Video shows moment Arkansas state trooper flips pregnant woman's car

WATCH: Video shows moment Arkansas state trooper flips pregnant woman's car.

6/10/2021 10:44:00 AM

WATCH: Video shows moment Arkansas state trooper flips pregnant woman's car.

Arkansas Police dashcam video shows the moment a state trooper caused a pregnant woman's car to flip on its top with a so-called pursuit intervention technique or PIT maneuver.

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NatLevine2 And the worse part is how he then argues with her to justify his dangerous actions while she's in the wreckage and distressed over the condition of her unborn child. Maybe bcuz it happened to a white pregnant woman this time somebody will be held accountable...maybe 😒🙄 That in itself is an evil crime! The State Police will come up with every excuse to victimize her. How shameful!

Arkansas agencies need to change their PIT policy. This is only supposed to be used against people who are a serious threat...also should not be used on a vehicle going 60 mph. I guess cops in Arkansas didn't learn from the Battenfield incident. JFC. WTF is wrong with this trooper? Life is not Grand Theft Auto.

Our law enforcement has been infiltrated by terrorists. It will take years to weed them all out Wow GregAbbott_TX Texas HeartbeatLaw Arkansas AsaHutchinson HoldmyBeer All cops are criminals wtf... Is this the same woman who decided to run from police while pregnant

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