs. 🔥🎊

Police 'arrest' alligator found in hot tub at Texas home'Officers Chavez and Landry quickly made the scene and observed the suspect swimming naked without regard to the owner's wishes,' the police department joked on Facebook.

First on CNN: Government watchdog launches review into troubled Fort Bliss facility for migrant childrenThe Department of Health and Human Services' inspector general announced a review into the Fort Bliss facility for unaccompanied migrant children Monday amid whistleblower complaints of poor conditions at the site. The CNN Brasil needs a good journalists . Unreal Daniela Lima is a bad journalist and never change editorial style

More than 100 state legislators to join Texas Democrats in Washington for voting rights pressure campaignAs the Texas legislature enters the final week of its special session, state Democrats are bringing in reinforcements from around the country to Washington, DC, in a final push to pressure federal lawmakers to pass voting rights legislation.

Willie Nelson Headlines Texas Protest Rally in Support of Voting RightsWillie Nelson led more than a thousand spectators in singing 'vote them out' from the steps of the Texas Capitol. 🙄 Not all heroes wear capes A legend.

MAGA PAC spends $300K on Trump-endorsed Ohio candidate after Texas special election lossA second loss in two weeks could make Trump less significant and diminish his self-proclaimed kingmaker status going into next year's midterm elections.