Business, Walmart İs Converting 160 Store Parking Lots İnto Drive-İn Theaters - Cnn

Business, Walmart İs Converting 160 Store Parking Lots İnto Drive-İn Theaters - Cnn

Walmart is transforming 160 of its parking lots into drive-in theaters

Two of the most classic pieces of Americana are coming together this summer: drive-in theaters and Walmart.

7/3/2020 5:46:00 AM

Beginning in August, Walmart is converting 160 of its US store parking lots into drive-in movie theaters, which are making a comeback as a safe alternative to the traditional theaters that remain closed in much of the country amid the coronavirus pandemic

Two of the most classic pieces of Americana are coming together this summer: drive-in theaters and Walmart.

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Buy a large tablet, prop it on your dash, download Netflix and park anywhere you want. Better sound, picture resolution and relative screen size. Can people just stay the (fill in profanity here) at home. This isn't going to solve the problem at hand. Sounds real safe secjr112 “Democrats plan to riot.” - not entirely unrelated

Great, glad to see they are improving the trailer trash element of their business. LOL you wouldn’t want to sit in your car the dark most places where there is a Walmart. Just sayin! How about more of them turn their lots into covid testing sites? willchen79 I thought they were supposed to be testing sites for coronavirus? I guess making money during an pandemic is more important.

Trumps been going after Epstein over for 15 years السيستاني_يشرف_ال_سعود I’m diggin it 💯‼️ free movies 4 life Well great! Now they have a chance to play their $5 DVD bin that no one really buys from. Barnes_Law Can we smoke blunts in the CA locations? AND WHAT'S THE MOST FAMOUS LINE FROM EVERY TV SHOW & FILM SET IN A DRIVE IN MOVIE THEATER?!?! ' HEY BABY, YOU EITHER PUT OUT OR GET OUT !!! '

Barnes_Law Great, Walmart will be able to make even more money off the pandemic. 🙄 Can't wait to see Joe Bob and kinky_horror at the Walmart:) MutantFam This might be a good idea for my town !? Recently, our movie theater closed, so now the closest one is about 40 miles away ! I can picture a drive-in at our Walmart !

When coronavirus pandemic will done !! I hate myself. Rich getting richer. Too bad local schools didn't think of this first. They have parking lots big enough with clubs and athletics needing the money. Or even local restaurants to cater. I grew up on drive-in theatre however that day and age has passed. It’s a different world. This year has proven how hurtful and inhumane people can be. I don’t think drive-in theatres are safe anymore. I’m not a negative people but let’s be safe would you feel?

Oh ohh AMCTheatres Walmart is coming for your bag!💰💰💵💵 Playing Gone with the Wind as the first movie .... Oh that ought be a riot. I mean that literally. people can't behave any more. Good Idea. I went to a lot of Drive-in Movies. Looking forward to it happening. If true, congrats are in order for out of the box thinking. 👏 👏 👏 👏 this is a team of people deserving reward

Awesome!!! I used to love those as a kid. Now the younger generation can see what some of us older people used to enjoy. Like a fine album, A & B, both sides, 1 They called it a 45. What a great idea!🎉 They bring the shopping bags or just the popcorn? Oh my. My WalMart just paved their whole parking lot and painted them. It looks beauty

Another reason we need to vote in person Weill there be a list of what wallmarts will be doing this Cocopander You 💩💩💩 me... that’s so freaking smart da faq. Cheap dates at wal mart here I come 😬

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Tribeca Partners With Walmart to Expand Drive-In Series (Exclusive)The retailer will transform its store parking lots into contact-free movie theaters, allowing viewers to have a socially distanced big-screen experience amid the coronavirus pandemic. Tribeca Walmart Turn those godforsaken Wally Worlds into housing for the countless Homeless Americans! Walmart please take all of my merch out of your store or I am going to go full Karen. Tribeca Walmart Wow awesomeness Tribeca Walmart What happen to using said parking lots for covid19 testing? Walmart is the absolute worst.

Woman Pulls a Gun on Mom and Daughter, Charged With Felony AssaultThe white woman pulled a gun on a black woman and her daughters after a heated exchange in a Chipotle parking lot has now been taken into custody, along with the male counterpart. Please make sure you watch the full video before making a judgement call. The offending party was guilty of provoking - and tried to get behind the vehicle to stage them being run over. (Watch the whole video) woman with a gun responds to attack. GOOD for her.

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