Visionary Tech Concepts Could Pioneer the Future in Space

Visionary Tech Concepts Could Pioneer the Future in Space

9/23/2021 7:07:00 PM

🚀 What's the next big thing in space? We're supporting early-stage research into futuristic NASA_Technology concepts, like metamaterial structures small enough to fit in a rocket that can expand to over a kilometer in size:

Visionary Tech Concepts Could Pioneer the Future in Space


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_Technology Futuristic concept. Bio-genetic engineered soya bean (Spacecraft) for deep space seeking Earth-like planets to land, fertilse & grow into a Spacecraft like in the movie Alien and from its born in space jockey will send out a signal if cannot return home with impregnated lifeform _Technology Futuristic concept. SML Bio-Engineered (Spacecraft) soya bean for outer deep space seeking Earth-like planet to land & grow into a Spacecraft like in the movie Alien and from its fertilise space jockey will send out a signal if cannot return home with impregnated lifeform

_Technology _Technology Solar sails? Particle collector? _Technology I had to look twice, when I first saw it scrolling past it looked like a pair of panties... _Technology Who knows how far the right metamaterial will take us? 🤔 Might come in handy moving things down here too. 'Ten football fields' might come in handy for say, moving Mt. Everest to Disney World. 🏔️🎢😀 UFOtwitter LightPumping endUAPsecrecy

_Technology I can’t be the only one who fought this picture was a front of a Thong at first ? _Technology USA uses metric but won’t adopt the spelling of metre? Get with it guys! _Technology Genius _Technology I didn’t know Daylight44492 got a job at NASA, congratulations _Technology 👍💙🤗😇

Visionary Tech Concepts Could Pioneer the Future in SpaceCould 3D-printed micro-bots one day swim the seas of Europa and Titan? Our NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts program is developing ideas for technologies to shape the future of space exploration: No. 푸른바다와같은우주세계입니다 No. Cuz im not that psychopathic murdering steve jobs wannabe

_Technology Sounds expandable already! Pro great results. _Technology Cool art _Technology Thought this was from Daylight44492 for a second _Technology Great way to cool things down _Technology If the answer to the question is not 'your mom', I'll be disappointed. _Technology We need unlimited internet in Egypt …help us Unlimited_lnternet_ln_Egypt

_Technology i see a dragon capsule _Technology How about sending nuclear waste into the sun for disposal? _Technology n _Technology Funny,just when alien related rumours mention the existence of metamaterials

Visionary Tech Concepts Could Pioneer the Future in SpaceUsing extendable grippers, ReachBot could one day explore deep caves and scale vertical cliffs on Mars — and it's just one of the many futuristic NASA_Technology projects in our NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts program: _Technology نداء عاجل إلى ناسا الفضائية،خذوني معكم إلى أقرب رحلة إلى الفضاء أو ضعوني في إحدى الثقوب السوداء،مليت من كوكب الأرض ولكم مني جزيل الشكر والعرفان علما'بأني في مدينة الطائف، المملكة العربية السعودية🙏 _Technology Hella sick _Technology 'Spider Bot: In Spaaaaace' 😅😂

_Technology We almost made it _Technology Moonbase! _Technology Sooooo a space umbrella? _Technology Techy global media ❤️💙 _Technology My brains : Left :that's a space ship go into the void Right :i said that a panty, I have seen a lot of anime Left :but.... Right:think,Left,think?!.Just do it _Technology C’mon!! Ask elonmusk we need an interplanetary base to refuel between trips

_Technology a planet that bans tiktokers _Technology Son... Son unos pantis! _Technology you really need to partner with Metamaterialtec and palikaras to truly revolutionize the world of space travel as we know it! GoBeyond MMAT Metaverse _Technology The tiny crew dragon 😍

Bill Gates' green tech fund bets on Silicon Valley farming robotsAs California struggles with another crippling drought, a Silicon Valley startup that believes robots can grow produce more sustainably said Wednesday it raised $50 million in a funding round led by Bill Gates' Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

_Technology Best of luck testing the structural integrity under the weight of gravity. _Technology Its seems like a pants LOL 🤣🤣 _Technology Would it not be very vulnerable to debris? _Technology How about sending one like a Matryoshka doll?😀 _Technology Metamaterialtec $MMAT 🚀🚀🚀🚀 _Technology We need a space elevator!!!

_Technology Hello, I am Ariel, from Mexico, I am looking for an investor or sponsor or some lender to give a boost to my project if someone is interested and the encouragement to help me I would appreciate a lot, my email is where I can share my work and we can talk _Technology VERY COOL! 😎

_Technology Spin gravity! For the love of everything dark and holly, spin gravity! _Technology An administrator that know what’s going on?

How This Tech Company Is Helping Others Make Money In The PandemicImagine creating a business from reselling stuff that others no longer wanted? That’s exactly what Clara Albornoz and Amanda Morse, Co-Founders of List Perfectly, did with their business.

_Technology Hotels .... I would love a 3 night stay and a little antigravity in my life _Technology Got one - _Technology 🦁I'm a yellow animal thats happy with this, i want to know, what kind of 'metamaterial', i dont doubt theres alloy and compound but commonly isnt known, would be great to have a somewhere to read about it. Help think and imagine.

_Technology Boats In bottles _Technology cartoon play Meanwhile - if we could go to the moon we would be on the moon _Technology It seems the same Harvest moon which I watched in Japan yesterday 🌝 _Technology looks like a daily hopper animation _Technology Orbital ring pls _Technology When science fiction becomes reality, that is a 'light sail'. It is a way to potentially leave our solar system and travel to other systems. One potential way of halting and reversing global warming is massive solar screens in orbit this would be the Model A version..a start.

_Technology earth's Moon will split in the near future (already extremely cracked)

America Strong: Immigrant-founded nonprofit provides laptops, tech to students in needFirst Tech Fund started giving out laptops and Wi-Fi hotspots during the pandemic to address the access-to-tech gap in NYC schools. 🔥요한계시록 11장 두 증인의 메가 글로벌 금요철야예배 안내🔥 * 한국시간 🇰🇷 2021년 9월 25일 2AM [동시통역 생중계 채널] 유튜브: 페이스북: 회개와_거룩함 메시아께서_오신다 ProphetDrOwuor 휴거_환난 The pandemic ....

_Technology NIAC programs might be a future vision for Advance technological missions to Year 2050. _Technology Ape nation AMCAPES AMCARMY APESNOTLEAVING _Technology Dyson Sphere? _Technology o theres a lil cute dragon _Technology How energy will be needed for that? _Technology 👍👍👍 _Technology Yooo thats sick

_Technology How about a way to dispose of Space Junk before Kessler Syndrome dooms us from space travel? _Technology This is very good Idea.... but how nasa will make it possible? _Technology deployable tie fighters?! IM IN

12 former security officials who warned against antitrust crackdown have tech ties12 former nat sec leaders gave a stark warning: An antitrust crackdown on Silicon Valley could threaten the economy. Turns out they all have ties to major tech companies, either by working with them directly or serving with orgs that get money from them. “Too big to fail” is a bullshit answer Damn dude, this has gotta be the first and only time former nat sec leaders have disingenuously advocated for things that benefit their post-gov't service paychecks.

_Technology Space Transformers! You're building space Transformers!! 🤩🤩🤩 Please don't try to correct me. I won't listen. _Technology dogecoin _Technology Looks like a daily_hopper comic _Technology In space and on Earth! Thanks to NASA today we have: 1 Scratch resistant lenses 2 Satellite navigation 3 Smoke detectors 4 Wireless tools 5 Ear thermometers ... And the list is long

_Technology I and my family members are under threat and targeted, assistance is imediatly needed, I implemented US programs and projects in Afghanistan for years now i have been left behind. Please help me and my young children.POTUS StateDept RepJasonCrow SecBlinken SenTedCruz _Technology El tenía todos los poderes del estado a su antojo, era fácil para el sacar ese traidor y asesino del panteón nacional pero esa no era su prioridad entonces.

_Technology Great always new that all of you’s are smart people great job _Technology 😶