WaPo: Trump called Acting A.G. Rosen almost daily to push probes of 2020 election

Former President Trump called acting AG Rosen almost daily to pressure the DOJ to investigate false claims of voter fraud last year, the Washington Post reports.

7/29/2021 8:01:00 AM

Former President Trump called acting AG Rosen almost daily to pressure the DOJ to investigate false claims of voter fraud last year, the Washington Post reports.

The Washington Post reports that last year, Trump called Acting A.G. Jeffrey Rosen almost daily to pressure the DOJ to investigate false claims of voter fraud. Rep. Zoe Lofgren, who sits on the Jan. 6 select committee, says “we will find out” if those phone calls by Trump contributed to the attack on the Capitol: “We have a pattern here of subversion of the electoral system that we need to take very seriously.”

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More proof. I am sure there’s more that is going to come out 🤔 It has to be about Trump as Sovereignty Savour *Origin * What about Covid 19,Israel care about Heat waves,Environment ,We asked them to wear masked reality , President ? Myanmar is facing that Now .Nationals Unity Party wanted to bring down Myanmar Junta Military But Emergency Country Military will reacted to it

We can't let January 6 become a distant, distorted memory The GOP let Trump off, but we won't let them off. 14 of the GOP Senators who are cool with Trump inciting an insurrection are up for re-election in 2022. VoteThemAllOut2022 VoteBlue2022 STILL CAN NOT PUT PICTURES ON TWITTER AS EVIDENCE...I THOUGHT CITIZENS MIGHT HAVE A MORE REALISTIC GRASP IF THEY COULD SEE CELEBRITIES WHO ARE DEAD ON PROFILE PICTURES..

Little donny committing crimes on the regular - is anyone actually surprised? Fake news Trump did not trusted Rosen for a second , here is why: thanks 7thSon11

'Hitman' Trump: DC officer suggests Trump started MAGA riot as probe kicks offThe first hearing for the House select committee investigating the January 6th Capitol Hill riot featured emotional testimony from four Capitol Police officers attacked by alleged “Trump-inspired” rioters. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber discusses the need for accountability and the committee’s full subpoena power. AriMelber Why aren’t cops around America NOT supporting the Capital police officers that were attacked 🤔 AriMelber What a joke this has become! AriMelber 'Trump Inspired' TERRORISTS you mean. We need to have the FBI testify next. 'Inspired' is NOT a word I feel we should be associating with an act of war. Re: incitement - was it ordered? I believe at the LEAST, they went there with PERMISSION from Trump, to get Pence & Pelosi.

Come on America! it's right there,trump wanted and nearly succeeded in over turning the government,he said if he got elected he would change the 4 year term to allow him to stay in power,this is not the will of the people,you must prevent him ever standing again There was election fraud, the audits have proved it

Well, what needs to be done to Donald Trump would get him more than anything. He needs to be stripped of the title of a former President of the United States. Take everything, the title, the secret service protection, all of it. He is not worthy of any of it. Take it away. See what happens when you become a pain in people's ass you don't start getting you're way

Trump 'lost fair and square', he won't embrace his post-presidency reality'You're cowering at a golf resort braced for more bad news and watching on television as your reputation and business collapse like a house of cards built on your name,' thereval on revelations coming to light after fmr. President Trump's time in office. TheRevAl Soooo true! TheRevAl Lisejohnson This is truly must-see tv!! Gotta love Rev!💜 TheRevAl Amen;What in the Dark will come to light 👍😂😂✝️Because God see all things around and about above and below, He knows your mind and soul and heart ✅Amen.

Analysis: Trump and DeSantis choose politics over science as mask wars roar back to lifeA new political war over masks is already deepening the national divides that slowed vaccinations and thwarted what once seemed an imminent victory over the coronavirus pandemic. StCollinson StCollinson The Dems are bringing in 2.2 million illegals with 10% of those tested having active covid cases. They then release them directly into the USA and are saying there’s a pandemic. What the hell is wrong with the Dems? Biden & Dems are literally importing 100k-200k covid cases. StCollinson That's your opinion

GOP’s Jake Ellzey wins US House seat over Trump-backed rivalAUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Republican Jake Ellzey of Texas won a U.S. House seat on Tuesday night over a rival backed by Donald Trump, dealing the former president a defeat in a test of his endorsement power since leaving office. Ellzey’s come-from-behind victory over Republican Susan Wright, the widow of the late Rep. Ron Wright, in a special congressional election runoff near Dallas is likely to be celebrated by Trump antagonists who have warned against his continued hold on the GOP. Trump backed Wr

GOP’s Jake Ellzey wins US House seat over Trump-backed rivalVoters in Texas have dealt former President Donald Trump a defeat within the GOP. horrible GOP HouseGOP Oops. 🤣❄️😫 So...bad, but not batshit crazy.

To derail infrastructure talks, Trump ups the pressure on GOP.MaddowBlog: Fmr. President Trump has settled on a basic idea. If he couldn't have an infrastructure deal, President Biden shouldn't get one, either. MaddowBlog MaddowBlog MaddowBlog The democrats are lucky Biden & Hunter are not being impeached after the debacle of the last 4 years & all the evidence on that laptop. The republicans are not going to roll over after the last 4 years of resistance because that is not 'love for enemies'. Love rebukes & corrects!