VMware created a new business unit that includes Pivotal and Heptio - Business Insider

VMware's former CTO Ray O'Farrell is leading this new business unit. He explains why VMware is betting on the Google-born cloud project Kubernetes.

3/10/2020 3:03:00 PM

VMware has spent billions on acquisitions to compete in the cloud. Now, with its former CTO at the helm, the company's new group is launching some of its first products.

VMware's former CTO Ray O'Farrell is leading this new business unit. He explains why VMware is betting on the Google-born cloud project Kubernetes.

"is what we believe a key part to bridge the applications developer to the infrastructure operator," O'Farrell who is now EVP and General Manager, told Business Insider. MAPBU will also work closely with two of VMware's other acquisitions: software package company

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and the monitoring platform Wavefront.'Appealing to this new customer'O'Farrell says VMware created MAPBU because in recent years, especially 2018 and 2019, VMware's overall business strategy has placed "high priority" on supporting developers running their applications across multiple clouds. 

"When we have made the various applications, they were all made very much in the spirit of appealing to this new customer," O'Farrell said.What's more, it wanted to bringPivotal, Heptio, and other teams at VMware together in a more "cohesive" way.  headtopics.com

"We decided to do that by giving a singular identity to all these different companies we brought together," O'Farrell said. "That's why you see both the creation of the business unit and also the creation of Tanzu to paint a singular identity for those teams. To a customer that's important as well. You want a customer to look at this in the same way."

O'Farrell says that while VMware has traditionally been strong when it comes to infrastructure and IT, it now wants to help companies with their cloud applications. It introduced several new products on Tuesday for Tanzu, its line ofKubernetesproducts. The word Tanzu is the Japanese word for a traditional container used for storing and transporting objects.

"We were the company that supported the infrastructure that ran beneath the applications," O'Farrell said. "With Tanzu, we are working to turn that same strength from an enterprise management point of view."A 'big bet on Kubernetes'

O'Farrell says acquiring Heptio was a turning point for VMware. "That was when we immediately placed a big bet onand immediately became a major contributor to the Kubernetes community," O'Farrell said.  Read more: Business Insider »

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